Making Snow…and other Early Years Practice.

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Just thought you might like to share some of the sorts of practice that I have been looking at over the past couple of weeks. Last week I popped to Coventry to work with Nicki  and the Early Years team at Joseph Cash Primary school.  The school has 60 Reception children who work in one open plan space (with a small work room next to the loos!) and a Nursery class who have their own space but share an outside area. I was working with Nicki on the further implementation of objective led planning and looking at their current systems for recording all of their other bits of planning – plus a bit of outdoor evaluation thrown in for good … Read More

Adult Directed verses Child Initiated

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The Early Years guidance is very clear that there needs to be a good mix of adult directed teaching and child initiated learning in your setting. What it is not very clear on is how much of each there should be. The reason for that is there is no real definitive answer, as with a great deal of Early Years practice it depends on a range of other factors. Before you even begin to discuss percentages and ratios, the first thing you need to do is to define what you mean and understand by the terms 'adult directed' and 'child initiated'. I often find that these definitions can be tricky to clarify within a team and that practitioners individual interpretations … Read More

Developing Skill Differentiation

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Have had the great pleasure of working with lots of lovely settings over the last couple of weeks, with two in particular focussing on the development of skills in Continuous Provision and objective led planning. Last week I made a visit to Dee Point Primary School to work with the very lovely Lindsay and her team. Lindsay is the new Early Years Coordinator a this 2 form entry primary and manages the Early Years team which includes Nursery and Reception. Lindsay and I have worked together before she went to Dee Point and talked lots about objective led planning and how it works so, when she started her new role she was keen to put her ideas into practice. My … Read More

ANOTHER Assessment Idea – Orbit

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I had a week in Hampshire last week finishing off the first Leading Foundation Stage Practitioner project with Jodie, Tim, Helen and Amey. They are all doing some really brilliant stuff. I will post some of what they are doing soon, but before I do, I thought you might be interested in this. It is a FREE assessment app by Orbit. Not only can you record live events and link them to assessment you can also share your ongoing assessments with parents and carers using a link. I have not used it or seen it used, but have been sent the link by several people since my last post, all of whom recommend it – so thought it would be … Read More