Daily Planning Format

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I often spend my days in settings wading through reams and reams of planning and paperwork that often contain FAR too much detail and on occassion dont reflect the needs of the children – more the preferences of the adult. I have tried to keep this format simple, yet relevant. It is for use during the first few weeks of the term when you are assessing the children and finding out what they are 'into'. There may be particular children you want to target for assessment, but you would go to them and fit your questioning to what they were engaged in. No longer can you shout over to them from the other side of the room – or send … Read More

Outdoor planning format

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They are coming slowly but surely these planners! This one is one that I use with new teams or teams that are new to outdoor play. It  does not stress WALTs and WILFs but ties practitioners down to the 'WHY?' question. Why is this activity out, what has prompted me to plan it. The answer to that might just be sheer experience – you want those children to do something to prompt talk, or it will be your assessment or observation. The beauty (and simplicity) of this one is that it allows you to track and cross reference between planning and assessment. Good for SMT tracking and of course very good for Ofsted! Will post more as I get them done! Have tried saving in 2010 and … Read More

Planning Formats

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I will keep adding these as I go. This is a child initiated medium term planner. Key points to remember: MOVE AWAY from the yearly topic planner BE LED by children's interests FIND OUT what they know ADD your own pinch (or large blob) of expertise Create a 'something' that pulls it all together Assess, Assess, Assess If you need a bit of extra 'padding' this was a post I made on the Foundation Stage Forum – If you are not a member join! It is a fantastic resource and full of some inspirational practitioners – and a few nutters!! http://www.foundation-stage.info Basically – Your document is your long term planning and you need to be sure that you have a … Read More