Good Level of Development – A National Picture.

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This week I launched a project that I am doing in the North West of England in conjunction with our Ofsted Big Conversation steering committee. The idea for the project came about after Ofsted released their findings in relation to the number of children who achieve a Good Level of Development (GLD) at the end of the Reception year. This is their Good Level of Development by Local Authority map for 2017/18. You can find it here The North West region, where I live and worked for my entire teaching career, has a high number of Local Authorities where the attainment of GLD is in the lowest National band. The idea of the project is to provide some really cost … Read More

The Power of Joyful Learning.

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Most UK schools went back for the new school year this week. Lots of practitioners will have had a sleepless night before their first day back. It doesn’t matter how many years you have been doing it and how familiar you are with your team and your space, there is something nerve wracking about that first day. If it is unsettling for us as adults – imagine what it is like for the children! It takes TIME to become comfortable in your surroundings, TIME to get used to new people, TIME to understand the rules and routines, TIME to feel part of the gang. These early days are hugely important and can have a massive impact on children’s wellbeing, learning … Read More

Gap and Strength Analysis

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This is a blogpost from 2014 – but worth considering when you are thinking about your new intake… I know that I go on about it a great deal, but if you are going to have a really successful learning environment, then your provision has got to be linked to assessment and broadly levelled. If not, then you don’t really create learning spaces, you just create holding spaces. The environment you set up should change to match the needs of your current cohort. Not just on an annual basis, the change should happen termly in response to the information that you get from your summative assessment. At the risk of sounding like Miranda’s mother, that is what I like to … Read More

We All Have A Story – A Guest Post from Trisha Lee

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This weekend I have got a guest post from Trisha Lee who uses ‘helicopter stories’ to promote creativity and story telling. Over to you Trisha… We All Have A Story By Trisha Lee Helicopter Stories is in theory a simple approach, the practitioner sits with the child and scribes their story verbatim. Then the whole class gather to act these stories out. The complexity of this model lies in its child-centred foundations. Based on the work and ethos of Vivian Gussin Paley, Helicopter Stories creates a non-judgemental environment for children to share their narratives, a place where nothing they do is wrong. Used regularly, Storytelling and Story Acting quickly becomes an activity that all children want to engage with, regardless … Read More