Hierarchy of talk in Early Years

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I spend a lot of time talking about the importance of talk in Early Years. It really is the key to effective learning and personal development in children. Yet, quality talk development is often missed out or overlooked by pressure to show attainment in other areas. The ability to talk is simple enough for most children but how they talk and what they talk about is a far more complex thing that needs to be effectively modelled and regularly practised. Such is my passion for the importnace of talk I was asked to write  ‘Get Them Talking, Get Them Learning’  where I am able to take a more in-depth look at some of the more common types of talk that … Read More

Early Years Assessment App

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Now I know that not everyone in Early Years has got an iPhone or and iPad but there are a growing number of setting that I work in where the staff have been given one for teaching and assessment and they are a really useful tool. They not only create high level interest and engagement from children there are LOADS of appropriate apps and games that you can use to actually impact on teaching and learning rather than 'just playing' (not that 'just playing' is always a bad thing!) Here an iPad is being used for some phonic group work. Don't worry, the grip has been duly noted and acted upon!  Even the 'pinkness' of the iPad cover wasn't putting … Read More

Dinosaurs in Reception – Jenni’s Story

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I was really chuffed that Jenni took the time to drop me a quick email to tell me that she had tried the recipe for dinosaur eggs that I had posted. It sounded like they had such a good time, I asked her to write me a post all about it…. I was so pleased that Alistair asked me to write about the fantastic dinosaur experience we recently had at our nursery – all thanks to ABC DOES!  I logged on to ABC DOES, as usual, just to see what was happening. There it was, a recipe for dinosaur eggs – yippee, just what I needed to spice up our ‘theme’ – All creatures great and small!  Alongside our ‘theme’ … Read More

Cross Phase Planning – Nursery and Reception

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Whether it is Nursery and Reception or Reception and Year 1 together – cross phase working and planning can be a HUGELY positive experience for children but if it is done 'properly' then there are lots of challenges for the practitioners. Whilst adult directed activities are not such usually the issue, the main challenge comes through effective differentiation within the continuous provision. Your resourcing and challenge in all of your areas has to cater for the ability levels of all of your children from the lest to the most able. With two age groups together you are often significantly increasing the range of ability you are catering for. I have never yet come across a setting where the provision has … Read More