Deep breath!

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Man Alive! I don't know where today went – didn't think I could possibly have much left to do and then got to 5.30pm and still had loads to do! Children and parents in tomorrow, am nervous, but keen just to get going with my little cherubs. Had a team meeting tonight and piloted the planning formats. Team were really keen to use the child initiated planner up to Year Two. Have done that before in other settings – just pleased they wanted to do it here. Am going to rewrite the format so that it can include FS and National Curriculum points/levels. Bought a sofa today to enhance my dedicated talk area. I am going to create a 'talk … Read More

Mark Making and Role Play

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Turns out my camera was out of battery and so I took these on my phone. They are not brilliant and I need to stress that the areas are not finished – just sharing a 'work in progress' As it is early in the year and my emphasis is on talk and communication I have tried to leave the areas big and lacking in theme. The role play has no 'costumes', no tabbards with 'nurse' or 'fireman' emblazoned on them because for lots of children they restrict them to one character (and are also blinking expensive!) Instead I have boxes of fabric, huge pieces and small ones. I have separated plain from patterned and also created a box of 'special' bits which … Read More