How to Write Like a Jedi – Star Wars Inspiration!

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As we see the return of Star Wars to the cinema – don’t miss your chance to motivate your children with a bit of Jedi Writing! Walt Disney Company  I came up with Jedi Writing as a ‘boy heavy’ reception class teacher in the early 1990’s when Star Wars was ‘big news’ in my class. The good thing about it is that although Jedi’s where my initial inspiration you can apply the principle to any interest whatsoever. The key to any successful learning is of course engagement so make sure however you choose to ‘dress’ your talk handwriting practice has them jumping up and down with excitement and not hiding under the water tray. Although it was born out of … Read More

Jedi Writing and Mark Making Laboratory

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 I have been using Jedi Writing for a long time now and I know a number of schools have had success with it. For those children who are really into pink and sparkly and not light sabres, there is also Sparkle Writing which uses a wand! This intervention is for children who can recognise and hear the sounds that they are attempting to write. It is based around good old sky writing just with a few differences! You know the scenario, you have a child who is keen to write their name but is still palm gripping and their orientation is all up the spout! They are VERY enthusiastic and keen to get going and this is where your dilemma … Read More