Gangster Granny’s Teeth!

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Gangster Granny’s Teeth! This week Granny’s Teeth have been to  St. Andrew’s CE Primary School, Bebington where they were dropped by a very special visitor. Mrs Barrick and F2 will tell you more… Our school was 40 years old on Wednesday March 12th and during what was a very busy day, Mr Johnson the caretaker found a very unusual box in the school grounds. After the great anticipation of what might be in the box during a wonderful Speaking and Listening session (dinosaur tooth, jewels, gold, treasure, a frog, a mouse, a spider) we found a set of false teeth. Some of the children had seen teeth like this before in their Granny’s houses and we decided that they must belong … Read More

What Big Teeth You Have Got…

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What Big Teeth You Have Got… Last week, I asked to take part in a project being organised by Alistair Bryce-Clegg, a well respected and much followed Early Years Advisor and Consultant. (I paid her to say that! – Alistair) A few days ago we received a set of false teeth and today they featured in our planning.  We are currently looking at Traditional Tales and this week we have been reading and enjoying Little Red Riding Hood. This morning, the children found that the Preschool door was taped off. The children were very excited! We had a conversation about what the word crime meant and I explained that someone had disappeared and I needed them to help us find … Read More

Granny’s Teeth – Lost in Scotland!

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This week Granny’s teeth have been to Scotland. To be more precise, they have visited the Primary 1/2 class of Mrs Hutchison who used their class blog to help them to track down the owner of the missing gnashers! The teeth were introduced to the class as having been found by staff whilst sorting out the lost property on a recent inset day.  Ideally it was hoped that a campaign to find the owner would be created but that this would come from the children themselves.   They were set on a table and the children were invited to write down their thoughts and ideas… That day the class also were given a teeth centred home learning task for the week … Read More

Granny’s Teeth in Brunei

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So, when I got the chance to go and work with Vicky and the team at Hornbill School in Brunei, Granny’s teeth had to come too. I made sure that they were in my main case and not in my hand luggage as I didn’t want to have to answer any awkward questions at customs. I did once have a Light Sabre confiscated at security at an airport. I had it in my hand luggage along with a bag full of rubber ‘severed fingers’. I was on my way to deliver a writing conference. It didn’t matter how many ways I tried to explain it, the security staff just didn’t get how Light Sabres and severed fingers could possibly aid … Read More