Granny’s Teeth – Please Return to the Tooth Fairy!

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This week we are following the exploits of Granny’s Teeth when they paid a visit to Playbox Day Nursery in Folkstone where Sarah and her team had some fun with them. This is what they got up to…   It took some thought on how to start this project with it being the start of a new term and lots of new children being introduced to the setting which also happens to be a brand new purpose built nursery after several years of sharing a school classroom space. So, we decided to think about incorporating the teeth into our Gruffalo theme and it soon became clear that once the children had put the teeth into the playdough Gruffalo and buried them in the sand the … Read More

Granny’s Teeth or Father Christmas’s?

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Granny’s Teeth are back! For this weeks post they made their way to Lyme Community Primary School’s Foundation Stage, where it turns out that they actually belonged to Father Christmas! Granny’s Teeth. A surprise package arrived at the Nursery. The children were all excited and couldn’t wait to see what was in it. First of all we passed it round the circle so that the children guess. The children thought that the box contained a love heart a car a cake a cat We then opened the box and discovered the smaller box. The children thought that this might contained a mouse or a fairy. After opening the box they weren’t sure what they were. We passed them a round … Read More

Granny’s Teeth and a Tooth Fairy Problem Solved!

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Granny’s Teeth and a Tooth Fairy Problem Solved! Some children in FS2 at Summerside School recently lost some milk teeth. We talked about how important it is to look after your teeth. The children were shown how to brush their teeth. We had fun making our own toothpaste and everyone tried it out with a new toothbrush. Try this toothpaste recipe: 1 teaspoon baking soda ½ teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon peppermint essential oil A few drops of water We talked about what happens when you lose a tooth. We had a discussion about what happens in different cultures. Did you know that in Mali children put their lost tooth under a gourd to find a chicken in its place the … Read More

Granny’s Teeth go to Germany and become Grandpa’s Teeth!

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Granny’s Teeth go to Germany and become Grandpa’s Teeth!  This time Granny’s teeth have been on their travels to Lister Primary School in Germany where it seems that they transformed themselves into Grandpa’s teeth thanks to some inspiration from poet Gareth Lancaster! Here is Miss Sullivan to tell you more….   When I travelled back to the UK for an Excellence in Early Years Conference, I was passed a very beautiful box while eating my (delicious) lunch. Inside was a pair of false teeth! Alistair Bryce Clegg an Early Years consultant has his own blog; it was here that I saw the chance to collect his dear Granny’s old teeth to inspire some excellent learning in our FS2 setting. Just … Read More