Granny’s Teeth and the Easter Bunny

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Granny’s Teeth have been to visit Kids Planet Day Nursery in Lymm. They were first discovered in the garden after the Easter Bunny had been to visit and left us some eggs to find. One of the children came across the teeth and told some of his friends what he had found (once he was sure he had found all the chocolate eggs!) there was soon quite a group gathered around the teeth,   Ollie picked them up and had a look at them “It’s real teeth!” the children called over Miss Todd who asked “Who’s teeth are these?” the children had a look around to check if anyone had lost their teeth, checking each other’s mouths and asking the … Read More

Grannys Teeth and Pirate Patch…

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Granny’s Teeth have been on a trip to Little Rainbows 2 Pre-School where it turned out they belonged to a snack loving Pirate who needed some urgent healthy eating advice… The postman came to nursery with a letter addressed to pre-school. We all sat together and read our letter. It was a letter from a pirate who had lost his treasure. He left us some clues to follow and sent us on a treasure hunt. We listened carefully to the clues and found Pirate Patch’s hat, cup and watch. We continued to follow the clues, which led us to finding treasure coins in the nursery. After each clue Pirate Patch told us that he had eaten things including chocolate, sweets … Read More

Granny’s Teeth go to Sussex Road Primary

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Granny’s Teeth have been to Sussex Road Primary where they promoted some interesting discussion, lots of building, talking and thinking and the discovery of lots of ‘bits’ of poor Granny scattered all over  the outdoor area. If the children ever do find poor Granny, I am not sure that she will ever be the same again – so much of her is missing…. RNA at Sussex Road Primary received something in the post today… we all had a go at predicting what it might be: “It’s a toy!” “I think it’s a wooden block, it sounds wooden” “it’s not a wooden block it’s a wooden toy maybe something from grandad’s house” “I think it’s a cube shaped puzzle”. We opened up … Read More

Granny’s Teeth and the Hackney Tooth Fairy …

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Granny’s Teeth have been visiting De Beauvoir Primary School in Hackney. Here is what they got up to…   Granny’s Teeth at De Beauvoir Primary School (Nursery class), Hackney The children spent a whole week learning about Dentists and the importance of healthy eating and looking after our teeth. We talked about what we need our teeth for: eating, talking and smiling! The children were shown how to brush their teeth. The children helped to set up a Dentist role play area. They took their job as Dentists very seriously! The children did a special experiment to show how some food and drink can damage our teeth. A hard-boiled egg was placed in a jar with Coca Cola. The next … Read More