Sneaky Teeth on the Loose! – A Granny’s Teeth Adventure

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When your Pre-School is next to a nursing home and and you have a delivery of Granny’s Teeth – therein lies a recipe for some exciting learning! Over to Tiny Tots…. Sneaky Teeth On The Loose It was a very strange week at Tiny Tots… Someone was eating our snacks… Who could it be? We wanted to find out, so we set up a crime/investigation room. Evidence was showing the teeth belonged to a big person. Huge bites of food were seen on crumpets, fruit and sandwiches. We put an evidence board in our investigation room to show everyone what we had found. We thought the teeth might belong to someone old. Detectives were assigned to the nursing home. A good … Read More

Granny’s Lost Teeth – A Worldwide Search Using Technology!

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This week Granny’s Teeth have been to Burton Joyce Primary School where they have prompted the Reception children (and their teacher Marc) to launch a worldwide search using technology. Granny’s Teeth came at the right time for us! I was looking for a project to conclude another academic year of Connecting Classes Across Continents. With the arrival of Granny’s Teeth in May the Global Teeth Hunt was planned! Connecting Classes Across Continents This project came about in 2013 at the Apple Distinguished Educators Institute in San Diego. Bringing together 500 teachers from all over the world who share the same values in an empowering experience. An Early Learning Community formed at the Institute and a call to action was made. … Read More

Dewi the Dragon loses his Granny’s Teeth!

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This week Granny’s Teeth turned up at Alexandra CP School, Wrexham. Here’s what we got up to! We are having some building work at our school so Nursery and Reception classes decided to go out to look at the machines and see what was happening on the building site. We met Keith the Builder, who was very busy digging. While we were watching he found something in the soil. He stopped digging and pulled out a box! He told us that the box didn’t belong to him and passed it over the fence to Mrs. Lloyd the Nursery teacher. When she opened the box, inside she found…….some teeth! We couldn’t believe it! We went back to our classes to talk … Read More

The wolf and Mrs Capper’s best coat! A Granny’s Teeth Adventure…

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The children at St Vincent’s Catholic Nursery school in Birmingham took pleasure in learning about the story of the Three Little Pigs. During the story they recognised the wolf to be a ghastly character, which would stop at nothing to get the pigs. One child described him as the “wicked big bad wolf”. The next day when the children arrived at Nursery. They discovered that the big bad wolf had made a detour into the Nursery Classroom and caused Carnage. The children were shocked to find the book corner vandalised. Chairs were upturned on the table. The post office contents were strewn across the floor and the painting area had been misused. This was captured on camera and the children … Read More