Dear Zoo…. A Granny’s Teeth Adventure!

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Dear Zoo, We wrote to the zoo to send us a pet….. They sent us a Hedgehog, he was too prickly, we sent him back. They sent us some spiders, they were too creepy, we sent them back. ‘Monkey sent us the Elephant’s teeth, we sent them back’. On 3rd October 2016, the children at Dunston Playgroup had a very special delivery. They sat with anticipation to see what was in the small box. They passed it round gave it a shake and guessed what was in the box, was it a monkey, a tortoise, a rabbit?   It was time to open the box! The room fell silent! TEETH! We weren’t expecting TEETH! We asked the children who do … Read More

Whose Teeth are These? – A Granny’s Teeth Adventure

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Whose teeth are these? Granny’s Teeth visit Redlands Primary School Foundation 1 Class The children at Redland’s Nursery were very excited when Mrs Abraham announced a parcel had been delivered! We looked together at the box, wondering what could be inside. After many suggestions, including a spider, but definitely not an elephant (as the box was too small), we looked inside. There were shrieks of horror and excitement as Mrs Abraham revealed a set of teeth! But who did they belong to? Lots of the children suggested various animals, including butterflies, which led to some research onto the I Pads into which animals had teeth like these. Some children suggested a monster, and many suggestions related to family or staff … Read More

The Queen’s Teeth Get Stuck!

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This week Granny’s Teeth report comes from Dalmain Primary School. Looks like the Queen has been at it again. She must go through a lot of false teeth!   The Queens Teeth– We were very excited when we saw some teeth attached to an apple in our garden! There was a little note next to the apple and the teeth that told us the teeth belonged to the Queen. She had come to our school because she heard that we were having a street party to celebrate her 90th birthday party. The Queen came on the wrong day, but she was feeling hungry so she started to eat an apple. She heard a loud noise and got scared, so she … Read More

Granny’s Teeth and the missing construction!

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This week Granny’s Teeth have been to Crowlands Primary School in London where they got mixed up with a case of missing construction… The arrival of Granny’s Teeth coincided with a spate of crimes in our Reception classrooms.    After we had a visit from a police officer, our children were very interested in becoming detectives. Somebody stole all our construction resources a few days before and had left us some clues, including fingerprints and some items of clothing. One day after lunch, we came back to find a note with some clues.      We read the notes and chose two people to follow the clues.    We found some of our construction with an interesting item in….. None of … Read More