EYFS lesson/session observation proforma

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Now then, often as part of my work I work with Heads and members of senior teams who are making judgements about attainment in EYFS. Most of the time these observations are carried out on the same formats that are used for Key Stage One and Two. The problem is that they are designed to judge a completely different curriculum that should be taught in a very different way to EYFS. Over time I have come up with a good few formats that I then tweaked  in response to changes in the Ofsted framework and also what Heads have asked for. Yesterday I was back in Salford observing Natalie alongside her Head and Deputy (no pressure Natalie). The format that we used … Read More

Pack Away Pre-School Inspiration

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After my conference work in Medway I was off to Hertfordshire to do some project work with the LA EYFS team. This is another interesting project for me, as it is not only diverse in the type of setting I am working with, each one has been identified by the LA as having lots of elements of very strong and unique practice. All of them regularly get visits from other settings interested in sharing their practice. My role is to work with them on an area that they have identified for further improvement and see how we can enhance it even further. Each setting has been given a video camera and have to record their journey – a bit like … Read More

Cross Phase Planning Reception to Year One

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I know that this is a subject that causes lots of headaches. Whether you are in mixed age group class or you are trying to manage the transition between Reception and Year One. Unfortunately there is no 'magic' planning format or timetable that will sort this out for you but there are a few things that you can put in place that will really help you to get the best for all of the children in your care. Ethos This is the most important thing to establish before you do anything else. What is the ethos and expectation of the Senior Management Team of your school with regard to styles of teaching in Reception and Year One. This might not … Read More

Are you ready for September?

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Had a busy old week last week…hence the lack of blogging! Monday I was delivering outdoor training to a group of Nursery and Children's Centre practitioners Tuesday it was 'How to Look Good Naked' to a variety of practitioners from Nechells Eduaction Action Zone in Birmingham. Wednesday, off to Coventry to work with the lovely ladies from St Osburg's Primary Thursday back to Salford to train TA's  while the teachers were on strike… Then Friday was the ABC Does… conference in Manchester. I was very excited! I REALLY enjoyed my day and from the feedback sheets, the delegates seemed to feel the same. It did take me until about Sunday afternoon to recover – it was that sort of conference! … Read More