The power of the ‘talk sofa’

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Was not in my school today, I was in another one making a second visit following an initial audit before the Summer break. Every day is a school day though as my discussions with Sandy, Janette, Marie and the team really helped to crystallise some thoughts that I have been having about point of entry assessment – thanks ladies! Have texted my TA's to see how the day went but have had no response – I am viewing that as a positive. At least that is what I keep telling myself! Am taking a letter in tomorrow for the children from Betty – she is coming in next week to kick off our talk sofa. They will love her and … Read More

Take every opportunity!

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The children were giddy with excitement when they came in today although I am not sure why – although I enjoyed joining in their giddyness! Today our main foci were wallpapering the talk area' for discussion, mixing powder paint – ensuring independence and following up an activity that started yesterday when the children were writing letters to a fictitious bear! The morning children LOVED wallpapering and everybody had a turn – in the afternoon no one came near it, funny how that happens!     It's not quite straight and it's a bit lumpy but we got LOADS out of it and they were very proud of their work. I am AMAZED at the independence of these children. We have had a new … Read More

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle!

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In the spirit of recycling ( and becaue the setting I am working in has limited resources and funding) today I have been mostly making transparent funnels out of Diet Coke bottles! Here are said bottles before… and after… I just chopped the bottom of with a pair of  scissors! Not rocket science, I know! and here they are in use…           This was a lovley activity with one of my TA's where she was getting the children to wash ducks! As you can see they clearly loved it. Al's diner produced an oat, raisin and sunflower seed chewy cookie which were great! Making biscuits was a direct request from the children so we were fulfilling … Read More

What’s in a name?

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We have all done it – You spy a child creating a 'masterpiece' you watch them carefully select their paint, their size of brush, you watch them with awe and pride…you see them un clip it and begin the slow and steady walk towards you, like Mrs Overall with two soups, and you think to yourself…When they get here I am going to say such lovely things…and then it happens…you cannot help it… "Is your name on it?"   No matter what is in your head, all that comes out of your mouth is "Is your name it?" What a shame. In the spirit of my education ethos I wanted the children to make their own peg label – not one … Read More