Wild Boys!

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 Noone Dyed today! Which is a phrase that I am always glad I can use at the end of the day – especially when we have had the ladders or the carving knives out! Of course I am talking about the fabric dying. I ended up not being in Nursery for very long at all. I went into a management strategy meeting at 9.20am and came out at about 2pm ( it was some strategy!). Got back for the end of the session to find that a child had managed to ' lean ' on the water tray and completely tip it up. It was quite a spill but perhaps not the tsunami that it was being described as! It had … Read More

Red Cabbage – How much?

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I can't look at a red cabbage without thinking of Victoria Wood! If you are too young to remember  – look it up on You Tube! As I have mentioned before we are doing lots of work on trying to get the children to recognise every day fruit and veg. We are also signing ' Cauliflowers Fluffy ' which does indeed mention many and various varieties. Today's activity came from a discussion with a child around a line in the song that says ' and cabbages green ' I remarked that not all cabbages were green and they refused to believe me. So today I took in 4 red cabbages (even more confusing because they are purple) to see what they … Read More

Large Scale Construction – is a tower ever too tall?

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As I have said in my previous posts the construction at the school that I am consulting in is severely lacking and doesn't allow for much differentiation or progression. I am in the process of remedying that but in the mean time one of our parents donated a load of flat pack boxes that were perfect for a bit of large scale work. I have always been bemused by the signs that I see in settings that say construction can only be built to shoulder height – Why? So many opportunities are being missed if we put restrictions like that on children. If you are really going to learn some fundamental laws of physics, it is difficult to do with … Read More

What’s on TV today?

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Friday was a good day although the children are clearly ' shattered ' by the end of the week. We have had a new starter this week and he is very immature and needy and is having a huge impact on the environment and how it is running. We will get there – it will just take a bit longer! He has very limited speech and assumes that every time you speak directly to him you are telling him off and cries (loudly)! He cannot sit or stay still for any length of time, so if we do gather at any point he cries (loudly)! Now then, talk area looking lovely – we finished the wallpapering yesterday. In an effort … Read More