Ice Cream Dough

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Here is a nice weekend project that will really get you in the mood for summer! Once you have got the hang of it, it is really easy to do. It took me a couple of attempts to get it just how I wanted it so I would have a practice at home before I did it with the children. ‘Ice Cream Play Dough’. It doesn’t have any ice cream in it, but it looks like ice cream, smells like ice cream and you can even put it in the fridge/freezer so that it feels like ice cream. But, it is dough so stays solid! This is how you make it… You need  1 1/2 cups of cornflour 3/4 cup … Read More

Simple Snow Recipe

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I am off to London at the end of the week to deliver From Mark Maker to Writer and looking forward to hopping on and off the train in the icy winds and snow! As it looks like most of us are going to get the first snowfall or flurry of the year I want to share with you my best and easiest recipe for snow. You can prepare this in advance, but I usually do it with the children or let them have a go on their own. You only need 2 ingredients Bicarbonate of Soda (or Baking Powder) Both bicarb and baking powder work well although the texture is slightly different – not that the children ever seem to notice! Shaving … Read More

Self Service Dough Area!

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I was setting up my laptop at a conference recently listening to two lovely ladies on the front row discussing me, which is always interesting! The conversation went like this… Who is he? You, know the ABC bloke. Phonics? No, Mr. ABC Is that his real name? That’s not his real name. He has made that up to get more work in schools! [pause] What’s he wearing by the way?! [pause] Actually, I think they call him Dr. ABC. (that bit really made me chuckle!) [pause] You do know him! I don’t. I’ve never heard of him. You do! The Dough Gym bloke. Oh! Is that him? I never would have guessed looking at him! Too funny! That’s me…Dr. ABC the … Read More

TTS and ABC Does Giveaway – Getting Ready to Write

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Following my week of ‘Dough Gym’ and ‘Funky Fingers’ the lovely folk at TTS have given me some bits and pieces to give away that will help to get those fingers, hands and arms moving. So this week I am giving away: Some ‘Insta Snow Powder’ If you haven’t come across this before, this is great stuff. It comes as a powder and when you add water it transforms into ‘snow’ before your very eyes. A little bit goes a long way. Hours of fun! I tried it out a while a go with my nephew Luca. I used iced water when we ‘activated’ the snow and that made it feel even more realistic.  This would be a great resource to … Read More