Betty pays a ‘flying visit’ (do you see what I did there? Although chickens can’t really fly!)

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Well, today was a good one – I really enjoyed it despite my man flu and flea bites! Betty was a big hit with staff and children alike and we got LOADS from her visit! Say ' hello ' to Betty one of my Orpington chickens. I set her up in the talk area in a broody cage, complete with pre – layed egg. The children have to walk past this area to hang up their coats and I was convinced one of them would see her, but noone did. I gathered the children and asked where Betty was and who had invited her in the first place? We decided that she might be shy and hiding somewhere so we … Read More

Take every opportunity!

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The children were giddy with excitement when they came in today although I am not sure why – although I enjoyed joining in their giddyness! Today our main foci were wallpapering the talk area' for discussion, mixing powder paint – ensuring independence and following up an activity that started yesterday when the children were writing letters to a fictitious bear! The morning children LOVED wallpapering and everybody had a turn – in the afternoon no one came near it, funny how that happens!     It's not quite straight and it's a bit lumpy but we got LOADS out of it and they were very proud of their work. I am AMAZED at the independence of these children. We have had a new … Read More

Finding their feet!

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Was out of school this morning consulting elsewhere, but was back for the afternoon session. More new starters today and it really struck me what great mentors the other children are. I am really pleased that they are settling so well and really beginning to use the environment. The boys played in the role play for an HOUR . Better than that  – and you won't believe this…they played in the role play for an hour even though the door to outside was open! I know, what are the chances? Their play raised lots of discussion for me and the team mostly around gun play. They all made guns and were shooting each other from inside the boxes – I … Read More

The joy of child initiated learning!

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Man they were tired today – and kept telling us! There are only so many responses you can give to 'I'm tired!' (other than SO AM I!) We are meeting after the pm session everyday to plan for the following day. Not only does it mean you get your weekend back but you are actually planning something that has maximum impact on where the children are at. Mentioned earlier about one of our boys who is fascinated by how things work – firstly we set up a table of 'things' with mechanisms which, after an initial 'lull', got lots of visits.     The hole punch was the most popular item, especially when we took the back off to reveal the … Read More