Gerbil traps and Gun Play in Foundation Stage!

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Walked in today, switched on the light and there she was – just looking at me. She let me walk right up to her, bend over and then VAMOOSH! She was off! I then sat in the talk area for 20 mins while both of the missing gerbils scurried around me, even sniffing my hand. But as soon as I moved as much as an eyebrow…they were gone! In the end I constructed a tunnel of cardboard boxes along the skirting board and herded them into a corner where I could get them! So after half an hour of hoofing around they were all back in the telly! When the children got in they were full of it so I … Read More

Great Escape!

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I wasn't in school today – but it seems that neither were the children due to the fact that the head closed Nursery because… the gerbils had escaped! There was no sign of them anywhere. I got a text that told me that a rodent catcher had been called! Traps were set in order to catch, not kill! By the end of the day only one had been found. A dog was even brought in to have a good sniff around – but nothing. On the upside…the stock cupboard had to be emptied and so got a long overdue tidy. Apparently they know that the two missing ones are still in the building as they have been picked up on … Read More

Discovering Signs of Autumn

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I've been wanting to enhance my sand tray for a while. The children have now added so much water to it (on the sly) that it would take at least a month to dry out! My TA's dumped that bag of compost in it yesterday and today we added some signs of  autumn for the children to discover. We have looked at the trees in the playground, discussed the leaves changing colour and had the odd random conker brought in, but I really wanted to have the opportunity to focus in on the language in a small group situation so we buried them in the compost (that's buried said signs of autumn, not the small group…). I had just the BEST time working with … Read More

Red Cabbage – How much?

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I can't look at a red cabbage without thinking of Victoria Wood! If you are too young to remember  – look it up on You Tube! As I have mentioned before we are doing lots of work on trying to get the children to recognise every day fruit and veg. We are also signing ' Cauliflowers Fluffy ' which does indeed mention many and various varieties. Today's activity came from a discussion with a child around a line in the song that says ' and cabbages green ' I remarked that not all cabbages were green and they refused to believe me. So today I took in 4 red cabbages (even more confusing because they are purple) to see what they … Read More