Den Making Take Two!

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We had another great morning making dens with the Y5/6 children. Some were coming to help for the second time and you could really see that they had learned a great deal from working with the children yesterday.     I put out Art Straws and various joining items in the afternoon and was chuffed to see that a number of children replicated their dens in straws!  When we had finished working this morning I asked the Y5/6 if they wanted to stay and play with the children  – which of course they did! When I say play ' with ' that is a bit of an over statement! We ended up with Y6 in the water tray, the compost and in full … Read More

Miniture Den Making

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After a successful stick collecting expedition at the weekend I went in armed with a bag full of sticks and two mini trees! Decided to do another camouflage net, but this time in orange, red, yellow and brown.  It may look like brown goo but it turned out well again. Was really quick and also dried really quickly which is always a bonus when you are short of space! I also found a huge log in the school garden so brought that in for the children to have a look at. The question was … what is a tree made from? Did anyone know? No! So we needed lots of opportunity to look at wood in its raw and refined forms and … Read More

Constructive Construction and Cake!

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Am happy to report that the cake worked and we had a really good day on Friday! I left on Friday night with a slight sense of nausea, which is always a sign of a good cake day! I think a day when it all goes a bit awry makes you re-focus and look again at what works and what might be causing the issues and this is exactly what we did! The den play that we had created to try and channel the disruptive play of one child really had a significant impact and I was pleased to see that the children wanted to continue and develop it on Friday. At one point it turned into a house with an add on box … Read More

Gerbil traps and Gun Play in Foundation Stage!

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Walked in today, switched on the light and there she was – just looking at me. She let me walk right up to her, bend over and then VAMOOSH! She was off! I then sat in the talk area for 20 mins while both of the missing gerbils scurried around me, even sniffing my hand. But as soon as I moved as much as an eyebrow…they were gone! In the end I constructed a tunnel of cardboard boxes along the skirting board and herded them into a corner where I could get them! So after half an hour of hoofing around they were all back in the telly! When the children got in they were full of it so I … Read More