Rock, Paper, Scissors – A Guest Post from Reflections Nursery

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I am a long term admirer of the work of the Reflections Nursery and Small School team for a number of reasons.

It is true, their space does look amazing, but what I enjoy most about their work is that children are given time. Time to truly immerse themselves in an experience or interaction. Time to experience, rehearse, reflect and consolidate. Time to be!

There are lots of interesting projects to look at on their website ( including the one they have kindly allowed me to feature here today.

Rock, Paper, Scissors was a long term project involving paper and exploring children’s desire to transform materials. Pop over and have a look (Reflections -RockPaperScissors)

I love how the team reflect on what they, as educators, can learn from watching the children and how the process is celebrated over the outcome.

‘The educators researched how the children underwent their explorative & expressive processes, focusing on the relationships between people, things and actions.’


These creations are amazing:


There are so many skills being developed along the way, as well as exciting language, collaborative play, resilience and fun!


If you are on any of the following social media platforms, they are definitely worth a follow

Instagram @reflectionsworthing


Twitter @reflections54


Thanks for sharing your work team Reflections!



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