Early Years Curriculum – Any Questions for Gill Jones?

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Next month I have got the opportunity to interview Gill Jones, one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors and Ofsted’s Deputy Director of Early Education.

I am going to be talking to Gill about the Quality of Education focus in the Education Inspection Framework and in particular what an Early Years Curriculum might look like and how Ofsted will expect settings to demonstrate ‘ intent, implementation and impact’.

You will be able to watch the interview towards the end of next month (depending on how quickly the ABC Does elves can edit it!).

Have you got any questions  about the curriculum in the Early Years that you would like me to ask Gill on your behalf?

If you have, then please leave them in the comments below, or if you would rather, email them to alistair@abcdoes.com.

I can’t promise to ask them all, but I will look for common themes and try and ask as many as possible

All questions will be anonymised and need to be with me by 31st Jan.

Look forward to hearing from you,


One Comment on “Early Years Curriculum – Any Questions for Gill Jones?”

  1. That the Government recognises the need for an Early Years Curriculum that is child led, innovative and creative and not driven just by literacy and mathematic targets.

    That,(having completed the Baseline Pilot Scheme myself) the Government will recognise the futility of this particular method of assessment at a crucial time in the transition of a child’s life from Nursery to Reception Class.

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