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In this outdoor painting space, I wanted the children to be able to use all of the skills that they had learned about painting indoors and apply them in a different way outdoors.


I used 2 artists easels because they are easy to put up, collapse and adjust. Plus they give the children some experience of the equipment that a professional artist might use.

To stand on the easel and hold the paper I had 2 pieces of thin plywood cut to size for me at B+Q.

To cover the board, I used lining paper from Wilko’s as this can be as large or small depending on the preferences of the children.

To make the paint you will need

  • Bowls to mix in
  • Water
  • Utensils to mix with
  • Soil (not compost as it is too aerated and doesn’t mix well)
  • Powder Paint or Ready Mix Paint to colour your mud (if you are colouring it)




To apply the paint you will need

  • Anything you fancy like…
  • Hands
  • Scrubbing brushes
  • Nail Brushes
  • Sticks
  • Grass
  • Flowers
  • Leaves


The process is not a difficult one.

  • The children self serve themselves to some mud


  • Add water to the desired consistency


  • Add any colour

mud mixing

  • Mix



  • Use


This is some nice gross motor work using a variety of shades of mud paint and sponges.


As the shops were full of Halloween merchandise I picked up a few broomsticks for some large scale painting.

In and around the setting there were lots of sticks, grasses and dried seed heads for the children to pick and use in their creative work.

flower paint Collage


It is amazing how creative you can be with a little bit of soil and water!

There is lots of experimentation to be done with consistency and application. You will also find that the mud paint makes its way into the texture kitchen as it is a great addition to cooking and general potion making. It is also something that is fairly easy to make into part of your continuous outdoor provision.

Time to get messy?

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4 Comments on “Texture Kitchen – Mud Paint”

  1. We did mud painting today and the children loved it! Thank you, would love to have the locker in mr outside classroom.

  2. Thank you! We are on half term next week but already planning our first week back. This will be great for our painting lovers, not to mention the mud kitchen mixers 😉

  3. Brilliant week of ideas, thank you, I can remember doing similar things myself in the garden as a child, time for a lot more mess at home and school!
    Just wondering if you draw any lines at all, cause I can see a lot of lovely resources becoming muddied resources, in the same way a variety of coloured paint or playdough ends up brown?!

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