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When it comes to children’s play, the freedom to imagine, build and create is paramount.

I talk a lot in my work about the benefits of deconstructed role play and am always on the look out for alternatives to the humble cardboard box.

It was one of those searches that led me to Kitcamp. After seeing the kit online, I got in touch with the Kitcamp team and asked if they would be willing to give me a set that I could giveaway to you.

I was chuffed when they said yes!

What is Kitcamp? Well, have a look at this…

This is what the Kitcamp team say about their product

Why consider KITCAMP?

Kitcamp offers an engaging learning environment through its innovative design approach of combining loose-parts with a robust and lightweight material.

It’s designed for children of varying ages and abilities to manipulate and create their space, placing the importance of meaningful play at the heart of learning and physical and mental well-being.


The multi-faceted and versatile nature of Kitcamp provides a great amount flexibility in a setting and in the approach to learning.

There are at least 5 areas where Kitcamp can provide benefits to children.

  1. Physical activities
  • By using Kitcamp actively it encourages more physical play and learning, improving physical literacy, gross and fine motor skills and spatial awareness.
  • Kitcamp is a key asset to an ‘Active School’, a Youth Sports Trust initiative, by;
    • encouraging more pupils to take up physical activities,
    • involving the least active children by providing targeted activities,
    • increasing pupils’ participation in school games,
    • encouraging pupils to take on leadership roles,
    • meeting requirements of the national curriculum,
    • embedding 30 minutes of physical activity into the school day through active teaching, see our Toolkits.
  1. Free Play
  • Kitcamp provides opportunities for child-led free play, where the children take control with creative building scenarios. This can be both indoors and out. As Dr. Peter Gray suggests, “Free play is nature’s way of teaching children that they are not helpless”*.
  • Kitcamp is a social play experience. Children find it most effective to work in teams, negotiating, problem-solving, communicating, creating together and exercising their executive functions for successful builds.
  • Kitcamp is a creative and original play methodology, where creativity and physical engagement is at the heart of the play experience, and everything must be imagined to be created.
  • Kitcamp is great for SEN too. For example, allowing kids to create and control their own private spaces, creating sensory spaces and encouraging spatial awareness.

  1. Guided Play
  • Guided play with Kitcamp stimulates and encourages curiosity and inquiry through:
    • art,
    • building,
    • socio-dramatic play and other
    • classroom activities, such as making work stations, mud kitchens, mark-making or art easels.
  • In addition, Kitcamp draws continuously on STEM and STEAM.
  1. Toolkits
  • Incorporate inspiring Kitcamp Toolkits into everyday lessons. Developed by teachers for teachers, they meet the objectives of EYFS and the national curriculum. They’re key to saving teacher’s time to create stimulating, active and engaging learning environments.
  • Visit for more information.

  1. Practical equipment
  • Space is often limited in schools. On a practical level, Kitcamp’s versatility offers urban settings with limited space “benefits beyond traditional playground equipment” and “provide(s) a good substitute for outdoor, natural play spaces”1 . It can be used both indoors and out and stored in all-weather, durable holdall bags.
  • Kitcamp goes beyond simply outdoor physical equipment and is great for creating reading corners, room dividers, activity areas, such as mud kitchens or painting easels, and work surfaces.

Practical information

Kitcamp has many benefits as outlined by its versatile and modular nature. The Kitcamp panels are manufactured in the UK and are made from expanded polypropylene (EPP). A material known for its structural strength, cushioning and memory quality after impact, making it ideal for children’s play. The panels are 100% recyclable, chemically inert, and manufactured by compression moulding using only heat and steam. Kitcamp’s EPP is sourced from partners adhering to strict EN ISO environmental and energy management standards.

Each panel weighs around 1kg, with a single constructed cube taking a weight over 230kg.

The light weight of the panels make it easy for children to manipulate, and easy for teachers and parents to transport and pack away for storage, using durable all-weather bags – an ideal solution where space is a concern.

The panels are also easy to clean and require very little maintenance.


“This is the most imaginative thing I have ever seen – it’s better than Lego” – Ollie, Year 6.


“It’s not often you come across something that supports children’s all-around development in a way that is so creative yet also lends itself to the children’s physical development, which just demonstrates to me it’s versatility”

Charter Primary School


“I love it. It has potential for all children: gifted children, less able children, anyone. It can be used all year round outside or inside, and it’s suitable for all ages (not just KS1).” 

Mrs Genner, Senior Teacher, Churchfields Primary.

The Giveaway

The winner of this Kitcamp Givaway will receive:

A mini Kitcamp kit for early years settings.

Our mini kit is valued at £1,295 excl. VAT and £35 delivery (included in the offer).


In addition we’re offering a £100 off for all entrants who follow @iamkitcamp on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


What’s in the kit?


15 x Mix of solid, round and square holed expanded polypropylene (EPP) panels (equates to 3 constructed cubes).

10 x Triangular EPP panels for support.

2 x Sails/canopies. Each 2 x 1.35m.

30 x orange plugs, for attaching items to panels.

10 x Blue straps for securing structures.

20 x Yellow straps for fastening panels.

3 x Whiteboards to attach to panels for mark making.

20 x Cardboard inserts to fit to panels for creative activities and decorating for role play.

3 x All weather holdall bags for carrying and storage.

1 x Accessory bag for small parts, such as plugs and straps.

How To Enter

If you would like to have the chance to win the Kitcamp Mini Kit then all you have to do is:

Leave a comment on this blog post and/or

Leave a comment on the Kitcamp Mini Kit Giveaway post on the ABC Does Facebook Page here  and/or

Leave a comment on the Kitcamp Mini Kit Giveaway post on the ABC Does Instagram page (@ABCDoes)

The giveaway will close at 11.59pm on FRIDAY 14th JUNE 2019.

The winner will be drawn at random.

On this occasion, this is a UK only Giveaway.

Good luck…


437 Comments on “Kitcamp Giveaway…”

  1. I’m not sure who will have more fun, the adults or our children. I think the balance is tipping towards……. ?

  2. We are working next year on physical skills so this would be amazing for us at our nursery / school

  3. Wow!! What a wonderful prize, it would be wonderful the children in our EYFS class and really spark some imagination! We would LOVE to win this!! 🤞

  4. WoW. The children( and adults) in the EYFS setting would love this! An amazing piece of equipment 🖤💛🖤

  5. Wow! What a fantastic resource! This would make a massive difference to outdoor play in Early Years as well as all the other years in school.

  6. Hello Mr ABC

    My Kids would love this. We are currently trying to sort out our outdoor provision and this would be great!

  7. This looks fantastic and would be a excellent addition to our outdoor space which is currently a little lacking in resources.

  8. I love this! What an amazing idea! I think it would particularly transform our lunchtimes – the uses are endless.

  9. This would be amazing to win. I’m moving to a new class in September and we really want to overhaul our outdoor space. Keeping everything crossed!

  10. What a fantastic product, we really need this in our outside area to enhance the rather underwhelming loose parts and offer loads more den building possibilities. ❤️ it

  11. This looks more durable than our many collapsed cardboard boxes in our deconstructed role play!

  12. This looks like such a great fun resource and I would like to have a play with it as well as my reception class!!!

  13. What a great kit! This would be a fantastic addition to our new EYs unit which will be a beautiful building but empty outdoor area.

  14. This would be amazing for our pre school and reception class! Our year 6 buddies would also be on hand to help build!! With little money, we wouldn’t generally have the money to buy this so to win would just be FABULOUS!! Thank you for an incredible giveaway xxxxxxx

  15. Looks amazing. Our playgroup don’t have our own outdoor space but get the use of local park and forest areas. This would be great for us.

  16. What an amazing resource. We would love this in our setting, especially as we have a very boy heavy cohort.

  17. Kitcamp looks like it has endless potential! Would love to see where the children take it.

  18. Our school has limited outside resources and space this would be a fab addition to enhance the provision.

  19. Fingers crossed! I’m not even in the year group come September, but for a deprived area with a very boy heavy cohort arriving and 4 classes, yes please!

  20. Kit camp looks so versatile would love to have a set for our outdoor area to engage and inspire our children

  21. Looks like a great resource to develop team work and communication skills. I’d love this to develop our outdoor learning space in year one.

  22. We are in desperate need of new equipment for our outdoor area following a flood & then mice problem in our outdoor equipment storage shed this year so winning this would be fantastic! Such a great resource with so many open ended opportunities for play which we love in our setting.

  23. We are updating the layout and resources in our Early Years Garden and this looks like a fantastic idea with so many possibilities.

  24. An absolutely incredible giveaway. 🤞🏼
    A wonderfully simple yet purposeful resource to support the development of creativity and imaginative play. So many learning opportunities could unfold during the use of this!
    LOVE this 🥰

  25. This would be the best addition to our outdoor construction area !! Imagine the possibilities x

  26. This would really enhance our shared Pre-School/Year R outdoor provision. So versatile. I can see the pirate ships and castles now!

  27. This would be a perfect addition to our school (Wherwell Primary, Hampshire). Fingers crossed

  28. This looks amazing! What an awesome piece of kit – very open ended and I know the children would love it 🙂

  29. Wow, what an amazing piece of open ended equipment. How lucky are the children who get to play with this!

  30. What a dream prize to win! We are in the process of improving our outdoor area and with limited funds (like everyone!) in a deprived area it would be a perfect prize. 🤞

  31. Oh my word! This is such a fantastic and versatile resource. Our reception children would really enjoy experimenting and constructing various models with this. It is definitely something we are lacking in our provision. Would be amazing to win this 🤞🏼😊

  32. The kitcamp looks great! My kids love their big blocks but there are never quite enough for a fairy castle and an army camp, so this would be amazing!

  33. This would a fantastic addition to our setting. Our lovely little builders would have hours of fun and learning with it.

  34. We would love this as we review and restructure the outdoor area for September.
    Endless opportunities with this kit and I’ll finally have the space have it out. Nursery and reception would benefit and I may even share with the rest of the school.

  35. All children, of all ages should get the opportunity to experiment with this. Even us teachers refusing to grow old.

  36. We’ve been working hard on our outdoor deconstructed role-play area this year and this would be an amazing addition!

  37. Would love to have this at our school, I think it would really help our boys with their writing.

  38. We are trying to develop our outside play with very little budget. This kit looks amazing and would provide such valuable learning opportunities for our Reception children. We would love to be lucky enough to have some

  39. This would be perfect for our reception class garden that we now share with our brand new preschool- as we have the full EYFS package at our school lots of new and exciting resources are needed 🤗

  40. That look fab we are a school in a underprivileged area in Milton Keynes and like every school our budget has been cut so funds for your foundation team (from time for 2’s to reception ) resources are low we have an large outdoor area and this would fit in nicely thank you

  41. Would love this for our children….. budget cut yet again so not able to buy any new resources for kids this year 😔 fingers crossed!

  42. Hi, this would be a wonderful addition to our outdoor area which we are trying to improve. Fingers crossed! Thanks

  43. I am starting a brand new job, in a brand new school, with a brand new EYFS setting, and I can already see how this would enhance the learning for all of those new learners who will be beginning our school’s journey.

  44. What a fantastic resource! My Reception children would love this and it would encourage such wonderful imaginative play.

  45. This would be wonderfully appreciated in either EYFS or our brand new yr1 continuous provision. We have the space, but few resources. Thanks, Zoe from Kestrels’ Field

    1. It sounds like it could be ideal for you Zoe, you’re in an enviable position to have lots of new space to work with – fingers crossed for you!
      Remember – if you are not lucky with the prize this time you can follow us directly to win your £100 discount!

  46. Wow this looks fantastic with so many opportunities for the children to explore. Like nothing I’ve seen ever before. My children at school would simply love this.

    1. Its great isn’t it! I am one of teh teachers at Kitcamp and in over 20 years, I too have never seen anything like it. When I think of the builds we have tried to make with giant rolls of corrugated card and boxes – destroyed in minutes!!

  47. This would me AMAZING for our children. We’re in a deprived area and they would get so much from this.

    1. Hi Caroline,
      The language that unfolds is wonderful to watch – as they negotiate, plan, construct – perfect for children who find these areas trickier. It’s a great resource for limited space too as you can build upwards and then store it so easily (not that we ever store it really – using too much!)
      Good luck!

  48. This would make s tremendous difference to our eyfs pupils, we really need to update their outdoor area, thankyou for the chance.

    1. They absolutely do! We love just watching over a period of time. The play begins by being focussed around the construction – the negotiating, planning, using the space and then evolves into wonderful imaginative play which in turn involves adapting the play space further. Good luck!

  49. I wish Kitcamp had been around when I was a child. I can relive my childish dream adventures with my sons with the help of Kitcamp.

  50. That would be an amazing resource to use, particularly during our ‘Empty Classroom Days’ throughout our 2 Infant schools!

  51. This is a fantastic resource for young children. It will promote turn – taking, confidence, boldness, enthusiasm,becoming more adventurous and team skills. A resource well-worth having!

  52. Wow this looks incredible! We are opening up a brand new school in September and this would be ideal for our nursery/reception outdoor play area. Endless possibilities for creativity and teamwork!

    1. Where are you based Terri-Lee? If you happen to be in the Devon area take a look at Trinity school. They were a brand new school and love their kit so much they have bought a second one! They have a designated area and as the children move through to Y2 they will be the play mentors for the younger children. Kitcamp aside, their space is amazing! It’s well worth a look, especially if you win….

  53. What an amazing bit of kit, which would be wonderful for our rural Pre-School in need of a revamp.

  54. We have worked hard to make our outdoor space full of open ended resources, Kitcamp minkit would be the perfect addition! It looks amazing.

  55. This would be an amazing addition to the sensory garden we are developing in our residential school for boys. All the boys have SEN, mostly SEMH needs, We are trying to provide additional spaces which allow the boys to different opportunities to regulate and develop new skills. Thank you for the chance to win this!

    1. This sounds lovely Sarah, in addition children with sensory difficulties can take ownership of building their own safe space to hide away, adding resources as and when they feel ready. Good luck!

  56. This would be absolutely amazing. My outdoor role play is always the most popular and an alternative to cardboard is great! Fingers crossed!

    1. It’s certainly less soggy! Have you been onto our website? The whole idea for Kitcamp arose from childhood memories of playing with packing boxes, the story is on there. Got to love a box!

  57. Wow!!! As a new early years setting with very limited
    urban space, you’ve given me hope that there is life after the cardboard box and crate scenario.

    1. There is! Although still got to love a box – Have you been onto our website? The whole idea for Kitcamp arose from childhood memories of playing with packing boxes, the story is on there.

  58. Recently attended your training and would love to win this to develop our deconstructed role play and loose parts play even more.

  59. Wow this looks amazing. Would be an excellent add to our mixed aged r/1/2 class. Looks great for cooperative play!

  60. What an amazing resource! The children in our Infant School would all enjoy this and truly benefit from it. Everything crossed!

  61. We used this kit on our recent school trip at Imagine that Liverpool. The children loved it, would be a great asset to our nursery.

    1. Love this! You have prompted me to get back in touch with them… We would love to see photos of how they are using the kit at Imagine that.

  62. What a great activity kit! It would be lots of fun and discovering experience for the children! X

  63. This looks amazing and would love to win it for my setting our children will love all the endless possibilities and would greatly benefit from this.

  64. How much fun does this look?! I’m sure the children at our school would be over the moon if we received this set, I’d love to see their imaginations go wild with what they could come up with it – I’m even more jealous that I’m the teacher and not the pupil!

  65. Wow! The possibilities are endless. Our children would love this and it would help them develop their cooperation, play, commutation and speech skills!!

  66. We are a good nursery, this amazing kit is outstanding and would enhance our provision that we are up dating,the children would love it. How it would build on their imagination and give them opportunities to develop their physical skills. So much fun would be had by all.

  67. This looks amazing.
    I was at the Newquay conference this week and would love this to further assist me in putting some of your tips into practice. 😀

  68. Wow my setting would love this! I work in a socially deprived area and my children would thrive using this to ignite their imaginations!

    1. It really does ignite Naomi. One of things I personally have enjoyed observing is when usually quieter children start to open up to negotiate, plan, borrow, build and move panels – the language opportunities are as valuable as those for play and imagination. They learn to discuss, disagree, compromise…

  69. Our reception children would love this as they are always making forts and castles out of the materials we already have. This would add a totally new dimension to their play.

  70. I’m EYFS lead in September and have so many ideas about changing and improving our environment. This kit would be amazing, I can see how this would make a massive impact to our environment.

    1. I am room leader of a ELCC preschool setting in the Scottish Borders and this would be a fantastic addition. Our little ones already spend so much time building and creating that this would provide so much more experiences and learning opportunities for them to grow from

  71. Implementing child initiated into Year 1 this September, this would be awesome to add to our non existent resources so far!

  72. This looks brilliant and will really help us convince SLT of the benefits of outdoor provision!

  73. Looks amazing! I’d love to win this. Our EYFS loose parts/deconstructed role play needs an update!

  74. This would be an amazing piece of equipment to have for our nursery. My staff are amazing and are constantly trying to come up with new, inventive and engaging ideas for the children using whatever we can get our hands on. We would feel like all our Christmas’s had come together for one. Love it. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  75. This looks absolutely amazing! Our EYFS children would absolutely love using their imagination to create different things to enhance their open ended play.

  76. This would be absolutely fantastic for our reception kids. We have been looking at ways we can enhance their den building and open ended play.

  77. This looks absolutely amazing! Our 60 Reception children are always looking for things to build with.. seriously always! They us pipes, reels, crates pallets anything really that we can find that people are giving or throwing away, the children dont mind what i bring they just love to build with it. They would be blown away by something like this!!

  78. The children in our EYFS will love this!
    I can visualise so many fantastic journeys being had… a castle one day and then maybe a spaceship the next. Such a great resource to add to our ever developing outside area. 😄

  79. My son loves Lego. He has alot of imagination and his class would love this to play with at school.

  80. What a great idea. I follow your blog and your conference in Exeter was great food for thought: I work in a charity run setting in Devon. The children would love to build with these in our garden. Thank you

  81. Wow what an amazing prize! Would love to win this as we are in the process of adding an extra nursery class to our provision and moving the outdoor area 🤞🤞🤞

  82. This looks like a fantastic resource! It would offer endless learning opportunities for our children! Our children at our school would love this!

  83. Wow! What an amazing piece of kit. This would be just the thing to develop opportunities for open ended play in our outdoor classroom.

  84. This year we are developing play across primary 1,2 and 3 and are looking to develop our outdoor area. This kit looks brilliant and would be a fantastic addition to our outdoor environment.

  85. This kit would be amazing for our school to develop our outdoor learning environment. Keeping all our fingers and toes crossed 😊

  86. This is an amazing price to win 😱our EYFS team are currently working hard on our outdoor provision to provide the best opportunities and learning experiences for our children. With no budget we are calling out for donations and on the hunt for resources to build our vision. The children will gain so much from this and we have everything crossed to be the lucky people to win this 🤞🤞🤞🤞

  87. This kit looks amazing! Whoever wins will have some very excited children (and adults!) on their hands!

  88. WOW, this would be absolutely amazing for my KS2 ASD class, we access a foundation phase approach however our outdoor area is only sand, water and bikes. I’m desperately trying to improve it with very very limited funds, this would be amazing! It would aid so many personal, social and academic skills.

    1. It sounds like it would be ideal for you. Remember – there is also the opportunity to get some money off if you don’t win. Maybe something for the fundraisers! There are huge benefits to be had for ASD pupils as they learn to problem solve, have control ownership of the space and so on.
      We have an A-Z of fundraising on our website that might be useful.

  89. Oh wow. Such a lot of things can be made and done with this kit! Amazing offer from kitcamp. Whoever wins this for their setting are going to have very lucky children!

    1. This looks perfect for our outdoor classroom..we want to encourage more STEAM activities but being 3 form entry resourcing can be difficult 🤞🏻

  90. After 10 years as a TA and three years of a degree, I’ll be starting my very first teaching role in September in Reception and plan to introduce lots more loose parts play. This kit would be a great starting point in my class redesign!

    1. Ooh good luck with the career change Sally. After 10 years as a TA you will be fab, and new teachers fully embracing loose parts play is exactly what is needed. Good luck with the competition too!

  91. Would love this to add to our outdoor area to allow for open ended construction and problem solving!

  92. Our children spend most of the day outside, whether it’s raining or sunny, they don’t mind. They love making dens that ‘adults’ can’t get into so would love this kit!

    1. The psychology behind den building is really interesting isn’t it. Having the ownership of their own space… You are right, kitcamp is perfect for it. Water proof too!

  93. This kit would be fantastic for out boy heavy Nursery and reception children who are very physical and love the outdoor. We are continually trying to revamp the outdoor space and offer challenge to keep the children’s brains and bodies active in a positive and rewarding way. Children love to set their own goals and it’s great to see their self-confidence grow by achieving their own goals.
    I love the open ended aspect of Kitcamp and each time the children play with it will be a new experience.

    Sharon Trainer (Nursery Nurse)

    1. Hi Sharon, your boys sound very lucky. To have practitioners who are so aware, and keeping the challenge going. You’re spot on – with Kitcamp it can be a new play space every day!

  94. I have taught in the early years for over 23 years and look what exploration could happen using this kit … wowzers 😄

    1. Same here Liesl, and my expression is similar every time I play with it! The opportunities really are endless!

  95. Wow! Looks fantastic. My reception class would have many years of creative learning and bags of fun. Just restocking our outdoors due to vermin damage. What a brilliant addition this would be.

    1. Ewwww… vermin damage sounds horrid. They would have to go some to nibble through a Kitcamp panel!

  96. I would love to win this for my packaway preschool! Looks great and light weight for us to packaway.

    1. It is very easy to pack away. It comes in handy bags. Fun video on our Instagram which shows just how easily it packs down.

  97. We are currently redesigning our outdoor area on a very tight budget. This would be a great resource.

  98. This would be amazing for our special needs setting! Our children really benefit from any support to develop their imagination and physical skills

  99. It looks like an amazing resource for children to use their imagination and create something exciting to use in their role play.
    Being a small charity run, rural setting with limited funds, having the opportunity to use the starter pack would give us the chance to see if it would be something we would focus on our next fundraising event on.

    1. Sounds like a good plan Diane. Good luck! If you don’t win, we can always arrange for one of our teachers to come and see you for a play (depending on location of course!) and you could decide from that. Feel free to get in touch after the competition.

  100. This would be a fantastic addition to our outdoor setting and would offer much-needed opportunities for teambuilding and physical stimulation for children of all ages. Yes please!

  101. This is AMAZING! It’s a giant kit of what my 4 year old is obsessed with! We have a mini mini version which has cogs and an ‘engine’. But this is next level! What an exciting open ended structure!

    1. Your mini mini kit sounds interesting too. It sounds as though kitcamp would complement what you have beautifully.

  102. Wow I’ve never seen these before. They look amazing for encouraging imaginative play in our garden!

  103. I believe playing with construction kits as a kid, led me to my chosen career in exhibition design amongst other things. Would happily indulge anytime with my great grand little ones, now…

  104. I’m currently updating and revamping our eyfs on a shoe string!!! We would love this resource!!!
    I’m crossing all my fingers and toes!

  105. This looks like an excellent way to start to the plans we have for improving our early years provision. Versatile, fun and the opportunities are endless!

  106. This would be perfect for our setting. We have been trying to do more activities that require children to work together as a team and this would be perfect for that.

  107. This would be an amazing resource for out pack away preschool. I can picture the learning and excitement it would promote.

    1. It is very easy to pack away. It comes in handy bags. Fun video on our Instagram which shows just how easily it packs down.

  108. This looks amazing! I would love that for my own boys for our garden but in school my class would love it!

  109. This looks amazing! The perfect resource for deconstructed role play. It would be the perfect first resource for developing our new outdoor area.

  110. The possibilities with this kit are endless. This would be great for our expanding Early Years.

  111. Moving to a new early years setting in September and revamping it based on the ABC way. Would love this as part of our new kit.

  112. This would be absolutely amazing!! We are trying to improve our outdoor area and always looking for ways to extend our deconstructed role play! 🤞🏼

  113. This would be amazing for our school! We are looking at reinventing our outdoor area for mustardy and reception and the kids would just love it’s versatility!

  114. Wow, this looks fantastic. If only we had the budget to invest in this. Instead I will have to keep my fingers crossed for the competition.

  115. We have just been auditing our EYFS outdoor loose parts and construction provision and this would fill the gaps perfectly! Now to follow you on Twitter…

    1. I would love this for our children! Loose parts have really benefited the children in our setting especially the boys! However, we have recently been having a bit of a debate with management in our school and as a result some of our loose parts have been seen as too much of a health and safety risk, therefore this would be perfect a perfect compromise to go in their place 😊

      1. Oh dear, how frustrating! You are not alone it seems, and absolutely right – Kitcamp keeps everyone happy: It is an ideal solution, loose parts, no splinters, chemicals or head bumps onto hard surfaces and yet still a child led imaginative play space…Everyone is happy… Good luck…

  116. So many open ended opportunities for learning… the children in my class would absolutely love this!

  117. This would be absolutely amazing for our school. We use a shared outdoor space for our Reception and after school club children. This would benefit so many of our children .

  118. This would be great in our outside area as we don’t have a lot. The children would really love building and creating with the equipment.

  119. Wow what a fabulous addition this would be to our reception area! So many creative possibilities I know the children would enjoy!

  120. This would be a fabulous addition 🤞 We have nothing like it and would give our children an amazing new challenge.

  121. We are having a total overhaul of our setting with a budget that is practically non existent but lots and lots of enthusiasm and passion!! This is the exact sort of resource we would buy if we had that sort of money. The possibilities are endless and I would love to see what our kids would do!!

    1. This is a common thread – isn’t it sad that in early years we are always trying to create stimulating and inspiring environments from what is commonly a tight budget. Versatile resources like Kitcamp are so important. Good luck with the competition!

  122. Wow what a kit! Perfect for our outdoor area in our mixed Reception and Nursery space! Endless opportunities!

  123. This looks absolutely amazing. An open ended resource that carries endless possibilities. Just the sort of resource that we want to introduce into our setting, it would excite and stimulate the little ones, NO DOUBT!

  124. So many opportunities for children to explore, play and learn. Our little ones would love it! 🤞🏻

  125. Fab prize!!🥰 got a big stretch of grass waiting for this to go on it in our Foundation Stage Unit! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻Me and the children could have hours of fun with this!

  126. Would absolutely love this. We are working hard to change our FS2 and Year 1 environment on a very limited budget x

    1. This is a common thread – isn’t it sad that in early years we are always trying to create stimulating and inspiring environments from what is commonly a tight budget. Versatile resources like Kitcamp are so important. Good luck with the competition!

  127. We would love this for our early years provision. It would be amazing for role play and so much more.

  128. Would love to win this kitcamp resource for our children, it would make our year! Thank you xxxx

  129. Wow this looks amazing, the children in the nursery would make so much out of this. Soooooo many possibilities of what they could learn, I love how open ended it is.

  130. What an incredible resource! Our Lil people (and big people ) would love this! There needs to be more open ended purposeful play in schools

  131. After attending your transition conference in Newquay I’d love nothing more than to add to my construction area for the transitional period!

  132. I would love to win this kit for the Ladysmith G.R.O.W. Project which aims to get children at our local primary school learning through creative play and spending lots more time outside. Thanks for the chance.

  133. I’m passionate about early years and believe this would provide great learning opportunities for our young children!

  134. Wow! This looks amazing. Our EYFS would really benefit from this resource. They love building and creating with larger equipment. Being a smaller setting, fantastic things like this are often beyond our reach.

  135. Wow!! What an amazing resources … the opportunities are endless! Would be wonderful for the children, as a new Headteacher I’m passionate about learning in EYFS beyond YR, this would be amazing!

    1. What a way to start a new Headship – with such an innovative and engaging resource like this… Good luck (with both!)

    1. This would be fantastic for Ladysmith – city Primary would benefit massively from being to apply any aspect of the curriculum for outdoor/ creative / social learning!

  136. This looks fantastic, we are currently developing our outdoor provision. The children would love this! Fingers crossed! 🙂

  137. This would be fantastic for our setting, we are only two years old and our role play is deconstructed but our large pieces consist mainly of heavy planks and pallets which mean the children require our help to build their visions. It would be fantastic to give them even more freedom to build their imaginative ideas.

    1. Kitcamp sounds ideal to run alongside this. They can build independently for sure…It is very light!

  138. This sounds incredibly creative – the children in our early years class would absolutely love this!

  139. Oh my goodness this would be amazing! We have started den building with our 2 year olds and they would love this

  140. Wow this looks amazing! I would have great fun with the children with this resource! Fingers crossed 🤞🏻 😊

  141. Wow the Kitcamp looks like a fantastic resource. My nursery is in an area of deprivation and my children would get so much out of it. (Are 40yr old teachers allowed to have one at home too?!)

  142. Wow… its not what can you do with kitcamp, its what CAN’T you fo with it. Endless open ended opportunities for creative problem solving. What is not to like?

  143. Wow looks amazing! Be great to develop our outdoor open ended resources!

    Gimme, gimme, gimme!

    1. Agreed – so many lovely resources out there that just aren’t neutral. Kitcamp really can be anything, just need a bit of imagination and some colourful accessories if needed! One of my favourites is the mermaid’s lair on our Instagram account.

  144. We’re changing location of Rec classes at our school to give them more space for deconstructed play but are lacking resources. This would be a fantastic resource. Thanks for the opportunity.

  145. We’re changing location of Rec classes at our school to give them more space for deconstructed play but are lacking resources. This would be a fantastic resource. Thanks for the opportunity.

  146. This looks like an amazing resource with so much potential for imaginative play!! The children at school would love it!!

  147. This would work perfectly to extend the opportunities we have for deconstructed rule play/ big construction in my pack away pre-school. They look like a perfectly designed version of the wobbly old foam mats the children have been connecting together to make enclosed spaces. They would offer so many more opportunities and they wouldn’t fall down and disconnect endlessly!

    1. Oh, those wobbly mats… So many tears when someone rides into a build! Kitcamp is surprisingly strong!

  148. This would be a lovely resource to have in reception! It’s my first year in early years and I’d love to introduce this!!

  149. This would be a wonderful resource for the children at my chosen school where my daughter teaches in Reception.

  150. I work in a setting for children with autism. We rely on donations and have no actual playground equipment.

    This would be amazing to help develop their imaginative play, as well as providing many opportunities for sensory regulation through climbing, heavy lifting, crawling, pulling and pushing!

    Good luck everyone!

    1. Sounds perfect for you Zoe. We have recently been exploring sensory spaces and Kitcamp works really well for this. Not only does if give children complete ownership, the space can be totally blank to start and they can gradually add to it, so not creating a sensory overload at the start. The neutral panels are great for dividing off an area if needed too.
      What a shame you have to rely on donations. Our A-Z of fundraising ideas on our website might be useful?

  151. This looks amazing! We are currently developing our garden area at the early years setting where I work and this would be a welcome and valued additional to what we have by both staff and children.

  152. This is absolutely amazing and would love to see the fantastic play and creations that could come from this not only in eyfs, but across the school. 🤞🏻

  153. We are at the very beginning of our loose parts journey. We’ve started inside, begging empty reels from the local sewing shop and combining them with sticks and curtain rings and the children have responded so positively.
    So far outside we have tyres and some planks but this would really support our loose parts development.

  154. Our setting has been very inspired by your recent training event. This kit offers endless opportunities for children in their deconstructed role play which is what we are trying to build on as a team at the moment. We would love to win this!

  155. What a great resource for EYFS, even if we don’t win it is great to know this equipment exists for the open and loose parts play that it inspires. Would love to have this in our school.

  156. Ohh the endless possibilities the children would have with this, I wonder what their imaginations would create.

  157. Our staff would be delighted by the diversity of this product, amazing! Definitely one to explore.

  158. This looks amazing – as I have no budget next year and will be getting the children to write letters asking for donations i’d love to win this!!!!

    1. No budget? That is shocking! There are also ideas on our A-Z of fundraising ideas here but we’d love to read some of their letters. Get them to take a look at the images and video and see what they would come up with… Feel another competition coming on!

  159. Fantastic giveaway. I work with reception class in a school in a very deprived area. This would be a real treat for our children. Good Luck all x

  160. This would be a fantastic resource for ou setting we dont have any equipment like thisand the children would benefit massively x

  161. Oh my goodness, what an amazing giveaway and what an amazing resource! I am so excited to be moving back to reception on September and it would be the perfect addition for our outdoor area.

  162. This resource looks excellent! The children in my class would absolutely love using the Kitcamp equipment to build anything and everything – they particularly love building castles and rocket ships! This would be a great addition to our classroom to build and encourage creativity.

    1. And the beauty of Kitcamp is, Floss, that they can build a castle and it stays up! Even with look-out towers. Have you seen our rocket image?

  163. This would be an excellent prize for the children for the children I work with (and very timely for my 40th birthday too 😉)

    I am forever harping on about the values of deconstructed role play

  164. We have spent all year developing our outdoor learning space and this would be an amazing addition. I have been searching for quality open ended outdoor deconstructed role play resources and here is the answer 😊

    1. They just don’t exist elsewhere do they… Fine if you want fixed equipment but that is so expensive and so limiting. We ‘ve read recent research showing that only a tiny percent of children play with fixed equipment as intended. Interesting research.

    1. This would be an amazing asset to have in any setting so I wish everyone luck, but I would love to win this for the playgroup/preschool that I work in. We recently had a parent bring their home made huge cardboard castle in for the children and they loved it but as you can imagine after a few days it was in bits, not from anything more than too much play.

  165. This looks fantastic! Being a teacher at active school, this would suit our children and school perfectly! We’re a new school who are spending time developing our outdoor area and this seems like the perfect addition for us to achieve our vision 🤞

    1. Steph if you aren’t lucky this time Kitcamp can actually be bought from your sports premium funding- it meets the active schools criteria perfectly.
      In teh meantime, good luck!

  166. What a great resource! I can imagine my reception class dragging it into the woods to build with and combine with logs and sticks!

  167. What a fantastic resource for creative, independent play! We would love this for our EYFS and Year 1s!

  168. What an amazing giveaway! We are trying hard to encourage imaginative child-led play in our primary school, and this would be perfect! I really like that it is versatile and can be used both inside and out.

  169. What a fantastic resource! This would make a great addition to our outdoor area. The possibilities are endless. Brilliant.

  170. Would love to win this for the Nursery I work at, it would be a fantastic addition to our outdoor provision and would provide endless play opportunities.

  171. What a brilliant giveaway! After not yet securing funding for our big outdoor project this would be a great start for my school. I know my children would love the possibilities this kit opens up!

    1. Good luck with your funding bid Rachel, it will be worth it! In the meantime, someone has to win…

  172. This would be a fantastic addition to our outside area. Would love to See the children ply with it.

  173. My nursery class would absolutely love this as an addition to our outdoor space. The possibilities would be endless! Would love to see what they might come up with…

  174. Just created a deconstructed role play area in my reception class and this would be brilliant to continue the concept outdoors.

  175. This would make such a brilliant addition to my Reception/Year 1 outdoor area, whi h we are currently in the process of trying to re vamp again!

  176. Wow! What an excellent giveaway! I love that the children can design their own masterpiece! This would certainly inspire our little pirates 😊

    1. I have just started a new job teaching Primary One at a school which currently has no outdoor play for Foundation Stage. I will be developing an outdoor area over the summer for September. We have a very small budget and would love to win the Kitcamp to use in our construction/ loose parts area!

  177. This would be amazing!!!! Our kids (in the whole school, right through to P7) had a fabulous event this week with den building. They truly loved it. Kitcamp looks brilliant – our kids would just love this!

  178. Our children love to build and climb. Their experiences outside of school are very limited and we try to give them as many experiences as possible within school.
    This would be perfect.

  179. The children at my kindergarten would love this kitcamp mini kit! I can see now how much they would enjoy and benefit from it.

  180. Wow! What am amazing giveaway. I’m in th process of developing the outside area at the moment. This kit would be a valuable addition to many areas outside including building, roleplay and music.

  181. This look amazing! We are beginning to develop our outside space and these open ended resources would be fantastic!

  182. Yes please, my year R class would love this! It would really help to support their physical play 🤞🤞

  183. With our boy heavy cohorts and our inquisitive and inventive girls this resource would be fantastic.
    Resources like these give them the scope to imagine a million different scenarios.
    We are always on the look out for different ways to engage them in different loose part play

  184. We are currently trying to raise funds to develop a new outdoor area for our key stage one children. It would be wonderful to boost our resources with this fantastic kit.

  185. Kitcamp is incredible. Love the control the children have over their own play. They can create anything and it develops so many skills too!

  186. This would be amazing for my year one class as I’m going to be adding play based learning into the children’s day in September!

  187. We would love a chance of winning this resource! Our school (St. Mary’s, Grangetown, Middlesbrough) are huge fans and have implemented the deconstructed role play in our setting and it works so well! This would be amazing for our outdoor area and to extend the open-ended resources for our children. 😀

  188. This looks great for extending on our outdoor building area. The challenge it looks like it provides would be perfect.

  189. This looks amazing the children at the preschool I work at would absolutely love using their imagination with this kit

  190. Wow what an amazing give away! This would be a great asset to any early years setting. We would love to use this within our environment. We love open ended resources and providing children with endless imaginative possibilities and this would be perfect 😊

  191. Wow! This looks incredible! What a great way to enable children to create such giant structures! This would be incredible in school! I’d love to see a collaboration project between Year 6 and year R of designing and creating different buildings!

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