We have evidence! Tales Toolkit helps close gender literacy gap…

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We have evidence! Tales Toolkit helps close gender literacy gap…

Hello, we’re back again! Alistair has been supporting us right from the start, so it seemed fitting that now we have evidence to shout about this would be the place to spread the word.

Lots of you have heard of us already. Tales Toolkit provides interactive, child led resources for early years using easy to remember symbols representing story structure. Provided with online training and on-going

support our resources give children the independence to create stories about the things that interest them using anything to hand from a Spiderman toy to a pine cone!

But I won’t spend lots of time telling you about Tales Toolkit as there are lots more blogs to explain our work here and here.

So, let’s get to the impact! Thought I’d give you some of the headline info to check out.


Primary and nursery school children using Tales Toolkit made better literacy progress, developed increased confidence and motivation and improved across all seven early years learning areas.

The research carried out by the Unit for School and Family Studies at Goldsmiths University of London assessed the progress of 662 children in ten schools across England and found children using Tales Toolkit showed increased levels of literacy, communication and language, creativity and social-emotional skills around three months ahead of peers not using the programme.

And we can help with boys writing! Boys using Tales Toolkit showed significant catch-up with girls in literacy and schools commented on boys’ higher levels of engagement.

 After a year, literacy scores showed boys learning with Tales Toolkit had closed the ‘literacy gap’ with girls by 62%. The evaluation suggested there was no longer any statistically significant difference between boys’ and girls’ scores.

By contrast in the group not using Tales Toolkit boys saw the literacy gap with girls widen by 22%.

Dr Alice Jones Bartoli, author of the report and Director of Unit for School and Family Studies at Goldsmiths, said, “This is the first stage of our evaluation of this chid story-telling programme for schools, and the results are extremely positive and encouraging. Our research suggests that Tales Toolkit can have benefits for all children, but it particularly useful for helping boys to engage with and improve skills associated with developing literacy and creativity.’

Dr Julian Grenier, Headteacher at Sheringham Nursery School and Children’s Centre in Newham and a National Leader in Education said Tales Toolkit helped children make quicker progress. ‘We see children joyfully sharing their ideas and stories with practitioners and with their parents. The gains in confidence and enjoyment have been striking.’

And only a week before the report was published one of the trial schools had Ofsted and this is what they said;

So, there is it, in black and white. For all the teachers out there, who’ve been supporting us without the evidence to back up our claims, a big thank you for believing in us.


We’d love you to read the full report.


And check out the article that Nursery World wrote about us.


And because friends of Alistair are friends of ours and if you’re following his blogs you’re already doing wonderful things, we’re offering £50 credit to spend on resources to anyone who orders our online training using the code ‘ABC50’

For anyone wanting more info about Tales Toolkit we’re always happy to chat.






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  1. Just wanted to say again, a huge thank you to all those who’ve been supporting us and believing in us. Thank you!
    Tales Toolkit Kate 🙂

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