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When Oliver suggested that he make a Teepee for me to Giveaway – how could I say ‘no’?!

Better than that…even if you don’t win, then you can got to YouTube and get the instructions for how to make your own. You could even have your own little Teepee village!

All details on how to enter at the end of this post. But for now, over to Oliver…

Hi. I’m Oliver Wotherspoon and it is great to be involved in another super summer giveaway. I am passionate about outdoors play, and with my company, Cool Canvas , I have spent over a decade designing, manufacturing and installing fantastic natural playgrounds. From fallen log climbing structures to texture kitchens I love play that uses whatever nature has to offer.

My aim is to make it easy to bring natural play back into school




With my wife, Tamsin, I have recently started a brand new series of FREEHOW TO … ’ videos (click on the link and subscribe to our youtube channel). These videos are step by step guides, equipping YOU to design, build and resource your own natural play areas. Our first series showcased the ‘role-play wand shop’ and now we are exploring den making… specifically the teepee.

Traditionally a Native American design, teepees offer maximum floor space for minimum building materials. And of course, it is best if these materials are completely natural.

Our latest giveaway is for this brilliant teepee structure. This simple design offers plenty of opportunity for open ended play. Children can add fabric, leaves, lights, ribbons, bamboo or bracken to make the perfect shady hideaway. In winter, a tarpaulin pegged around the struts will keep any rain or wind out. The structure is moveable and can be dismantled for ease of storage.

At Cool Canvas we love helping children to make dens. Building a den provides endless opportunities to problem solve, think creatively, take risks, work in a team and most importantly, to have fun. The safe space provided by a den encourages fantastic imaginative play.

Don’t delay, enter this competition and you could win this fabulous, versatile natural play teepee. (The lucky winner will be contacted after the competition. The teepee will be delivered to you flatpack and ready for reassembly.)

We are all about working with schools to find a natural play solution to revitalising outdoor spaces. As each play space is unique, so is each bespoke design and installation. Discussion with staff, children, and parents lead to beautiful and original play environments. Some of our inner-city projects involve bringing nature into an urban landscape.  Wheras deep in the heart of the Brecon Beacons, we installed this stunning peace garden in an otherwise overgrown and unmanageable area.

If you want to know more about the wide variety of fantastic schools and nurseries that we have worked with then check out the Cool Canvas website. If you want me to visit you to discuss a potential playground design then email me at . Or if you would like to have a go at making your own natural play resources then subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow our simple step by step instructions.

(This is a UK only Giveaway)

If you would like the chance to win the Cool Canvas Teepee then you can:

Leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post and/or

Leave a comment on the Cool Canvas Teepee Giveaway Facebook Post and/or

Leave a comment on the Cool Canvas Teepee Instagram Post (@abcdoes) and/or

Leave a comment on the Cool Canvas Teepee Twitter post (@abcdoes).

All comments must be posted by midnight on FRIDAY 13th JULY.

ONE winner will be selected at random.

Good luck!


202 Comments on “Cool Canvas Wooden Teepee Giveaway”

  1. Going to start a new job in an EYFS unit in September. The unit has a wonderful outside space where children play, learn and grow. They can mark mark/write with various implements, make fabulous things in the mud kitchen, climb, swing, construct, weigh, measure etc etc and one of your teepees would enhance the children’s enjoyment, imagination and learning. Thank you

  2. Oh how lovely, thank you so much for the chance to win one of these amazing teepees.
    Our fabulous children. would really enjoy playing inside one of these.

  3. Oh how lovely, all our children would love playing in here, thank you for the chance to win one.
    It’s fabulous.

  4. Wow! Who wouldn’t want one of these in their setting? ??‍♀️
    It would be a great addition plus i’d also use it for my son’s wild in the woods party first. ?

  5. Our early years outdoor area is craving a fun tent space we’ve tried huge cardboard boxes that don’t last long and tents that need taken down every day but a permanent fun space would be amazing for a calm thinking space or a fun role play space!

  6. This would be absolutely amazing! We are currently having our an outdoor extension built onto our year 1 classrooms as we are going to be working with continuous provision in year 1 from September. This would be fantastic in getting us started

  7. I don’t think I have ever won anything but would so love this for our Nursery and Reception outdoor area. Fingers crossed. ??????

  8. Love this and will defo be having a go at making a little teepee village but if I win one it will give me a good example to copy!????

  9. Our nursery children would love this we have a woodland area at the bottom of our play area where this would look fabulous.

  10. I would love to win one of these to enhance my garden area. The children often create dens and bases out of old fabric, chairs & parts of the climbing frame so this would be a lovely prize for them.

  11. The children at our nursery would love to win. They love building dens and big houses and hiding in the trees.

  12. Wow what a beautiful resource! We have big plans for our playground in the next year if we can raise the funds and this would be an amazing start!

  13. Would love this for my new class! Really need to spend the summer working on our outdoor environment and this would be great!

  14. We would love to win this. We are being moved to a new classroom with limited space outside. I am trying to create some magical spaces for the children.

  15. The Teepee

    A teepee, a tent, a hide out, a den
    A safe place, a party room, a castle and then…
    A holiday hotel, a cave, or a hut.
    A shop with a door to open and shut.
    A place to tell stories or read a book.
    A place to find out, to watch and to look.
    A house or a palace or a rocket to space,
    A station, a shed, a finish line or base.
    A place to be seen or a place to disappear,
    A place just to listen, to think and to hear.
    A quiet place, a wild place, a place to be free.
    A place for my friends, for you or just me.

    It’s not just a ‘teepee’… a wooden shape for outside.
    It’s the adventures and mysteries that are hiding inside.
    It’s the visions and magic it’ll ignite for a child.
    We’d simply love one… and hope our ‘comment’ is filed.

    Thank you! ??

  16. I work for a nursery, and we have started implementing loose parts play with our children. It is so far, proving a great success. This teepee would create so many wonderful learning opportunities for my children for many many years. I love this.

  17. The teepee is beautiful, the design looks strong and sturdy and achievable with young children, I’m going to try and make one in my outdoor class.

  18. Wow! How fantastic! We would have lots of fun building this with the children 🙂 and they would love the reward of playing in something they helped to build!

  19. Would absolutely love this for school, so beautiful and a great way to encourage kids to play outdoors 🙂

  20. I love this! I’d love to win this for my school – we are trying so hard to improve our outdoor area- this would be amazing!

  21. This would be amazing. We are currently looking for someone to redesign our schools outdoor area for reception to year 6 I will be in touch. In the meantime the teepee would be fab!!!

  22. Would love to win this for the infant and nursery school I work at. It would be perfect in our woodland area ready to deliver a forest school programme in September ?

  23. Wow, what a lovely addition this would be to our outdoor area. Mud kitchen is complete, now looking to develop quieter spaces. Off to look at YouTube now!

  24. The children love making dens so much at forest school – it would be lovely to have one in our outdoor area too!

  25. Wow! An amazing prize! Would love to win this for our brand new early years outdoor provision in school. As a new build we are totally lacking the ‘natural environment’ look and working hard to turn it into something much better for the children.

  26. I really want to add more natural elements into our outdoor area. They are sadly lacking at the moment. The teepee would be a fantastic new addition to our environment.

  27. Wow! This is so fab, it would be such a welcome addition to our environment!cool canvas outdoor environments are amazing and would love nothing more than some of their ideas in our space

  28. Moving to Year 1 next year. Badly need to tevamp the outdoor area. Have no shelter at all so this would be amazing.

  29. Wow, this looks fabulous, would be a great starting point for us to base our new equipment list on for our new nursery.

  30. A quiet natural space in our natural play area or a bustling roleplay space … possibilities are endlesssss x

  31. This would look amazing in our outdoor area for my Reception children!! What a brilliant idea =) x

  32. Our school would love this tippee. All years would love to use it but mainly our foundation phase children. We have recently built our own construction area and the children have responded beautiful to it – I can’t even think how they would react to a tippee! I can just see their faces now! Pure joy!

  33. To bring this in to my new year 1 classroom would be amazing! As a school CP in Y1 has not yet been done so to start our outdoors with this would be incredible. Ooh fingers crossed!

  34. Wow .. an amazing open ended natural resource. All children would love this in my Nursery and bring endless opportunities for their development!

  35. Wow what beautiful work! I’ll definitely be having a go at some of these videos during the summer!

  36. Who wouldn’t want one of these for their children! If Alistair couldn’t say no, , how could any of us say no either. Its a huge yes please from all the children at my setting and will be an even bigger thank you if we are chosen!

  37. An amazing teepee that will enhance and expand my little girls growing imagination.
    The possibilities of imaginative play are endless. Also a lovely place to feel safe and escape from the world.
    I’d love this for my daughter!

  38. My children would love being imaginative in a natural teepee…I made a rather poor attempt using garden canes but that one is amazing!!
    Would be delighted to win!

  39. We are going to make some mini-tepees for our small world creatures to live in using this pattern first so the children can really get to explore making their structures stable.
    Thank you for the inspiration!

  40. This would be an awesome win and what a fantastic opportunity! My son’s school has a stunning play area made by Cool Canvas and I have been in awe of it (plus wishing we had the space for our own). Good luck everyone. I have my fingers crossed x

  41. What a wonderful way to encourage the use of natural materials. We are currently setting up a forest school area and this would be fantastic as a base area for the children to explore

  42. What a wonderful way to encourage the use of natural materials. We re currently setting up a forest school area and this would be fantastic as a base area for the children to explore

  43. Omg i love this. Our holiday club built there own den in the forest and would be fab to have our own little version on our nursery grounds that they can recreate.

  44. Wow, this would be amazing in my sons new build nursery which currently has a concrete ground and massive metal climbing frame! Love to add something more natural.

  45. Our Reception class would absolutely love this addition to our outside area. The children would be so atTENTive!

  46. This would be amazing in our outdoor area which we have been working on this year. We could use it when we do Forest schools too! The possibilities for learning with this are endless! ?

  47. I was just talking with a colleague about getting a teepee….to win this would be amazing for our small preschool setting.

  48. I would love the opportunity for something like this for my childminding setting. I really want to start from scratch a forest school area and this would be perfect to start with

  49. What a fabulous resource this would make for my nursery children to explore. Good luck to everyone x

  50. This would be an incredible addition to our eyfs unit, our children love making dens and spaces to hide or rest – this would put our bamboo cane attempt at a wigwam to shame!!

  51. This would be fantastic to start our forest school journey at our school! It would fit into the area very well and give children a range of opportunities. Very natural.

  52. This would be fantastic, enhancing, exciting and exposure. The children would be thrilled with this x

  53. What a fantastic teepee! I’d love this addition, all the possibilities…story telling, dens, relaxation…you name it…a teepee has it! ☺️

  54. This looks so fantastic! I love how open-ended the structure is!! ??? I am just starting at a new school and they would be pretty happy with this arriving too!!

  55. As a teacher moving for the first time from KS2 to take on a mixed Reception/ Year 1/ Year 2 class and setting up in a new classroom environment, something like this would be a wonderful resource to have. There are so many ways this would support not only the EYFS children but also be a fantastic asset for the children in KS1. We have a perfect spot for it where it could be used by everyone in school. Now we just need a big pinch of luck to win it! Fingers crossed and thank you for the fab video too.

  56. Would love this for my pre-school. Now going to look at the You Tube video to see if I could master anything that vaguely looks like this amazing tepee. Keeping everything crossed. xx

  57. Retiring after nearly 40 years teaching early years so would be a perfect leaving gift for my eyfs team and children.

  58. This would be amazing for our new school nursery outdoor area which we are designing from scratch with a blank canvas so this would be cool!

  59. Yes please! Would love this for our reception children. They would love to decorate this with their own designs!

  60. Love, love, love this!! ❤️ The children in my Reception class would be incredibly greatful to win such a fantastic prize. ????

  61. Wow! This really is an amazing giveaway! So many opportunities can be had. We are looking at our outdoor environment and this would really enhance children’s learning!

  62. Wow…what an amazing venture. As both a mum and a practitioner this really does embrace the love that children have to be outdoors!

  63. I love this! Our setting would use this so much! Den building, a quite shaded reading nook or safe space especially for those with with additional needs! We could even use it for forestry school sessions!!

  64. About to move to YrR for the first time in my teaching career. Would love this as an addition to the outdoor learning space.

  65. This would be an amazing win as we develop our outside area in reception! The children will love it!

  66. We are just redeveloping our outside area. This looks fabulous and would make a great addition to the outside classroom on many different levels.

  67. Cool canvas are amazing they helped transform our early years outdoor area. This would just be the icing on the cake for us and our forest school leaders.

  68. Wow this is an amazing prize, it will be fantastic in our outdoor area. Thank you for the chance.

  69. We love the work that cool canvas do and have had them in our school a few times, they’re due again in a couple of weeks for some maintenance. Oliver and Tamsin are fab people I it’s grear to work with people who share the same passion as we do to inspire young and creative minds! We would LOVE to add a teepee to our outdoor area! Xxxx

  70. An amazing prize from an amazing team!!!!
    Currently working with them at school, this would really add to the great stuff they are currently installing!!!

  71. Ooh yes please me and my nursery team of adults & of course the lovely children would love to win this ???

  72. Wow! Totally teepee amazing! Love this, such a brilliant experience for the children to make it their own! Our children would love this x

  73. I absolutely love this teepee idea!! The children in my setting would love this – we have recently had “outdoor inspiration” training from Tamsin, Oliver’s Wife which was brilliant and gave us lot of ideas for outdoors which included den making.

  74. This is amazing I love following Cool Canvas they produce the most amazing outdoor spaces and we’d love a tipi!

  75. Wow these are stunning! What an incredible experience for the children to explore nature’s beauty using all their senses! Our school would be honoured to have your teepee in our school grounds!

  76. About to move into nursery for first time and planning to evict as much plastic as possible, this wd be perfect.

  77. This would be a brilliant piece of equipment for us at nursery, so many open ended opportunities could be had with this! Would love this for the nursery i’ve worked in for 10 years ☺️?

  78. Wow! Just finished build of permanent classroom due to losing our log cabin in the floods funded to the tune of £50000 by our wonderful school community. Our new focus is the school garden which would be much improved with a Cool Canvas teepee as a starting point! Fingers crossed everyone!

  79. Our children would love this! It would be a great addition to our outdoor ‘spare parts’ construction area.

  80. Our two and three year olds would love this, they love hiding in small spaces, it makes them feel safe and secure!

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