A Mini Me and A ‘Stand Me Ups’ – Giveaway

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I am sure that most of you have discovered the joy of a mini me. They are really simple to produce and an excellent addition to any setting. They are great for all sorts of different uses, provocations and enhancements.

IMG_2229Hamstel Infant School

The idea of a Mini-Me is that you create your class or group in miniature. The children can then use these miniatures in their play.

There is nothing more powerful for your self esteem than having a little ‘you’ that you can take around with you or create fabulous fantasy small worlds to play in.

IMG_2316Hamstel Infant School

Mini-Me’s can be really effective in helping children to develop language and communication skills as well as personal social skills and positive behaviours.

IMG_2328Hamstel Infant School

How to do it

What You Need :

  • Digital camera
  • Printer
  • Laminator
  • Small yoghurt drink bottle (one per child)
  • Glue

What to do :

  1. Take a full length photograph of each child . It is worth spending the time to make sure that they are all of a similar size. If you are taking them in your setting then find a spot to stand the children and always have the camera in the same place
  2. Cut around the photograph
  3. Laminate
  4. Attach to the front of the yoghurt drink bottle, a wooden block or a ‘Stand me Up’ (see giveaway below).

Don’t forget to Mini-Me yourself so that the children can use you in their small world play. This can really help them with familiarisation. The downside of having the adults in the setting as a Mini-Me is that you really find out what you sound like to the children!

Grayrigg CE Primary  School

IMG_2329Hamstel Infant School

I have successfully used family Mini-Me’s with children who are finding it difficult to settle. Far from making the children more anxious, if they have Mini-Me’s of their significant family members it allows them to involve them in their play and gives them a sense of security.

PhotoKids Allowed Nursery

Once you have made a set you will find yourself making them again and again. It doesn’t stop with your children, once you have got the hang of laminating a picture and sticking it to a bottle, the world is your Oyster!

Stand Me Ups Giveaway.

Once you have created your mini mes, you might find these Stand Me Ups from Thinking Products useful.


The set comes with:

20 plastic stands, 

20 blank write on-wipe off cards and 

10 number cards which also have the dots on them.

Perfect for helping your mini me to stand up straight!

The lovely folks at Thinking Products have given me 5 sets of Stand Me Ups to GIVEAWAY.

If you would like to stand a chance of winning a set then all you have to do is to leave a comment at the bottom of the blog post!

The closing date for the giveaway is noon on Saturday 27th February 2018.

You can find out more about Thinking products here.

Good luck

123 Comments on “A Mini Me and A ‘Stand Me Ups’ – Giveaway”

  1. Ah, Mini-Mes! I remember seeing these in a previous setting but didn’t see them in action. What a brilliant idea. I can see I’ll be introducing this idea into my current setting; they’ll be really good for PSED, well every area of the curriculum really. I’m already looking forward to developing them after half term and seeing what the children do with them, even before I use them for modelling using words to sort out problems – I think I’ll use the adult mini-mes for that but can’t wait to see how the children use them. What an exciting idea. Thank you.

  2. Just read this idea and I think it is fantastic. Especially after listening to Alistair Bryce-Clegg at the KCC Early Years Conference today. An inspiring man and this is a wonderful idea. I will be looking for many more.

  3. This would be fab in our early years setting! Being a committee run and self-funded setting it’s hard to gather funds to purchase amazing resources like this! I can just see my 3-4 year olds loving the ‘mini-me’ aspect of it. ?

  4. We would love a set of these especially in our garden area. I love the idea of adding family members too for the little souls who don’t settle easily .

  5. This great idea works fantastically with early years children. Yes please I should like. Set to you with my grandchildren now I am no longer teaching

  6. I’d love to be considered for these, if just to discover what I sound like to the children. (I fear for the things they’ll come out with) 🙂

  7. I would love a set of these for my nursery children. In particular I feel they would benefit 2 children who have additional needs. A fabulous idea!

  8. It would be very helpful for children who miss their friends when they’re sick or absent for a long time.

  9. I would love these in our setting, we are completely child initiated and it’s always good to find other ways to make sure we are covering all areas, these would make a fantastic addition. I will be making some mini me’s tomorrow!

  10. I would love these in our setting, we are completely child initiated and it’s always good to find other ways to make sure we are covering all areas, these would make a fantastic addition.

  11. I work in an international school in Malaysia and am trying to hard to bring them aroubs to the way of ‘into’ and allowing the children to be leaders of their learning. I have shared your blog details with staff in the hope that you will inspire them as much as you continually inspire me. My children would absolutely love these stands, they are forever propping things up and as you said they would be great for mini me’s also. I would love to win these *fingers crossed*

  12. What an amazing idea! I have made these so many times as they are so well used in our setting! At least with these they would last longer! Would be a great addition to our garden area which we are developing 🙂

  13. What a fab idea, these would be great for the children to use to make their construction models come alive.

  14. Well, I have been stood up before but this takes it to a new level! Seriously, these would be particularly great for PSED but would be used also for UW (PC), CL (S) and making them would tick a few boxes in UW (T).

  15. Would love this for our nursery! Have done toilet roll tube Ines previously, but predictably they got squashed!! Must start the yoghurt bottle collection…

  16. These are just what we have been looking for! We are wanting to introduce Mini Mes into our setting, we are planning to use them as part of our Naughty Bus theme.

  17. And we won’t forget the chickens and rabbit as well! What a marvellous resource! Thank you for the tip.

  18. These would make my life so much easier. I feel like I’m constantly making resources and these are just wonderful!

  19. Love the idea of doing family members too ; and these stands would be much better outdoors than my current loo role tube stands,,

  20. The ‘Stand Ups’ would be great for our children to use around the setting – we would love to win some!

  21. I’ve used mini me’s before and my class are so engaged with them.
    I’d love to win a set for my class to use.

  22. I’ve used mini-Me in my classrooms in the past and have recently joined a new nursery … . I especially liked idea of having family members for children who find it tricky to settle … we have one little chap in particular who’s had a bad experience of being left at a dance class. It’s time to introduce them into my new setting!

  23. I love all abc does ideas .. we live his we have changed our practice and see th children engaging more on a daily basis … they adore their mini Mes … we would love this prize

  24. I can’t remember life before minimes. They are an amazing resource and one which every single child loves

  25. I’m hoping to introduce mini mes this term, these would be great to get me started! Would love a set 🙂

  26. I would love these! Making mini me’s has been on my To Do list since I attended your course last year… unfortunately I’ve never gotten round to it as it seems like it will take forever. These seem like they would make it a lot easier though.

  27. The children at our pre-school would love these. We’re currently using wooden blocks but these look easier and quicker to use!

  28. I love this idea. We had a go with transferring the mini me on to wooden jenga blocks. They were good, looked a little bit vintage. The stand me ups would be great.

  29. This would really enhance our provision ! Would be great. We are always trying to improve our speaking skills and have fun.

  30. Saw this idea at your recent conference in Manchester. I was so keen to get back home and make some I took the wrong turn coming out of the centre of Manchester and it took me 3 hours to get home instead of 30mins!!

  31. I would love to make some of these for my Year 1 class to use during story writing lessons. I have some wooden figures, which are lovely, but it is definitely more exciting to be able to include yourself/your friends/your teacher in your story as well! Thanks for the chance to win.

  32. The simplest of ideas can have the biggest impact!
    I used mini bulldog clips to stand the ‘mini-me’s up with.
    Fab idea to create adult ones too.

  33. We have tried these and they have proven life savers for anxious children and children who struggle leaving parents. Would be great to try this freebee !!

  34. Mini mes are awesome! They worked really well when we were talking about road safety and I could model with the children crossing the road safely using their mini mes, toy cars and the road map carpet map I have.

    I also made a mini Royal Family for our UK topic! (I’m in a British International School setting)

  35. I have photos of the children for them to handle but never thought to make mini me’s in this way. A fantastic idea. Willdi this. Thank you

  36. Yes please. cardboard tubes or old wooden blocks don’t fare too well in water or mud so these stands would be perfect.

  37. Wow, how wonderful are these. I think they will really enhance our provision and in particular help our EAL children to settle.

  38. These look a fab resources for creating mini me’s! I am currently creating this resource for in my classroom. Thank you for all the great ideas! 🙂

  39. Would love these to set up our mini mes with. Small world is next on our renovation and rejuvenation list!

  40. Our children just love their mini me ‘s they use them wonderfully in their play. It really enhances their language & communication giving them confidence in their play. These little stand ups are alovely addition.

  41. A great idea! Going to share this with my early years students! Mini me with huge potential…

  42. These would be great ! We have some children finding it hard to separate at the mow and ithe could be a long Hall. Love the take your family to nursery idea .

  43. Would love a chance to win these for our setting. Have made a mini me for one of our EAL children who is really upset coming in on the days his cousin isn’t at nursery. Now he goes and gets his mini me cousin and keeps him by his side, no more tears! We used a lollipop stick but this product is a fab idea ??

  44. Am going to try the suggestion of using family members to help a child who is finding it hard to settle.

  45. Wow these look amazing – I am going to definitely try mini mes in my setting! Think my nursery childre will love them! Keeping my fingers crossed that I win the stands and cards to go with them x

  46. The children love mini mes in our setting, last week our mini mes went to Antarctica! We use foldback paper clips to stand them up, which are great but can obstruct the image a little.

  47. I’ve only just discovered mini mes (I know shoot me now!) and can’t wait to use them they are going to be a fantastic addition in my classroom especially for my EAL children and those that struggle with CL so I’d be extremely grateful for a set. Thank you ?

  48. Not made Mini-Me’s at my setting, but having read about them now its going to be top of my to do list for this week! Having moved to now having 2’s in setting this would really help the little ones to settle. Thanks for a great idea, Winning this resource would really help.

  49. Would love a set of these stands as they would be so useful when making resources for the children to use.

  50. Would love these! Completely inspired by your Birmingham conference on Thursday and am off into school later to day to carry on rearranging my classroom. Mini mrs are on my long list of things to do!

  51. Love them! We ‘mini me’d’ (is that even a word?) all our parents in various poses too which the children absolutely loved. They really got in to character. We had villains and superhero’s! The children played with these the most.
    This has prompted me to do some more of these with my new cohort. I also need to practice the photo skills….I ended up with many Ghostbuster ‘Stay Puft Marshmallow Man’ type children and some ‘Tinkerbell’ sized Daddies….which was a bit confusing…..but very funny!
    Obviously…a set of the Stand Me Ups would help with sizing! ?

  52. Absolutely loved this idea after hearing it at your conference in birmingham last week, came away from the conference with about a million things I wanted to do on my to do list and my classroom is already looking so different, great way to end the week! Will definitely be doing these mini me’s next week!

  53. We have used them previously in small world play. When I return off mat leave I will be making more for th current reception class As the baby now has small bottles of aptimal I have been collecting the empty bottles ! Haha.

  54. Never thought of making staff mini-me (plural mes or mi?) dread to think of the home truths about to be revealed! A child said this week that she wanted to be a teacher when she grows up. I smiled and said ‘like me?’ And she said, ‘ no a different kind of teacher.’ Would love to try the stand me ups. Look forward to seeing you at the Kent ey conference. Sylvia

  55. This would be the answer I’m looking for. I’ve tried collecting the bottles but I still only have 8! And I need lots more!!

  56. I’ve always wanted to do this after I made similar resources using cardboard tubes with laminated pictures on them. Would love to win this!

  57. I’d love these. I’ve collected about half my yogurt drink pots but now feel vaguely nauseous and would be glad of this help.

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