TTS Messy Play Dispensers – GIVEAWAY!

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Frequent visitors to the blog will know that I am a big fan of a dispenser – particularly when it comes to supporting children in their independent play and investigation.

A few years ago I posted about a self service dough station that I had created, where the use of a cereal dispenser meant that the children could create their own dough without the support of an adult.

I know lots of you tried it with varying degrees of success. Although mine did a brilliant job, it turns out that all dispensers are not the same! Some that you tried didn’t keep the ingredients where they should be and they just ran out of the hole at the bottom! Some of your dispensers also broke quite quickly after use.

I mentioned this to the team at TTS and they have done some research into dispensers and found one that is really robust and keeps its contents inside until someone turns the handle!

They have also found some containers that are great for storing and pouring – inside or out!

I do like to road test a product or an idea before I share it with you, so I sent a set of dispensers to the brilliant Friars Primary School in Salford to let some real Early Years children get their hands on them…

Many thanks to Mrs Toole for the photographs and the Nursery and Reception children for being our product testers!

The dispensers are lovely, but they are also significantly more expensive than the plastic ones I bough on eBay and the copper tea urn I found at a car boot sale!

The problem with the cheap dispensers and the urn is that they don’t last and you end up paying out again to replace them. If you were going to use them a lot, you might save money in the long term by paying a bit more when you first buy.

For today though – you could win yourself a set of 3!

An outdoor messy play dispenser (find it here)












A Giant Metal Kettle (find it here)












A Messy Play Potions Dispenser (find it here)












I have got 2 sets to give away, so there will be 2 lucky winners!

All you have to do to stand a chance of winning is…

  • Leave a comment under this blog post and/or
  • Leave a comment under the Dispensers Giveaway post on my Facebook Page here.
  • Leave a comment under the Dispensers Giveaway post on my Instagram page @ABCDoes.

All comments need to be made by noon on Saturday 25th November.

The winners will be chosen by random selection.

This is a UK only Giveaway.

Good luck!


444 Comments on “TTS Messy Play Dispensers – GIVEAWAY!”

  1. I would love a set of these for our EYFS Unit. Our plastic water dispenser only lasted for two weeks!!

  2. I have been asked to set up an investigation room in my new school. Im trying to make everything free flow playbased for P1 (Scotland) so would really love a set like this. Is there a playdough recipie for the children to use as a base as I’m stuggling to find one.

  3. This would be amazing, my little one is just starting to explore messy play more with a hand made mud kitchen so this would be a great addition 🙂

  4. The children in my class love the dough station and spend hours making their own dough. Even my own children who are 8 and 10 enjoy making it after school but as you said above the flour comes out too easily and the salt never stayed in the dispensers. We resulted in putting the salt in a tub for the children to scoop out until one child decided to add the whole tub of salt to their dough ?. I would love to win these dispensers so that the children can continue to enjoy this experience. Great independent exploration!

  5. Such a great resource o encourage and enable independence in our child led Early Years setting. Thank you for the chance, and well done TTS for making something durable and reliable!! 🙂

  6. These would be truly amazing in our outdoor provision, every thing we want to get for the children has to come out of mine or the staffs pockets as thr owners feel we should use what we have so i wojld love to be able to win these for my staff as a thankyou, i know they would love them as much as the kids ??

  7. These would look amazing in our outdoor continuous provision and will help us inspire the children with their investigations and explorations. Our outdoor learning area needs refreshing and these will certainly help. Thank you x

  8. We would love this for our Reception class! We have had varying success with dispensers and this one looks really sturdy! Fingers crossed!

  9. The children would love having these in our environment to experiment with! They would really support the development of talk and turn taking from our children. ???

  10. These are fantastic 🙂 I would love these for my new class in January. What a great giveaway 🙂

  11. These would be a fabulous addition to our new and developing mud kitchen. We are full of imagination and ideas but short on the money to fund them. Thank you for this offer and the very best of fun to whoever the lucky recipients are.

  12. We have just ordered a mud kitchen and lots of new things to go in it. This would really complete our mud kitchen…Hopw I m lucky.

  13. These would be great in enabling our preschoolers to be more independent in messy play They look great!

  14. Would be a great help in enabling our preschoolers to become more independent in messy play. These look great!

  15. Please, please please, please (how many will it take to win) these amazing dispensers. We have no money, money money to spend and no dispensers in our mud kitchen, which the children spend lots of time playing in. They would really enhance our children’s imagination and exploration.

  16. Wow what a great way to dispense fun and independence ! Would welcome them into our setting!

  17. I am trying to persuade KS2 colleagues to include more messy play in their teaching….wow would these help!!

  18. This would be perfect in my reception class where we are implementing child initiated learning. Thank you .

  19. I started a job as a Nursery teacher in a newly amalgamated nursery, that was a charity run pre-school before September. We’re in dire need of updating, and this would be absolutely perfect for our investigation play!

  20. These would be fantastic for my Reception/Yr 1 /Yr2 Outdoor Provision. They would love them……
    Thank you

  21. These would be fab in our outdoor area and really help on our quest to go from good to outstanding. It would really support their independent learning.

  22. We have a self service play dough station that has failed due to the dispenser seal not being tight enough!
    Would love to win these!

  23. Love love love. We’ve managed to put to rest several urns over the last year or so. Perhaps these can stand the rigour and enthusiasm of our little peeps.

  24. These would be brilliant for our creative area. We are aiming to introduce the independent use of ingredients next half term and would love to use these for baking.

  25. Wow, these would LOVE these in our new eyfs nursery and reception unit. The paint work is missing a few messy handprints ?

  26. The children in our EYFS phase would greatly benefit from a set of these to support their independence, self help and critical thinking development.

  27. Wow love this, I can see the children having a wonderful time using these in our mud kitchen. Fingers crossed

  28. Thanks to TTS and yourself Alistair for addressing the need for these quality products and ensuring that they are robust enough to survive the Early Years classroom!

  29. It’s so fantastic to hear that items are being tested by Eyfs children. What a super way to promote independence and allow children to led play their way!

  30. Our children would love these in our mud kitchen. Being fully outdoors we find it hard to source affordable robust equipment that can withstand the rigours of life in the forest.

  31. My nursery group love making their own dough and mixing potions. These would be an amazing addition to develop their independence further! Thanks you!

  32. These look perfect for our environment! We’re all feeling from OFSTED last week so it’d be great to have something exciting to look forward to.They

  33. Wow! I love them they would be amazing for my class especially the boys who are often difficult to engage.

  34. Would love to introduce these into my new nursery setting as i’ve finally got a permanent job ??☺️

  35. Would love these for our nursery to encourage more independence across all age groups, they would look amazing in our mud kitchen.

  36. These would be wonderful for our mud kitchen that needs an overhaul and injection of new resources to recapture the childrens’ interests.

  37. Fantastic resource to enhance our new mud kitchen and continue our journey to promote outdoor learning.

  38. I would love these for my Nursery. We were just talking last week about needing a water dispenser in our mud kitchen and this post has made me remember an old broken tea urn in the staff room. I wonder if it’s still there…?

  39. These look fabulous – just what we need to help the children have fun and develop independence.

  40. What learning and f fun this dispenser would be both for the children in my class and the staff too!

  41. We would love to add these to our mud kitchen area, as we are in a rented building we are always looking for ways to enhance our continuous provision but are easily packed away.

  42. Oh my, these are an amazing resource! More wonderful ideas as always. Would be a fab addition the learning environment ?

  43. These look amazing and I am sure that the children at my Pre-school would love these, we don’t have any dispensers currently and these would support that independent play and investigation that we want the children to experience and learn through. Fingers crossed.

  44. What more would a setting need? Potions all the way – spreading magic across the setting – pure bliss!

  45. We would love to win a set of these for our little learners. T would make such a difference to our children and their outdoor space. ?? fingers crossed.

  46. Have been a long standing admirer of these messy play dispensers!
    We have recently formed a working party to develop our outside area and these would be just perfect.
    I just love the thought of watching the children using the dispensers and cooking up their own little concoctions.

  47. Our children would love to win a set just before Christmas – what a treat it would be for them to use these in our outdoor area!

  48. Yes please, I would love to win these for my setting. I am very passionate about outdoors and these would be great.
    Thank you Sarah

  49. Yes please, I would love to win these for my setting. I am very passionate about outdoors and these would be great.
    Thank you Sarah

  50. Having created an outdoor play area for our before and after school club the children have created numerous potions and held many Mud bake off competitions and these dispensers would add to the imaginary and independent play that they freely explore already. Fingers crossed !

  51. Having developed our outdoor area this year into a place where the children at their before and after school club create wonderful potions and Bake Off competitions, I think they would be delighted to win these as a fabulous addition to their already imaginative and independent play. Fingers crossed !

  52. We tried the play dough dispenser and the children loved it. Yes it does leak out of the bottom and they needed a bit of support to do it but they still enjoyed it

  53. Fabulous resource – would love to win for our lovely, inquisitive reception class. Thank you for the opportunity, fingers crossed!

  54. WOW!! We have just embarked on an outdoor play project and these would be a fabulous addition.

  55. Please pick me! I found out (at my own cost!) that the cheaper dispensers do not stand up to Early Years demands. What’s the old saying? Buy cheap, buy twice! Or in the case of our bursar, we are allowed to buy NOTHING! Take pity on our independent learners and let us have the beautiful, robust dispensers in our lives! Thank you ABC!

  56. Fantastic dispensers. These would be very well used in our EYFS where we strive for independent learners.

  57. Thank you ABC Does for sharing these. They will make the perfect addition to our recently refurbished outdoor area.

  58. These would be fantastic as we are trying to re-vamp our outdoor area. Keeping everything crossed!

  59. Yes please! The children would love these in my Nursery & Recption. They would be fabulous in our outdoor area.

  60. Wow we would love these in our Nurswry and Receptiom setting. With hardly any budget we are having to make do.

  61. We would absolutely love these in our setting. We have the cereal dispensars which the children love but they are not reliable and we do end up with a very messy dough area. Lots of fun and exploration had by all though. Keeping everything crossed ??

  62. What can I say, yes please, look fantastic. I think I would be the most favourite teacher ever if we have these!

  63. All the adults and children in our setting would get plenty of use out of these. Wouldn’t expect them to stay shiny for long?

  64. These would be amazing in our outside area. We are trying to revamp our outside learning area and these would make such a difference.

  65. These look super and would definitely be a great way to introduce the self serve idea for the first time into our schools reception classes. Thanks for sharing, Alistair.

  66. We’re in need of something like this at school, our budget is frozen at the moment so can’t buy any. Winning them would be fab! Fingers crossed!!

  67. Ooooooo now then! With an outdoor area that is in a need of a bit of TLC these would come in very useful … fingers crossed!

  68. We have also tried the cereal dispensers with no luck but lots of giggles as messy play became VERY messy play indeed! We’d love these resources to enable us to give self service another go!

  69. Yes please…. my packaway charity led pre-school children would adore these … as we are always looking for easier ways for children to access a range of messy play resources in our chuch hall (where we can’t leave any sign that children of 2-4 have been using, learning and playing in all day ??!) x

  70. I would love to win the messy play dispenser for the children in my nursery they would live this and learn so much from it and also have LOTS of fun

  71. LOVE the dispensers! Bought two for the dough station after the Bath ABC Does conference but they are a bit too leaky!

  72. I’d love a set of these dispensers for my Yr R classes to use. I tried self service playdough with the cereal dispenser dramas! These look great though and built to last! ?

  73. We are trying to improve our not too great outside area – one of these would be amazing!

  74. These would be an amazing start to improving our outdoor provision. I have all sorts of wonderful ideas already!

  75. This would definitely help with our little transporters. Also good for those with fine motor control difficulties…

  76. The dispenser we bought does not hold fine ingredients well – such as flour or salt. Would love a set of these for our Reception classroom! Fingers crossed! Xx

  77. After introducing self service paint and deconstructed role play, this is my next step. would love to win to be able to get it in place before my new head starts, so I can be very impressive (and the children will love it, if the paints anything to go by)

  78. These would be a great addition to our environment! I currently have a plastic dispenser in my self service play dough area however my KG children can’t quite manage to use it independently as it does tend to let out a little extra flour and salt!! Fingers crossed we are lucky, I think our children would as excited as us!

  79. Oh I would really like to have these in our outdoor area!! I would even consider sharing them with the children!

  80. I bought a set of said dispensers with my own money of course. They didn’t last. I recently bought shower soap dispensers for paint which were fabulous. They stuck onto the wall and the children just had to palm press them. We had a three set dispenser. Red, yellow and blue. great colour mixing.

  81. Wow, a wonderful addition to our mud kitchen that actually do what they say on the tin! Ours have also failed in the past. Here’s hoping! Good luck everyone x

  82. We are about to begin a major re-development of our outdoor area. These would be fantastic. Fingers crossed at Springvale Primary!

  83. We are just revamping our garden , ridding ourselves of all the plastic toys . This would be a great addition to our outside area !!

  84. Amazing resources to enable children’s independence. Would love these in my outdoor area and mud kitchen

  85. The dispenser is just what we have been looking for to go in the mud kitchen and with our water tray exploration.

  86. Amazing !!! So so desperate for these to add to our potion area and mud pie kitchen outside! Xx

  87. This is just what we need in our mud kitchen, will be so empowering for our children in Chester to be able to choose and mix and of great value in other areas for some of our children that are going through a mixing/ transforming schema 🙂
    Good luck everyone

  88. Absoultely agree with the blog. We bought some from ebay too and they didn’t really pass the productivity test that the children put them through! The children would love these if they are fortunate enough to win them.

  89. Always looking for new resources to enhance our outdoor classroom. Our children love water in every area and these would be a fantastic addition

  90. I’m hoping to set up a concoction station in our outdoor area- have a few things already and these would make a fantastic addition.

  91. These are absolutely gorgeous they would be just perfect for our Year 1 & 2 provision. Fingers and toes crossed ?

  92. These look amazing. We tried setting up a self services dough bar but we to came up against all the problems you mentioned so these would be a great addition but also to our mud kitchen or water area. So many uses. Fingers crossed.

  93. These look amazing and would be fantastic within my setting. We tried the self service dough bar but came up against all the problems you mentioned so would be great to try these. Also a great addition in our mud kitchen and water area.

  94. Wow what an amazing give away! Our eyfs is looking at developing independence in the dough area this would be perfect

  95. Struggling a little with getting the children to be more independent. This would be great. Good luck everyone

  96. Brilliant resource. Would love to be able to donate to one of my early years settings-limitless play!

  97. We have been searching desperately for dispensers just like these ones in hopes of setting up a playdough station in our Reception outdoor area. The children love dough gym so it would present the ideal opportunity for them to take responsibility of their learning in a way that they know they will enjoy. It would be so great to give them this chance, and allow them to explore!

  98. Fantastic prize to encourage the children to be more independent and the staff to let them!

  99. Ah these look fantastic. I can imagine all the great opportunities these would generate for co-operative play, encouraging independence and investigation. Would love to win them for my setting xx

  100. We are just developing our texture kitchen and these dispensers would be a perfect addition ?

  101. Wow… our little ones would absolutely adore this, in the process of transforming our Nursery/Reception outdoor area into something magical and this would be fabulous for them all!!!

  102. What an incredible prize. I would love to win one of the sets to use in our outdoor area. My setting is moving soon and the whole outdoor area will need a complete overhaul. These will make a very welcome addition and will be much loved by the children.

  103. This would be amazing for our developing mud kitchen. We are trying to transform the outdoor area in a limited budget so this would be great.

  104. Just had our garden refurbished and now looking for equipment to enhance it. Our children would love to experience these as we never had one before. As outdoor coordinator would really like to surprise my team with these lovely treasures.

  105. Just had our garden refurbished and now looking for equipment to enhance it. Our children would love to experience these as we never had one before. As outdoor coordinator would really like to surprise my team with these lovely treasures.

  106. This would be a lovely addition to our early years garden and environment. Our children would love and really benefit from these amazing play dispensers. Fingers crossed.?

  107. We are in the process of giving our outdoor environment a complete overhaul. The children would love and benefit from this.

  108. This would revolutionise my self service play dough and texture kitchen! We’ve gone through 5 dispensers so far(using our own money!) and this would be a stop to throwing money away for sure!!!!

  109. Our current dispenser trial total stands at 3 and they’ve all failed! ?
    These would be amazing!

  110. My children have just requested a water dispenser for their mud kitchen in our Reception unit. They would love these. Fingers crossed.x

  111. We would love to add these to give our outdoors a little spruce up. We have been looking into dispensers and these look perfect.

  112. These would be amazing! The last ones we bought weren’t fit for purpose and the classroom ended up looking like a flock of seagulls had pooped all over it! Would love to see my colleague’s faces when I turn up with some more ?

  113. Wow this would be an amazing addition to our nursery mud kitchen.
    Good luck to all taking part in the give away x

  114. Oh the things we could do with these beautiful little gems! Weve got a brand new mud kitchen with very little in at the moment…so these would be a treat! Fingers crossed

  115. Wowee! These are fab! My Nursery children would adore them and we would share them with YR. 🙂 :-0 🙂

  116. Would absolutely love this to raise the status of messy kitchen in our outside classroom to messy AMAZING kitchen!

  117. What a great way to store messy stuff outside and encourage indpendence. Would certainly get used by our little people.

  118. These look amazing. I was desperate for our cereal dispensers to work but they didn’t. I’d love these.

  119. These look fantastic. We tried with cereal dispensers and they didn’t work. I’d love these in our outdoor area.

  120. These would be utterly amazing for our messy play – our cereal dispenser only works on the flour side!! (Salt just runs straight through!) Keeping everything crossed!

  121. I love these! We’re currently developing our outdoor area and encouraging more independence in pre- school so the dispensers would be an amazing addition! Great idea!

  122. We tried making our pwn playdough in the outdoor kitchen for the first time this year and would love these to make it even more successful so yes please!?

  123. Our outdoor area needs some serious tlc but we have zero funds to do it! Our nursery and reception children would just adore these!

  124. Wow, these dispensers and kettle would really support the children’s self-service, imagination and creativity.

  125. Thank you for the opportunity to win such fab resources for our children, and the constant inspiration to further their learning and development. We’d love to win ?

  126. These are amazing I can just see the amount of fun and learning that would take place with our children.

  127. Would love this to promote our children’s independence during their play, would be perfect to enhance our mud kitchen xx

  128. Amazing give away. You are our go to guy for anything EYFS, both the courses I’ve been on of yours were awesome and have impacted our unit, so THANK YOU xxx

  129. we are currently building a mud kitcen and re organising our door area . We could do sooooo many good things with these.
    Along with all of the good things I will learn at the outdoors conference next week !

  130. We have been looking for something like this for ages. They are amazing. It’s actually in our action plan for this year to set up a self-service station. so this would be fantastic to win.

  131. we have a real issue with marauding dragons at the moment, the reception and nursery children have been making potions to scare them away – these would be sure to make their potions more powerful.

  132. We have a real issue with marauding dragons at the moment, the children from nursery and reception have been making potions to scare them away – I’m sure these would make their potions even more powerful.

  133. Wow, my Nursery & Reception children would love these & I love anything that promotes independent learning. ?

  134. We are trying to make our areas inside and out more continuous provision and these would be a good starting point!

  135. After attending your conference in Leeds we have changed our practice..for the better! Also.. any visitors then enter our classroom are really impressed with our displays. Some still ask where we are going to put a display up to show our topic. But we soon put them in their place! These would be a fantastic addition to our already transforming classroom!

  136. This is something I’ve been wanting to introduce to my Reception class for a while, but I haven’t been able to find a suitable dispenser. Fingers crossed ?? I’m successful.

  137. I would love a dispenser in our setting in Broadheath, Cheshire. Our 2-4 year olds would play with them indoors and outdoors ?

  138. These would be an amazing addition to our Foundation Stage. We are always seeking out ideas and ways to promote independence and child led investigations. So many opportunities with these!

  139. These would be an amazing addition to our nursery. Loved your conference in Newcastle very inspiring.

  140. We have just completely changed our practice following your conference in Leeds and we are literally loving life right now …. we have bought some resources but the budget is now strectched to the limit …. so WE need this prize …. please !!!

  141. I would love these – I’m going into a new setting in Jan where the outdoor area needs serious developing. I’m currently binging on your blogs to get some ideas!

  142. My class would adore these. Saw the outdoor one in TTS and wondered about durability – we tried a camping water dispenser and the children couldn’t turn the handle (they have special needs) so would be fab to win these and try them out . Thanks for the opportunity

  143. These would be great for our pre school room. I’m sure the children would love to explore and investigate with them. I loved your conference at Newcastle. Gave me lots of food for thought.

  144. Currently developing our outdoor area, we are trying to fundraise as much as we can and relying on loose part donations. It would be amazing for our mud kitchen!!! Our kiddies would love it!

  145. We are a Pre School who tried your original idea and used cereal dispensers but the ingredients just flowed straight through. Such a shame as it went down so well with the children, we unfortunately don’t have this facility anymore so to win these new improved dispensers would be wonderful and would enable the children to make their own playdough and potions .

  146. Wow, these would be a brilliant addition to the continuous provision we’re currently setting up in year 1 following attending your conference in London in the spring!

  147. Would love these for our new and always improving water and outdoor area. Need all of the help we can get! Xx

  148. Wow looks like good fun fingers crossed that we win these for Christ Church Foundation Stage Unit ???

  149. Would love these! As you said, the dispenser we bought previously lasted only for a short time but did engage the children so something tougher would be perfect!

  150. What a fabulous resource. I’m currently on maternity leave but it would be great to take these to my ‘other’ children when I visit with the baby.

  151. These look incredible! Our children never get anything new (I’ll get the violins ? out!), but they deserve so much. Fingers, toes and everything else crossed xx

  152. Would love these as I’m currently developing our outdoor kitchen for my pee-schoolers. These would be great to help develop independance and imaginative play! 🙂

  153. Our EYFS children would absolutely love these… so many opportunities for exploration and imagination! ??

  154. What a fantastic giveaway. I would love to win these for our setting. The kids would love them. Thank you so much for this opportunity. Best of luck everyone. Fingers crossed ?

  155. Would love to win these as they would be a fantastic resource as we develop our outdoor area from scratch.

  156. Love this blog!
    These inspiring ideas make me wish I had born 40 years later…oh to be a child again!

  157. WOW! What a fabulous idea! All of our children love to explore anything messy! This would make an amazing addition to the resources we use on a regular basis both in our gardens or in the rooms. Fantastic giveaway. Good luck everyone!

  158. I made my play dough station last year but found the same problem, resulting in adult support being needed ( if I wasn’t going to blow the EYFS budget on salt and flour!) the children loved the activity so would love a more robust set. It will complement my Diugh Disco provision!

  159. After attending your conference in Belfast I would love to put your ideas to the test and this would help a lot.

  160. Absolutely love these! Would take our Playdough and potion making to another level! Fingers crossed ?

  161. Thank you for the opportunity to win these items. We would certainly love to have them in our classroom! Good luck to everyone taking part. ?

  162. We would love these as we are always trying to promote the Characeristics of Effective Learning on zero budget We would feel so lucky to win these.

  163. Wow! My reception class is like adore these resources. They would compliment the work we’ve done to improve our learning environment!!

  164. We would love these to enhance our mud kitchen, promoting self-help skill, sharing, negotiating adding to their natural curiosity when exploring outdoors.

  165. These are amazing, what fun our bumble bees and ladybirds would have with these! We have introduced a dough station but with pick and mix containers and scoops, this would really take their play, learning and skills to the next level and give them a real thrill <3 xxx

  166. I work in a small village school with a tint budget, we definitely need some tlc the the resources department, these would be amazing!

  167. Our Nursery and Reception would love these! We are working on developing our outdoor provision even more and these would be fantastic!

  168. These look perfect, so true what you say about the cheapies, we learnt this and love the fact you tested them before recommending

  169. Our Reception class would love these dispensers for a self service dough area! We attempted to make dough but without the dispensers it wasn’t the best! Fingers crossed.

  170. Amazing
    I tried the playdough station and it allowed me to step back and observe the children but unfortunately I need to improve on how this is set up.
    These would be a great addition to our mud kitchen area to enhance it. ??

  171. The children in my Nursery would love them! We are continuously looking for way to help them be. More independent.

  172. I know lots of children in our nursery would love this, perfect to go with our mud kitchen, always a busy area!

  173. This is exactly the type of thing we’ve been looking for. It would definitely jazz up our outside area!

  174. Wow, these look fantastic. We are a small village school with a small, but ever growing, cohort of little people. My mud kitchen was hand made by my hubby and all the other equipment is from the Poundland or from donations so something new and shiny like this would be amazing.

  175. The Bushmead Team (aka wine drinkers and stalkers) from Cambridge Conference would love these for our EYFS unit please!!

  176. Oh my goodness! After the spilled salt-gate of Autumn2 2016 I would love to bring this to my outside classroom! Also it might just be enough for my lovely team of TAs to forgive me for talking them into the self-serve play dough station in the first place ? Fingers crossed!

  177. Wow! I know the children would love these … new nursery but no money for resources so these would make the world of difference!

  178. We’ve added a dough station to our provision this year and the children love it! These resources would be a great addition to our station!

  179. We would absolutely love this. We are in the process of turning our outside area into a more continuous play based provision.

  180. Would love to win these for my nursery the children would have a fantastic time exploring materials in this way?

  181. This would be amazing and help our nursery children to be self sufficient and to be more independent! A great opportunity for maths development too which is something that our children need at the moment.

  182. What great dispensers – great to use but also look interesting and curious for youg children to explore. The children here love outdoor play and this would be an fantastic addition to support their learning and development. Would love to win !

  183. These would be amazing, I have wanted to buy some from EBay but as you said and others have said they don’t last very long so I’ve been looking for some that will work. The children in our Altrincham nursery would love these! Thank you.

  184. Our nursery and reception need these! Please please please! We are having a Saturday revamping session this month and they would make it really specially , everything else has been begged for , borrowed and no illegal stealing has happened yet! It would be wonder to add something won!

  185. Our foundation stage unit would love a set of these as we are struggle to find items suitable to make them independent in their investigations outdoors

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