Who To Follow On Social Media?

In the main I love a bit of social media. It makes finding and sharing knowledge and inspiration as easy as clicking a button.

When I first started to teach I used to have to wait for a monthly magazine! (Which I think was called Infant Education – or something similar. Anyone else remember that?).

Anyway, what we also have these days is a seemingly unlimited number of accounts, pages, blogs and images to choose from on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest (the list goes on). It can be hard to navigate your way through the masses to find someone who suits you.

So in this weeks blog I thought I would set you all a challenge…

In the comments box can you share your FAVOURITE online inspiration. ONLY ONE!

Can you tell us:

  • Where to find them (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc)
  • How to find them (name, @name, hashtag etc)
  • What they mostly share (general ideas, outdoor, activities, pedagogy, info)

Let’s see if between us we can’t get together a nice list of people and places to go and browse and find some new friends!

Remember  – ONLY ONE!



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  1. @amhickman15 on Twitter – young, fresh ideas to promote learning. Mr Hickman has great ‘up-to-date’ knowledge on current children’s literature and interests. Worth a follow 👍🏻

  2. I would be interested to hear whos work inspires you Alistair?

  3. I love imaginationtree on Facebook and instagram. Anna has fantastic ideas with invitations to play. Lots of creative and natural ideas. They are also the home of the ‘kindness elves’ delightful little elves that do kind things for others!

  4. Just found Early Years Staffroom it has some great blogs and resources.

  5. @messyplaymummy on instagram. She posts photos of process art, messy and sensory play , tuff spot and mud kitchen ideas that she does with her child. Pre school and foundation stage ideas abound!

  6. I already follow most of these mentioned 👍🏻 but another I have followed for a few years now which is truly amazing is


    (Sorry am posting on my phone and don’t know how to make a clicky link!!).

    This teacher is just PHENOMENAL in the way he breaks down and explains/pinpoints the learning occurring in his classroom! He makes fantastic resources (out of scrap/everyday materials that are TOTALLY accessible to everyone/every budget!) and uses them in such interesting. The bars down the side of the page on each post link to the different ‘modes’ of learning, it is fascinating! I guarantee you’ll be hooked and reading as far back as you can get! He also includes clips from his classroom and breaks down/discusses the learning in each clip!
    Well worth a look! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    • I have only just recently discovered this page and agree with everything you said!

      • It’s fab isn’t it! 👍🏻

  7. So many inspirational educators out there. A blog spot I like is mrsmclennanblogspot.

  8. I love this idea of sharing inspirational early years practice. I tend to use instagram and although it’s difficult to choose just one I love @darlamyersclass It was her instagram account that inspired me to dip my toe into sharing my own ideas. Her practice is rooted in strong early years pedagogy and I have to check out instagram every day to see if she has posted. I am a Darla addict 😉

  9. I really like @miss_early_years_ lots of ideas, lots of child in action images and looks like lots of fun too. So glad we have all this inspiration 👏🏼

  10. @foundationteam have some amazing ideas on instagram!

    • Thank you so much Katie 😊

  11. I follow Juliet Robertson as she regularly shares great and practical ideas for outdoor learning. @creativestar and on Facebook.

  12. Early Years Outdoors provide many great ideas and I always like looking at there pictures 😊

  13. I love Mrs Underwood!! So many amazing tuff spot ideas! I regularly use it for inspiration for my own KS1 provision page Bag of Beans

  14. Definitely @eyfs_outdoors on instagram. Only a recent find, but I’m already copying a lot of stuff! Especially tuff tray ideas!

  15. So so much inspiration on social media! It’s fantatsic. So many great sites have already been named, but a smaller, newer one over on instagram is earlyyearsunplugged.

  16. I have so many new people to follow! But if I had to choose one it will be @earlyyears.ideas you can find them on Instagram, lots of ideas I have used to entertain my grandchildren at home.

    • I agree…..but I have had my choice 🙊!

      Thanks Janice😉

  17. I find ‘The Curiosity Approach’ gives our practitioners lots of lovely ideas which then appear on our page 🙂

  18. Ace early years have great ideas once they’ve stopped laughing!😜

    • Thank you for the mention! 😀

  19. The fabulous campfires and crumpets: continuous provision in ks1 and continuous provision in ks1, inspiring!

  20. Thank you for all your ideas and links to follow…it’s so lovely to know that there are many people who are ready to share and inspire us EY folk!. I also find the ‘Early Years Staffroom- Nursery/Reception/Year 1 teachers’ Facebook page useful. It provides an open and honest forum for asking questions and enabling professionals to share their ideas and wisdom. The ABC does page is pretty good too… ;0)

  21. It has to be The Ark for me 😊 Love their ideas!

  22. Upstart Scotland

  23. There’s such a wealth of inspiring and exciting ideas out there, but Stimulating Learning with Rachel and yourself, Alistair have influenced and truly inspired my practice the most over recent years.

  24. The Curiosity Approach. I recently attended their develoment day which entailed visiting 2 settings owned by one of the founders. I had high expectations but I was blown away!! They are so inspirational and their whole approach just speaks to me – it’s not just about their beautiful environments. It’s about a whole team approach to inspiring curiousity, awe and wonder to the children ❤️ Their page and website offer so much inspiration to early years practitioners.

    • Thank you – creating the “thinkers & doers” of the next generation 🙂

  25. Mr Mc is great. He’s on Facebook and Twitter. Lots of ideas for all areas. Activity ideas, planning, ideas for organising inside and outside. Free resources on his website and resources to purchase. Videos on YouTube – Boom Shake the alphabet. He’s fab.

  26. Definitely The Curiosity Approachhttps://www.facebook.com/curiousityapproach/

  27. So many to choose from, lots mentioned I already follow. I would like to recommend @LagomEyfs, lots of natural ideas for provisions, lots of photos of what the children have actually produced and amazing outdoor provision. I originally found them via their blog about deconstructed role play on magical maths.

  28. I like the Ark Childminding group and follow their Facebook page. I love looking at the activities they have in their builders trays. Especially the potato activity. We copied this and the children gained so much from it. A week later we had changed potatoes to apples, carrots and pears and introduced graters.

  29. In our home we have found lots of inspiration from tinystepsmakebigstride.com @tinystepsmakebigstrides Clare is all about putting a context to learning and making learning fun . We live in Perth and found her through instagram.

  30. @mr_naylor_eyfs – This guy oozes passion for EYFS with lots of ideas to implement in both Nursery and Reception classes. (Y)

  31. It has to be @earlyyears.ideas I love their fun approach to learning! They also are inspired by Forest Schools, I love all their ideas!!! X

  32. Tishy Lishy and Stimulating Learning with Rachael are both amazing accounts to follow on Instagram. I love it when they like one of the posts on my tiny account (foundationteam), it feels like you’ve done something right!

  33. Loving this! Added so many pages to follow now. As a newbie to EYFS I need all the help I can get.

  34. I really like @earlyyearsunplugged on Instagram. They have good ideas but have some normal, non teaching posts in there too!

  35. For me it’s The Curiousity Approach. Theyre inspirational, love their ethos and matches my own views towards providing children with incredible opportunities and resources to provoke thinking, questioning and learning through laying with natural resources. Ban the plastic and see the amazing opportunities evolve.


  36. I think for me it has to be Teacher Tom – I love the way he talks about play, children’s choice, risk taking, and allowing children time and space to work things out for themselves (including disputes.) Just wish the ‘powers that be’ in the UK would listen to experts like him in regards to Early Years! Just google Teacher Tom and up pops his blog. Sarah – Reception and Nursery Teacher.

  37. I have so many favourites but it’s hard to choose. However over the summer we had our nursery refurbished and Let the children play and It’s spinoff let the babies play have provided huge inspiration for our new environments

  38. @earlyyearsunplugged on instagram! A relatively new page but great ideas!

  39. It has to be Stimulating learning with Rachel! So many inspiring ideas that have completely enriched our provision over the last couple of years..

  40. Reading all the comments I also follow most of them, so have decided to go with Mr Mc, Mr Mc- Early Years Teacher on Facebook – he posts about his classroom, CP ideas, phonics and general ‘my classroom gets very messy too and doesn’t look like a pinterest page’ posts! 🙂
    His website is https://www.mrmcmakingmemories.com/ and there are loads of free resources and ideas on there, as well as ones you can buy – maths, phonics, planning, etc.

  41. It has to be Stimulating learning with Rachel! So many inspiring ideas that have completely enriched our provision over the last couple of years. Thankyou, Rachel!

  42. Kirstine Beeley- Playing to learn
    She deserves a shout out as she has some great ideas and often on a budget too!

  43. Keeping Early Years Unique. Founded by Elaine Bennett. A fantastic haven for early years.
    You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

  44. Great thread.
    Love TishyLishy but am going for …
    Fabulous ideas from Rachel

  45. Juliet Robertson with her super outdoor learning ideas – I’m a Teacher get me OUTSIDE here from ‘Creative STAR Learning’ website.

  46. Love @delidebearlyears and @mrsunderwood classroom early years ideas when they pop up in my Facebook newsfeed, think they also are on Pinterest. Classroom envy every single time!

  47. As a father and educator, over the summer I became dangerously reliant on this instragram/Facebook account thingy to entertain my kids. I particularly loved their STEM ideas.


  48. @EYTishylishy on fb Early Ideas from Tishlishy great to get ideas

  49. I can remember being so excited about Child Education! I used to plan my topic work around the pullout poster in the middle!! NQTs don’t know how easy they have it these days, type any fascination of a child into Google and hundreds of ideas pop up!!!
    I don’t have another favourite but I do like
    @TheImaginationTree for sensory ideas.

  50. I follow Ross McGill on Twitter with the name @teachertoolkit. He also has a website and is on quite a few social media apps! He is a seasoned (over 15 years experience) teacher, SMT and a parent!

    He shares ideas, theory, pedagogy, ideology, resources, information, job vacancies, anecdotes, training/coaching and more!

  51. As people on here obviously follow you- guessing I should put someone else (but in the words of the late great Sir Bruce- you’re my favourites) but if I had to pick another it would be WOWEY wonder of working in the early years- no complaining just people who are ridiculously excited about early years!!!

  52. @earlyyears.ideas on instagram is great! They have such fab ideas for indoor and outdoor activities in Early Years!

  53. @soundsrightkids great for ideas and activities to develop fine and gross motor skills, and Phonics skills x

  54. @stimlearning. Great ideas, she always shares ideas with inspiring photos. I’ve used lots of her ideas, tweaking them to suit my setting & resources. You can follow her on Twitter & Facebook.

  55. Tishy Lishy!

    I also follow one whose ideas I don’t like (but know lots do) because I think its important that I can identify the difference and understand why but obviously I wont name them!

  56. This is easy even though many people know her I am voting for Rachel @stimulatinglearnung because her ideas are so original, completely own her and always so in tune with what is right for children! She rally and truly gets it!!!

    • I agree I like a lot of her work.

  57. I love so many instagram pages – they are all so inspiring!!

    I’ve nominated @instaearlyyears – so many fantastic ideas!

    • Thanks so much Bethany! Love your ideas too! Now to make sure I follow everyone else!!

  58. So many fab folk to choose from!!! 😍

    So my nomination goes to….Kerrie & Catherine of Press Play ⭐️⭐️
    You can find them on Instagram @pressplay.eyfs or https://www.instagram.com/pressplay.eyfs/
    Checkout their 40Days of Play ideas

  59. Oooey Gooey Lady, comedic talks

  60. I follow a Facebook group called , Keeping Early Years Unique, sound theory, play research, thoughtful contributors

  61. Just one? I have loads of social media people who inspire me…….so apart from ABC Does (obviously) I would have to pick my current favourite as………drum roll………..

    Shonette Bason-Wood

    Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/SpreadTheHappinessPage/

    I like her positivity. She’s crazy and funny and is all about spreading happiness! What’s not to love?

  62. Now that IS a challenge!
    I follow so many inspiring people online…
    I think most people know of TishyLishy & Stimulating Learning with Rachel, so I’m going for Bethany Ward with Love of Learning! 😊
    You can follow her on Instagram using this link…

  63. Keeping early years unique on Facebook

  64. I love @learning.thruplay on Instagram! Lots of reggio based ideas and natural materials, which I find really inspiring! I love Instagram as a means to share, really friendly social community for Early Years! I’m at @instaearlyyears just in case!!

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