Granny’s Teeth and the missing construction!

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This week Granny’s Teeth have been to Crowlands Primary School in London where they got mixed up with a case of missing construction…

The arrival of Granny’s Teeth coincided with a spate of crimes in our Reception classrooms.

img_5452  img_5453


After we had a visit from a police officer, our children were very interested in becoming detectives. Somebody stole all our construction resources a few days before and had left us some clues, including fingerprints and some items of clothing.

One day after lunch, we came back to find a note with some clues.

img_5656  img_5657


We read the notes and chose two people to follow the clues.

img_5455  img_5456

We found some of our construction with an interesting item in…..


None of our children knew what it was, one suggestion was that it was a tissue with flowers on it!

We then found the rest of our construction with some teeth……..


Who had left this behind?

We had an interesting discussion about who these could belong to…..

Did they belong to people in our class?


Did they belong to an adult in school?


Were they human teeth or animal teeth? This caused an interesting discussion about the size of these teeth compared to a shark’s teeth.


And how they had got there- we thought the robber had fallen over and his teeth had fallen out!

Jack made a safe box to keep the teeth in while we carried on our investigation…..


Our investigations continued with the children creating their own FOUND posters.


The children then wanted to make up a class story about what could happen to the teeth and together they came up with a story………..


Mrs Linehan from the school office, then came to tell us that there was an elderly gentleman at the office who had seen our posters and had come to collect his teeth.


We loved having the teeth as a stimulus for lots of great writing opportunities.


Did you ever find the robber who stole your construction? Thanks to the Crowlands team for another Granny’s Teeth adventure!


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