Sneaky Teeth on the Loose! – A Granny’s Teeth Adventure

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When your Pre-School is next to a nursing home and and you have a delivery of Granny’s Teeth – therein lies a recipe for some exciting learning!

Over to Tiny Tots….

Sneaky Teeth On The Loose

It was a very strange week at Tiny Tots…

Someone was eating our snacks… Who could it be?

We wanted to find out, so we set up a crime/investigation room.

Evidence was showing the teeth belonged to a big person.

Huge bites of food were seen on crumpets, fruit and sandwiches.

We put an evidence board in our investigation room to show everyone what we had found.

We thought the teeth might belong to someone old.

Detectives were assigned to the nursing home. A good place to start.

Detective inspectors asked questions and we even detained an old lady.

The lady was interrogated but we couldn’t keep her for long, no evidence to suggest it was her teeth.

We sent out news reports via Yakit kids asking ‘Who’s seen the Sneaky Teeth?’

THEN we received a face time from ‘Dadda Ben’ who lives in the nursing home.

He had lost his teeth.

We searched the Nursery only to find his teeth in Isabel’s bag.

What a shock!

Click on the link below to see our Sneaky Teeth on the Loose movie!



Thanks to Sue and all the team at Tiny Tots for another Granny’s Teeth adventure!


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