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Lots of you will have some of Bloomsbury’s ’50 Fantastic ideas for….’ books. Indeed some of you might have the ones that I have written for them.


I was having a chat with my lovely editor this week about my Transition into Year One book and she said that Bloomsbury were on the look out for new authors and ideas for the 50’s range. I always think that the best people to ask about ideas are the people who actually do the job so…

Do you fancy writing a ’50 Fantastic Ideas’ book for Featherstone/Bloomsbury?

If you think the answer to that question might be ‘yes’, then this is roughly how it works, although some of the details can be different for different authors/publishers.

You find any aspect of Early Years practice that you think you have lots of ideas about that you want to share. They need to be original ideas and not just 50 favourites from Pinterest!

You contact a commissioning editor with  a brief overview of your idea (just a paragraph telling them about you, your experience in Early Years and what you would like to write about).

If the editor likes your idea you will be asked to fill in a ‘proposal’ form. This is a dead simple form (about 2 sides of A4) that you fill in and send back.

There is still no guarantee at this point that your book will be commissioned, but you are on the way!

The editor will take your proposal to ‘panel’ where it is discussed by a bigger editorial team. They will either say ‘yes’ or ‘no’, or sometimes ‘yes with some revisions’

If you get a ‘yes’ then you and your commissioning editor will agree format, content, images and timescales for submission.

Next you will get a contract through the post. This will outline all of the details you have agreed, the title and the submission dates. Plus lots of other legal stuff. YOU NEED TO READ YOUR CONTRACT and not just get giddy because you are writing a book!

Usually you will be paid a commissioning fee (not huge). This you get in advance of writing your book. This is not a hand out – it is taken off any royalties that your book makes once it is published. Once you have sold enough copies that your royalties cover the commissioning  fee, then you will start to get royalty payments.

IMPORTANT – You are unlikely to make a great deal of money from writing books. The author is usually paid a percentage of the sale price of every book sold. This percentage is likely to be in the low single figures. At the moment the 50’s sell for £9.99 at full price. But if Amazon decides to sell yours for £1.99, that is the sale price that you will get a percentage of.  So, don’t go putting a down payment on a yacht just yet!

If you would like to be considered as an author for the 50 Fantastics range then

  • Check the existing range to make sure that nobody has done something the same or similar
  • Write a short paragraph that MUST include:
    1. Your name
    2. Your EYFS experience
    3. Your idea
    4. Your contact details
  • Email all of that information for the attention of the lovely Helen Diamond at education-submissions@bloomsbury.com

If you don’t fancy writing a book but know what you would like to read a 50 Fantastic Ideas book about, then leave your ideas for content in the comments box. Maybe we will then marry up an author and a subject. Like an online dating agency for publishing!

Good luck!

5 Comments on “50 Fantastic Ideas…”

  1. Thank you for sharing this opportunity. I love this series (and am the proud owner of four of yours, by the way!) and have an idea that I am passionate about that could be used for another title… I wonder if the publishers would like it? Only one way to find out!

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