We’re Going on a Teeth Hunt!

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going on a teeth hunt

We found a box next to Mrs Walton-Wallace’s chair at fruit time. The box looked very old and we thought it was from a person who likes clothes because of the buttons.

We carefully opened the box and were astonished to find a set of teeth.

We thought they could belong to Mrs Holmes or Miss Bowles so we checked, but they did not.

Next we thought about whom they might belong to. It could have been Santa Claus, an old lady, Jesus, God, an elf, a human, Little Red Riding Hood’s granny or even a snake’s teeth. We knew it was not a vampire because they did not have very pointy ones at the side. Phew!

We went on a teeth hunt, we were not scared, even though we couldn’t go over people, or under people, so we had to ask to see in their mouths.
We checked other teachers,



teaching assistants,


the ladies in our office


and kitchens but they all had their teeth!


We decided to write posters and notes to put up around the school.


These asked that if anyone had lost their teeth they were to come to RWW!


We did wonder if we could take them with us to Haysden Country Park, on our Spring spotting trip to check our mum’s teeth and other people in Tonbridge.

Thank you RWW at Sussex Road Primary for all of your sterling work in trying to find the owner of the teeth!

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