Granny`s Teeth get a taste of Grayrigg!

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Granny`s Teeth get a taste of Grayrigg!

Granny`s teeth have chattered their way up to Grayrigg CE School in Cumbria this week and were a perfect fit for the magical mayhem and madness of our wonderful setting!

Grayrigg is a tiny but perfectly formed rural school nestling in the lap of the Howgill fells just outside of Kendal.

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The Acorns are our Early Years and KS1 class and the jaw dropping moments of excitement and fabulous talk, writing, cooking and imaginative play generated by the teeth`s arrival were absolutely fabulous!

We decided to give the class a problem to solve. I got a phone call from the tooth fairy to say that the Easter bunny had been sacked owing to the recent Budget and sugar taxes to be levied and she had to deliver the eggs this year! The tooth fairy was in a pickle because she had lost some very important false teeth she had taken by accident and unless we could help her find these teeth Easter was going to be cancelled!!

ceaning teeth with our toothpaste

We talked about who might have false teeth and had a lovely discussion about our Grannies who were all very important people. The children decided that they must belong to the Queen and we really had to get them back to her by her 90th birthday.

So instead of an Easter egg hunt you`ve guessed it we went on a tooth hunt!

The youngest child was enthralled and went off to make a map for us to follow to find Granny`s teeth with!


When we eventually found the teeth hidden in a tree dropped by the tooth fairy perhaps the week`s plans wrote themselves.

Crimping the pastry on our rabbit pies was very effective! We have a new pet rabbit called Crumpet and the children thought it would be hilarious to tell our beloved head teacher Mrs Cooper that we had put crumpet in a pie! Anything a little bit mischievous can ignite and engage little people in a way no other stimulus can!

pie crimping

It was apple and cinnamon actually, but a rabbit pie themed song was born and sung with our mouths full!

We all drew our teeth looking carefully in the mirror and someone drew a picture of the Queen which we thought might make a nice 90th birthday card for her!

We also made toothpaste and Easter nests, decorated not with eggs but sweetie teeth and some children wrote letters to the tooth fairy to tell her not to worry about the sugar tax and that we had managed to save the day in true Grayrigg style!

letter to tooth fairy

We are hoping for a reply from her majesty but were delighted to host “Granny`s teeth!” the possibilities were endless. The happiest voice I heard was a gruff little man who spontaneously hugged me after writing a letter, making a pie and a map “Thanks Miss we`ve done NO work today!”(Little did he know)


The teeth led to some work with toothpaste, for the whole week the classroom smelt minty fresh- which was a pleasant change. The toothpaste was initially introduced to develop that hand muscles for a small group of children however everyone wanted a go at squeezing the toothpaste. There are far more boys than girls in the class and this quickly led to competition seeing who could squeeze out the longest line of toothpaste. There was a great deal of discussion about comparing lines, children recognising that to compare them they need to all start form the same line. Of course there was lots of measuring and comparing until one brilliant little mathematician decided “we should do one of those graph-things” and so the competition was born. Each child took the toothpaste of their choice and made the longest line they could, a metre stick was used to create the y axis and the children wrote their names along the x- axis. For the first time ever children made the link between the axis of graph and a measuring scale (metre stick).


Maybe we’ll use toothpaste when we’re revising the Year 6 SATs next door because it’s amazing what you can learn when you forget you meant to be learning.

The learning just evolved, the smiles and creative thinking engendered that week are to be continued…

Rabbit or not, those pies look delicious! Thank you Grayrigg for taking Granny’s Teeth on another exciting adventure!


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