Big Texture Kitchen Giveaway

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Whether your texture kitchen is a bespoke creation or is an organic ‘happening’ as part of children’s imaginative play within their environment, it can be a springboard to lots of learning experiences alongside their domestic role play.

Kitchen collageCollage

Hopefully this week has given you a few ideas of how you can expand the play with a more ‘Creative’ focus. There will be more blogs to come in the future about enhancements through other areas of learning.

As  part of their play, your children will be doing lots of mixing, pouring, transporting and concocting. So an opportunity to win lots of resources to support this can only be a good thing!

pouring Collage

The lovely folk at TTS have given me all of  this (and a bit more) to give away to one lucky winner!

TTS Collage

TTS - Metal Fence Caddy Set

They will send you

  • Set of 6 metal fence caddies
  • Set of 3 metal creative tubs
  • Set of 6 metal cans and tubs
  • Set of 3 metal jugs
  • Set of 3 metal churns
  • Set of 4 buckets and pans

To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is…

Leave a comment at the end of this blog post and/or

Leave a comment on my Facebook page ABC Does and/or

Tweet me @ABCDoes with the #texturekitchen and/or

Leave a comment on my Instagram with the #texturekitchen

All entries must be made by noon on Monday 2nd November . The winners will be chosen by random number generator!

If you would like to share some of your texture/mud kitchen fun, then if you send me a photograph/s I will happily share them!

Good Luck


496 Comments on “Big Texture Kitchen Giveaway”

  1. We would love this for the Children Centre Nursery/school nursery and Reception class children. We have had the outdoor area re surfaced which is fabulous but not so many resources for the mud kitchen at the moment. This would be fabulous as this area is accessed by a lot of children!!!

  2. my children at the nursery would love that kitchen. what are the chance i could win the for them 🙁

  3. You’ve got to be in it to win it I suppose, so here goes….would love to win some resources for our mud kitchen currently being built.

  4. I’d love to win this for my Foundation class! Am in the process of revamping our outside classroom and this would be perfect! Our mud kitchen is a real favourite!

  5. We are moving into a new build this Easter . Our FS practitioners have always valued outdoor play, using natural and ‘intelligent’ resources. Unfortunately the EFA are not funding new IT, furniture or resources and we would LOVE to have some of these fabulous resources to enhance our new outdoor learning environment .

  6. As usual found this brilliant web site too late to enter competition never mind what will be will be. The children would have loved it and we could have replaced our old second hand warped furniture ah well never mind always a next time. At least I have found this site so some good.

  7. Yes please! developing our garden at the moment 🙂 we have a serious amount of mud due to building work!

  8. We would love to win this for our lovely new outdoor space. Everything crossed x

  9. This would be a fantastic resource for the children and support staff in developing their understanding of the CoEL. Thanks

  10. Hey hope I’m not too late. This looks amazing – just what we need to develop our outdoor area, for music, mud pies, sensory and fine motor activities!!

  11. We are in the process of updating our outdoor area and these would be great. The children would love them

  12. the children in our nursery would really benefit from having this equipment to use in the garden – our garden has been extended but needs some exciting equipment to give them the opportunity to use their creative and critical thinking skills . Many of our children have not had the experience or opportunity for outdoor play and is an area I am really trying to find ways to enrich their world . Yes Please !.

  13. Our outdoor area is looking very sad – we are in the process of cheering it up! This giveaway is amazing and I can already see the excitement and imagination in our littlies eyes. More potions and experiments in the making. Fingers crossed and thank you for the opportunity.

  14. This would really enhance my concrete jungle! SIP this year is developing outdoors and this would really help!

  15. Ive been banned by my husband from going to the recycling centre to collect anything else for our Texture Kitchen! Some shiny,new items would just complete what we have perfectly!

  16. What a giveaway! Our 13 classes in FS2 and FS1 will just adore these equipment. I know my own class will not leave the Mud kitchen – flower cake will certainly be on the menu for me to taste again. If you haven’t been on a course with Alistair, you must, what an inspirational Early Years educator he is. Met him the 1st time last week.

  17. Amazing just found your website…
    I started by looking at Dough gym and have checked out all sorts!
    Having taught for 16 years in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, I’m in Nursery for the first time in 21 years loving it but so pleased to find a site with such a rich set of ideas.

  18. Like so many of the comments above: It would be amazing to have something like this in our outdoor area. Provision for children outdoors is something that my team and I are trying to focus on as it isn’t particularly great at the moment.
    Not to mention, that as an NQT, this was be a great coup and earn some serious Brownie points from management!

  19. ?☘???? would love these for our outdoor area they would be perfect to kick start our revamp fingers crossed ?!!!!!☘????

  20. Would love to win these resources for my Reception class. Been reading a lot on the blog about having a range of things of different shapes, sizes and made out of different materials and not just plastic! Been asking for donations but this would be a massive boost.
    Fingers crossed.

  21. I have been so inspired by the recent information and pictures for a texture kitchen. I have already bid and lost on two brass teapots on ebay and would absolutely love this collection for a new outdoor space at my current primary school. I love the idea of children engaging in more than just kitchen based imaginative play with the use of open-ended resources.
    Thank You Mr ABC 🙂

  22. Wow Fantastic Brilliant
    Great ideas we would love a mud kitchen for our Nursery
    and After school club.

  23. We are just in the process of developing our outside areas and these resources would be a great addition.

  24. Would love to win this to inspire our children further in our mud kitchen… it would definitely make up for ‘donut gate!’. 😉

  25. We are an EYFS team on a mission to transform our outdoor learning environment. We are aiming high, from slabs and railings too an inspirational environment full of learning opportunities exciting experiences and happy children!

  26. These resources would really freshen up our existing mud kitchen and give the children lots of further play opportunities!!

  27. This would be an excellent opportunity for our Reception & EYFS children at our school. Look forward to finding out if we are lucky!!! 🙂

  28. My children would love to get out in that (mud) kitchen and rattle those pots and pans. I said……..get out in that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans. Have fun in that kitchen, it’ll be good for your learning, man!
    (With apologies to Bill Haley and the Comets)

  29. What a fantastic giveaway ! The Reception children at my school would really benefit from the endless opportunities that these resources could provide. The EYFS team are working really hard to transform a concrete jungle into an area which provokes learning . These resources would really help us on our mission ?

  30. This is an awesome giveaway to provide endless opportunities for the children at my school. We are currently developing our outdoor area and would put great use to this mud kitchen. Our children are in the foundation stage and still learning about the environment in which they inhabit. Our Early Years Foundation Stage is a play based curriculum in which children learn through play. The mud kitchen can provide opportunities for children to develop their language, their fine and gross motor skills, develop independence and learning how to work together with friends. This mud kitchen would fit perfectly in our outdoor area and the children will love it. The teachers would too.

  31. This would be ideal for our new eyfs playground. Both nursery and reception have a concrete jungle, the eyfs team are working hard to transform it, we need a helping hand.

  32. Wow that looks amazing would love to win it for our nursery. The children would benefit soo much from it and their learning and imagination will come right through.

  33. Wow. What an amazing set of resources to enhance our outdoor learning. I am dreaming of how I would love to join the children exploring each item and thinking of creative ways of using them! Will keep my fingers crossed.

  34. We’re in the middle of revamping our Reception Garden – this would be just perfect 🙂

  35. These look fantastic, we are currently building up ideas to re design our outdoor area, and creating a big mud kitchen is seeming very popular with the nursery and reception children, these resources would be a fabulous addition.

  36. This is a brilliant competition! I would love to win this, fingers crossed. I know all the children would love to play with this equipment.

  37. Wow! What an amazing resource to enhance learning outside. Whoever wins this will certainly be very lucky. We are planning our mud kitchen at the moment and these resources are perfect.

  38. Hi Allistair!

    I have been reading your blog for a while now, I have built a mud kitchen in my environment and these lovely resources would compliment it beautifully.

  39. Another fantastic prize I’d love to win for the vulnerable children I work with. These resources would really enhance their learning experiences.

  40. What child doesn’t love to play in the mud?! My children love playing in the mud and dirt. My oldest daughter is 12 and still loves to play in the mud. I see hours of fun in the backyard with this set. We haven’t set up a kids designated play area but this would be something to start it.

  41. Thank you so much for providing so much inspiration! I am ready to return after my half term break and would love these resources to use some of your ideas and see what our children can do with them.

  42. We would love to win this as our mud kitchen is now a bit tired and in need of new resources. Fingers crossed. xxx

  43. The amazing staff at our nursery have been in school in the half term preparing the mud/ texture kitchen. As usual there is no funds available so we have enlisted the help of husbands/ partners to clear the garden area ready for the mud kitchen to be installed ( made by one of the husbands). These extra bits would be a perfect finish to our organic handmade kitchen.

  44. Would love to win this! Great ideas to get the children engaged in outdoor learning and play, and would be a wonderful addition to our sensory garden

  45. Good luck everyone!!
    This would be such a welcome addition to our outside classroom. We as a team have noticed through observation that many of our children do not yet have the tools they need to be imaginative and creative and many of them do not know how to play (too much time on iPads)
    Let’s show our children what it’s really like to be children and show them that there is a fantastic world outside the use of technology! This would really enable us to open up their minds to exploration and curiosity and will of corse support us in the development of language and communication skills.
    Fingers crossed

  46. My new nursery children just discovering the delights of mud pies. conker soup, crab apple pudding and elderberry cupcakes. They would love using all this lovely equipment.

  47. This would be great for our yr R outdoor area! I’ve just moved from yr 2 to reception and love your blog for inspiration! Fingers crossed!

  48. Yes please! It would be great for the kiddies to get more involved in outdoor activities. These would be a great introduction to helping the children learn, play and explore nature itself.

  49. We don’t yet have a mud kitchen in our playground but it’s on our to do list so this would be fab! Good luck and happy half term! 🙂

  50. what a generous giveaway – thanks TTS and Alistair; I racked my brains last year on how to give my class opportunities for stirring and mixing things aside from our regular cookery lessons and this is it – mud kitchen – would really kickstart our redevelopment of the tarmaced playground we currently have access to

  51. These resources look amazing and will definitely engage those creative minds…would love to win this for my class!
    Looking forward to attending your conference in November for more amazing ideas.

  52. Duh – forgot about the clocks going back … can’t go back to sleep – too busy planning where our new texture kitchen might go if we are lucky enough to win. The Wigan charity shops have nothing like this!

  53. This week our children were imagining that they were in a chocolate factory and they were turning their peers into chocolate. Last week they were making magic potions and turning the educators into “Frogs”. It is wonderful to see them creating and concocting. I can see how the resources that you are offering would enhance the children’s play experiences. How wonderful to add some copper, enamel and unusual shapes such as milk churns etc. to the texture kitchen. I would love to know where you can get such items in Australia????

  54. Wow!!! Thanks for all the tips and ideas. We are in the middle of developing our texture kitchen and winning this would be awesome!!!

  55. We are just finishing our mud kitchen at the moment and it would be amazing to win all those amazing prizes to kit it out 🙂 good luck everyone, and thank you About Does xx

  56. So many deserving schools would love these resources, mine included. So I’ll put it out to the universe how grateful we would be but if not us then some other school in even greater need than us. Good luck everyone!

  57. This would be a fabulous addition to our new purpose built nursery garden and would get plenty of use.

  58. We really need some inspiration to create a mud kitchen and these lovely things would be perfect.
    Good luck everyone with all of those lovely mud kitchens!

  59. I would absolutely be over the moon to win these. I particularly like the metal fence caddies!!!!

  60. This would be amazing at our Nursery and Reception, I’ve been fighting for a mud kitchen for a while now so this would be a welcome start for us!

  61. This is lovely TTS and ABC ! I would love to win this for the setting that I am just about to start supporting… at the moment they hAve a less than inspiring environment ?. Fingers all crossed !

  62. I started managing the nursery 5 months ago and encouraged staff to create a mud kitchen. It is getting well used by the children and these additional resources would be amazing!!

  63. We would be over the moon to win such wonderful resources for our reception/year one class. Just what we need in our outdoor area.

  64. These would be perfect for our little nursery children. They love mixing, moulding and transporting all sorts of mixtures!!

  65. Would love to be in with a chance to win! Would be a great addition to our developing outdoor area. Children would love it! 🙂

  66. Would love to inspire our staff and children with this….the learning and exploration possibilities are endless!!! love TTS and ABC Does xx

  67. this would be a perfect addition to our newly formed nursery class – joining our reception and year one children and would help ensure they reach their entitlement to outdoor learning , imagination and creativity. It would also be a lovely surprise for our hardworking eyfs team if I could tell them about this amazing prize! ?

  68. Wow!
    This give away is amazing. I cannot express how much my 22 EYFS children and I would love to be in with a chance to win.

    Good luck everyone 🙂 xxx

  69. Oh wow, this would really enhance our mud kitchen, and save me a trip around the charity shops to keep replenishing it ?

  70. Wowowowowow! Currently have the daunting but ever-so-exciting task of re-developing our outside area at our lovely primary school. This would be an enormously fabulous start… <3

  71. This is just what we need! My outdoor area got demolished for building an extension so I’m having to start from scratch again!

  72. These look fabulous and as we are just about to set up a texture kitchen they will be great help! Really enjoy the blog ?

  73. The mud kitchen is an inspirational place to spend time, mixing,mashing, splashing, splatting, squishing, squashing, cooking, creating and just being! We see so much really deep play taking place it would be lovely to be able to add these items as enhancements??. Our mud kitchen was a real collaborative creation between staff and parents.

  74. My lovely husband’s task over the half term is to build my nursery class a texture kitchen. I’m hoping it will support language development for all the children especially my group of Romanian (Roma) boys who have no English and find it difficult to communicate. These resources would be amazing to enhance our area!
    Fingers crossed!

  75. I am developing the outdoor area and this would really help us! It looks fantastic! My fingers and toes are crossed!

  76. We have just spent a year fundraising to create a covered space in the garden…the children would love to explore in there with these items

  77. I’m am embarking on my own learning challenge by returning to the early years following major surgery. This will help to scaffold my own and my classes learning journies for years to come.

  78. Our Reception would love playing with this, we are lucky to have a kitchen courtesy of my Dad. These resources would be the perfect addition 🙂 Fingers crossed.

  79. As a SEN school we have had built a mud kitchen and textured kitchen on a taller scale for our KS2 yard. We still need these skills. These items would be a great addition for either our EYFS/KS1KS2 especially with Ofsted due in the next few weeks. These would be great for now but more importantly for the future as the children change their use as their imagination grows.

  80. We would really love to win these, our mud kitchen could do with some lovely new resources

  81. Oh my days! We really need to win one of these! Our very old mud table has badly rotted and they won’t let us buy a mud kitchen setup!!! ?

  82. Our children would love these, I manage a rural pre-school and we are a registered charity too. We’ve just started to plan a mud kitchen with the children and on their wishlist are lots of resources like this x

  83. PERFECT!! Our texture kitchen is a bit of a skeleton at the moment. It definitely need a DIY SOS style make over… These would do the trick!!!!

  84. We are developing our outdoors to give children experiences they otherwise might not have. It would be amazing to win this!
    Thank you for the opportunity ☺

  85. Would love to win this please for our newly refurbished outdoor area in the West Midlands. Thank you x

  86. We are working hard to improve our outdoor area and increase the amount of real objects and reduce plastic items. To win would be brilliant for our reception and nursery and year 1 children .???

  87. Great resources!
    It would be brilliant to have these for the kitchen, and as heuristic resource to enhance other areas!

  88. As new 2/3year provision we would LOVE to win this set….what a fab edition to our slowly growing resources.

  89. Would love this prize to do more texture work with my reception class and nursery . Love the blogs – thank you !

  90. Hi this would be amazing for our children in our brand new setting and would really compliment our ethos the children already love cooking their mud and sand and water creations and this would support them to foster further cooperation and planning skills wow!! Thank you for your blogs they are as always useful informative and inspiring x

  91. This would be fantastic for our children. They love exploring the outside area, digging for worms and bringing them in for carpet time. This would be great addition! Thank you!

  92. I’m desperately trying to enhance our huge early years setting provision at the moment! This would be such a boost to staff moral (having something given to us) and enable them to provide the children will endless learning opportunities!

  93. We are currently in the process of developing our outdoor learning space and with most of it being concrete this would be a fantastic addition for our children. They would LOVE it!
    Thank you, Laura

  94. This would be great to enhance the texture kitchen in our foundation stage outdoor area.
    Good luck everyone.

  95. I need to win this set for my texture kitchen it would really enhance our provision!! Fingers and toes crossed!!

  96. This is such an amazing resource! The children would get so much from this. The development and learning opportunities are endless!!!

  97. Oh yes please! Our children would absolutely love these additions to our mud kitchen; they have just begun mixing and making potions…these resources would be such a support for their learning.

  98. Had such a lovely time at your conference in Manchester on Thursday.

    Would love to win these for our texture kitchen!

  99. What a fantastic giveaway!! This would be amazing in our school where we spend loads of time in the outdoors but are really lacking in resources. We have a little mud kitchen with what we could beg steal and borrow so these pots would be amazing to move into a bigger texture kitchen. Our children go home muddy and happy everyday. 🙂

  100. Wow. I would love to win this for my nursery school! It would really enhance our outdoor provision!

  101. I have been extending our mud kitchen with apples, straw and other things this half term but have more ideas now. Thanks

  102. Oh wow, what lovely resources! These would be really inspirational for the children and we’d be so lucky to win them!

  103. We would so love this for our outdoor area-we are just starting on a big project to develop it and this would really help! Fingers crossed…

  104. This is truly fantastic.Our EYFS would benefit greatly from something like this especially some with more sensory needs.Hours of fun!!

  105. My very clever hubby is making a mud kitchen from pallets and a sink unit that my daughter’s nursery teacher has sourced from Freecycle this half term holiday so it would be ace to be able to offer them these goodies to accompany it too please!

  106. We would love this for our school to provide a new learning opportunity for the children many of whom do not have outside spaces to play at home.

  107. My husband made me a lovely mud kitchen in the summer and the children have enjoyed using it this term. Some resources to add interest and exploration would be fantastic. Fingers crossed.

  108. This would be totally amazing, I am trying to update my outside area, but having only you been in post since September I do not have much of a budget yet. To win a prize like this would be truly wonderful.

  109. What a fabulous set, our foundation stage children would love this and would really enhance the hard work of all our staff to improve our outdoor learning stage.

  110. Love your ideas. A real inspiration these resources would be great for our existing mud kitchen.

  111. Mud kitchen fun just has to be done,
    mixing and making come rain or sun.
    Pots, pans and dishes
    spoons….. metal and wood
    making creations
    like all children should!

    Willow tree preschool would LOVE these resources!!!

  112. My EYFS staff team are doing a fantastic job of working together to plan an improved outdoor area with very little financial resources – this equipment would be very welcome and well used I’m sure.

  113. I have loved reading your blog this week. Lots to inspire and loads of ideas to enrich the texture kitchen. I love the resources that you have used! The freebies would really enhance this area for our children. Please count us in!!

  114. Would love to win this! Have just set a target in performance management today to develop outdoor learning and first on the list is a mud/texture kitchen! 🙂 this would be perfect.

  115. Have recently set up a home made mud kitchen, made from a retrieved aluminum kitchen sink, that I fitted into an underused outdoor wooden sandbox. The children love it, but resources are lacking at the moment, so they borrow from other areas to make the play more meaningful.
    This would be a fantastic addition to the area.

  116. thank you for the opportunity, it would be great for our new nursery we are just setting up an outdoor kitchen

  117. Our little lovelies would love these! Even our babies who love our mud kitchens would get so much from these!

  118. I’d love this to enhance the play in our texture kitchen! We are at the beginning of our journey and this would be just the boost we need!

  119. My YrR would love this! I have just been given a large cable spool to use as a giant circular table! Will make a fab texture kitchen with all these bits!

  120. This would be a fantastic addition to our outdoor area. Our mud kitchen is in its infancy but the children love it.

  121. What a fabulous prize! I would love to win these goodies for my Preschool. They’d come in so useful for the activities I have planned during this year as I train to be an Early Years Teacher. They would also be a welcome addition to our home made Mud Kitchen.

  122. We have a great mud kitchen but the tools and equipment look very tired. We would love this resource to use in a very busy kitchen.

  123. We would absolutely LOVE this! Our mud kitchen is up and running (just) and this would be fantastic. Please, please, please pick me!!!!!

  124. Hi, thank you for this fab opportunity to win such great resources. I’m in the process of setting up a mud kitchen in my outdoor area. These would be great and the kids would love them. Fingers & toes crossed! ?

  125. This looks fantastic and would’ve complemented our den building plus sandwiches and hot chocolate today. Hopefully next time 🙂

  126. This would be a fantastic resource to our outdoor area!!! We are looking to add a mud kitchen area and would love the opportunity to offer these open ended resources to inspire our children.

  127. This would be a great enhancement to our nursery in Academy road. The children would love it 🙂

  128. We have had just started our mud kitchen journey with items from freegal. Would love to resource it with some lovely new items. My class would absolutely love this. Fingers crossed 🙂

  129. Time for a Northern Ireland winner?Just what we need to complete our outdoor sensory kitchen! Today we had nettle soup and lavender pie…… Think of the super recipes this equipment would inspire!!!

  130. Our little eyfs class would treasure one of these texture kitchens. As early years practitioners we have so many creative ideas that we would like to try within our small rural primary school. We strive to help our developing children experience the world, but with no funds to make their dreams reality.

  131. Ooooo these are just the kinds of things we are trying to get hold of for next to nothing at the moment (no budget). The possibilities are absolutely endless!

  132. Our mud kitchen isn’t looking to good so would love to surprise the children with these goodies ?

  133. Looks fantastic, love the range of products in the Early Years section of the TTS catalogue so the chance to win is really appreciated!

  134. I would absolutely love to win this! I have a very boy heavy cohort and I know they would learn so much through using these resources. I have my fingers and toes crossed in the hope I win!

  135. Inspired to develop our mud kitchen now! It would be amazing to have this equipment to get us started. Thank you for the posts this week.

  136. We love exploring in our mud kitchen and it feels like a privilege to enable our children to follow their own interests and motivations in this way! This set would nuance our current provision so fingers and toes crossed!!

  137. We would love to be able to add these resources to the mud kitchen which is being built for our little kiddos over the holidays 🙂

  138. Wow all these things would be brilliant for my EYFS outside area which is currently undergoing a huge transformation.

    1. Oh my! Yes please! We have recently been given some limited funds to develop our outside area by our committee after 3 years of really hard work as we are a not for profit organisation and funding is few and far between to find in our area. To win this competition would be AMAZING, and would be a fantastic kick start to our development and would really enhance our children’s outdoor experiences.

  139. Pretty Pretty Pretty please!! My little beauties would love getting down and dirty.

    Thanks Jo

  140. We would put these amazing resources to such good use in our mud kitchen Alistair, I can visualise the learning already!

  141. These would be amazing for me as a childminder with a very outdoors approach to learning and children who love to be outside ?

  142. I would love to win this for my nursery! The children would get so much language development and fun out of this!

  143. Wow!!! What a great giveaway……. Lets hope Lady Luck is smiling on me! The nursery kids would love love love these great resources.

  144. this would make a huge difference in our new play area – it’s all a little bleak at the moment!

  145. I would love to win this for Year R we have five classes that share an outdoor area and this would be a perfect addition to our start up mud kitchen!

  146. These items would be fantastic for our newly installed mud kitchen and the children would love them!

  147. My texture kitchen has been built with lots of recycled bits and bobs and donations, would be great to have something new and shiny to dirty!

  148. How amazing! ? Our children would have a ball with this and the amount of skills we can teach using it!

  149. Our new, homemade outdoor kitchen has just been installed. These would make it just perfect

  150. We have recently moved to a new site and this resource would greatly improve our outside area

  151. Looks like a long shot judging by the number of comments I’ve just scrolled through! But I would love this for our outdoor area

  152. Children in my childcare facility would absolutely love these to enhance their mud kitchen play ?

  153. The children in my foundation unit would love this! I am trying to develop the outside area at the moment to provide more exciting learning opportunities and this would be perfect!

  154. We would love this for Bolster Moor Playgroup in Huddersfield. We are currently working on improving our outdoor space. Thanks.

  155. We would love to win this – like most folk we work on a shoestring budget and resources like this are just a dream. Whether we are lucky or not, thanks for giving groups like ours these opportunities!

  156. We revamping our nursery and the children LOVE our mud/texture kitchen but it’s very basic at the moment. These goodies would bring a real zing to it!!

  157. I work for a charity run preschool. We have a mud kitchen inspired by your blog. I would love to win and add some much needed resources to it.

  158. What an amazing prize! I was asked this morning what do I see the purpose of my outdoor space as. I see it as a place to do messy , large scale physical activities to broaden in all the areas of learning and characteristics. I see it as a place to develop skills the children need.

  159. Oooooooo, these all look fantastic and would be the perfect addition to our new mud kitchen / texture kitchen. The preschool, nursery and reception children would adore these. All staff are coming to your Norwich conference in November, to be inspired!!

  160. We are passionate about children and in the way they learn through being curious and adventurous! We are working on developing our mud kitchen area at the children centre; this equipment would put a smile on so many faces 🙂

  161. This would be so amazing to help us start our texture kitchen! I love the ideas on here! Fingers crossed!!!!

  162. We are big advocates of having a mud kitchen and this equipment would be such a wonderful enhancement!! Going to keep my fingers crossed 🙂

  163. Oh, yes please… This could be our first set of equipment that hasn’t belonged to one of our staff’s children!!!! Fingers crossed!!

  164. This would really help us get properly going with our texture kitchen. Would love to win it for them.

  165. We’ve just created a muddy play area at our nursery and would love these additions! Thanks for the blog-really useful. X Clare

  166. Fingers crossed! I am in a very underfunded inner-city setting with a small concrete outdoor space, this would make a huge difference to the children that I teach. Thank-you for the great opportunity.

  167. We are trYing to set up a mud kitchen in our nursery and at the moment and we would LOVE this. Our children would benefit from this so much.

  168. I would love to win this for the children in my Nursery. We have just had our mud kitchen built and the children can’t wait to start playing in it. This prize would be amazing to help enhance their experience.

  169. PLEASE!!!?. I am currently trying to set up forest school and outdoor provision for ks1! This would be amazing. Xx

  170. I am a senior early years practitioner in greater London. I work with families in deprivation. As a local authority setting we are constantly having budgets cut. I am very passionate about natural open ended play and experiences for children in the early years. I am currently do a research proposal and university on natural open ended play verses man made resources. It would be amazing to win the textured kitchen give away to help support what we have put in place here at my setting already.

    1. Hi Sarah,

      I am very interested in your current research proposal natural resources verses man-made or plastic. In my day to day work I am fortunate to observe the impact and heightened engagement by children when exploring natural resources.
      I’m positive that you will gather some purposeful outcomes.
      Good luck with your research.

  171. Yes please! At our Nursery we have seen a very positive response from the children to our newly established texture kitchen and these resources would be very well received by our children!!! Fingers crossed!

  172. This is a fab giveaway and would enhance our outdoor area immensley
    Fingers and toes crossed!!

  173. Imagine a glorious mud pie made from these amazing resources. I would love to be able to watch the mud pie play in reality.

  174. I’m entering this competition in the hopes that I win (but I never do) So if you could take pity on me and pick me to win I would love this is a great prize for my school. xxx

  175. These resources would enhance our mud and texture kitchen a thousand per cent. And I’ve spent too much on early years so the boss has tightened the purse strings… Would be amazing! Liz

  176. We would love these!!! Our children are loving the mud kitchen that we have thrown together and this would really move their learning forward! X

  177. Oh we’d love this to continue the start of ours! It would be amazing as our children are surrounded by concrete not a very inspiring texture!! Good luck everyone!! X

  178. We are a small community run playgroup who look at all these amazing resources and courses and are never able to afford them. ?We have a grandparent who is kindly making us a new mud kitchen as our other one has been overworked and overloved. These resources would be amazing as the mud kitchen is up there on the best things about playgroup along with the dough disco. Thank you.

  179. The school team are working really hard to improve our foundation area, these would be a perfect addition to our mud kitchen and outdoor area.

  180. like all others I dream of winning this prize for the eyfs department at our school. They would love the opportunity to explore and learn in this way – an opportunity that they at the moment do not have ? heres hoping xx to win xx

  181. We’re getting a new outdoor classroom next term and the resources would be a fantastic addition.

  182. This would be such an amazing prize to won. I am building up the courage to open a family daycare with a huge focus on the outdoor environment and to win this would be a great start.

  183. Wow what amazing resources. This would add such quality to our kitchen which is part of my Initial teacher training action plan. Fingers crossed

  184. These resources would be a welcome addition to our mud / texture kitchen.

    Fingers crossed at Building Blocks Child Care in Preston Lancashire x

  185. We are just working with a sponsor to do up our eyes outdoor area so this would be a marvellous addition. ?

  186. This would be a much loved addition to the outdoor area in our foundation setting. Children and staff love getting in a mess!

  187. Aw how lovely bet any children that win this will love it and get loads of fun learning out of the different objects….. good luck every1! 🙂

  188. We have recently intalled a new mud kitchen but we have very limited resources, these items would be perfect and a very welcomed gift. The mud kitchen is extremely popular with our children and staff – you cannot beat a bit of chocolate mud soup and chocolate mud pie!

  189. Installing a mud kitchen has been faught with difficulties but a texture kitchen could he the answer!! Very excited and what an amazing give away to the winner!! ? Thank you for share all your ideas this week.

  190. This looks amazing! As an EYFS unit that is already out of money for the year we are having to beg and borrow for every resource- to win something like this would make our setting much more special for the children.

  191. My Foundation Stage children in both f1 and f2 would adore these resources!
    Definitely an exciting addition to their ‘monster catching potions’ they’ve been busy playing with this week!!
    Endless possibilities!!

  192. We’re currently on a journey developing our outdoor area and practice! This would be a great help and inspire the team to develop an outdoor kitchen!

  193. Wow! What lovely resources! We would love these! Due to limited funds we have recently relied on donations from our parents to construct our new mud kitchen, these items would complete our newly installed mud kitchen beautifully.

  194. Wow! We are currently developing our texture kitchen and so it would be amazing to win something like this! Please pick my number ?

  195. The children in the nursery would love this. It would provide endless learning opportunities for the children to extend their development

  196. This would be amazing to win I have loved this weeks blog posts and definitely want to set more of this up! Had a great time last Friday at your conference in Exeter x

  197. This would be amazing to win. I have loved your blog posts this week and definitely want to get more of this set up. My team had a great day at your conference last Friday in Exeter!

  198. We are developing a ‘Secret Garden’ area for the early years. These would be a great addition to help the children make magic potions, perfumes and anything else that takes their fancy ?

  199. I love this kitchen, I love this set,
    With these things, children’s needs will be met,
    For nature, for mixing potions,
    I can see this causing glorious commotions,
    Oh give the to me please please please,
    Just think of all the fruit we could squeeze (and make paint)
    Fingers crossed

  200. These look fantastic! We’re hopefully getting our mud kitchen/outdoor exploration area installed next Monday (by my lovely father in law!) and these would be simply perfect!

    1. OMG my children would love this – so much scope for learning – who ever gets this is very lucky

    2. Ahhh, my foundation class would absolutely love this. We are just in the process of trying to revamp our outdoor area to give it a new lease of life!

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