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Happy half term one and all! I really cannot believe where this year has gone. One more half term to go and that will be it!

This week I am giving two lucky blog readers the chance to win a ‘Box of Exploration’ that have kindly been donated by our friends at TTS.

The Box of Exploration is the third ideas box that I have created for them and goes alongside the Box of Bones


and the Box of Fairies.


The boxes are not ‘topic’ boxes as such, they are intended to provide you with some unique resources and activity ideas that you can take in a thousand different directions, depending on the interests and imagination of your children.

Each box has got a set of resources in it plus a book of ideas and activities and a CD of downloads. Again, I have tried to make the ideas as open ended as possible to allow you lots of flexibility.

The Box of Exploration is all about hidden treasures and discoveries.


a ‘real’ gold mask




brass telescope and compass



a code maker/breaker for secret clues and messages…



an ancient arrow or spear head…



a hollow stone for hiding treasure or messages…



a pouch full of silver…

I made sure that I had a magic lamp as well to make sure that your exploring could literally take you anywhere and have any outcome.


You could be hunting for dragons, captured by the Incas, diving to the bottom of the sea, being captured by pirates, out in space – the list is literally endless.

If you would like the chance to win a Box of Exploration then all you have to do is…

Leave a comment at the end of this blog post and/or

Leave a comment on the ABC Does Facebook page hereΒ and /or

Tweet me @ABCDoes

All entries must be received by noon on Saturday 7th June 2014

The two lucky winners will be informed by the method in which they entered the giveaway.

Good Luck


307 Comments on “Box of Exploration Giveaway”

  1. Hi Alistair, I get my own Reception class in my first teaching post in September and I’d love this beautiful set to start me on the right path. Fingers crossed! Thanks x

  2. We really need to work on our imaginative play and this would really support us!
    Thank you for your inspirational blog – it is really supporting me to reflect.

  3. Dragons, fairies and treasure, oh my!
    With this box,my NQTs could fly
    Into imaginative CHILD INITIATED play
    Which has been a bit lacking since I’ve been on Mat pay.
    My mission this term is to enthuse children and staff
    Hoping they see that child led is a laugh!
    So when choosing the winner for your box of awesome
    Please think of us with one term left to blossom!

    Kind regards,

  4. Alistair, it would be fab if I could take a Box of Exploration to school for the children to play with. Thank you

  5. After spending the weekend with you at the Inspired EC conference I can’t think of anything better then having something like this to reminder me of you!

  6. Year 2 ‘China’ topic: The children received a message that a Chinese Dragon had left an egg in the woods. How did the message arrive? How will they find it? Will they have enough silver coins to pay to cross the log bridge over the stream? Who will find the egg? What will be inside it?
    And that’s just the teacher who is inspired! …….

  7. Brilliant! The best thing about this is that we are giving the children something that is worth talking about. I can imagine the creating, imagining, questioning and linking that will be stimulated by the box of exploration. Please enter me/my school into this competition.

  8. First time I have seen your web site after hearing a colleague enthuse about having heard you at a conference. Will be looking in regularly, lovely ideas

  9. This box of exploration looks amazing, I can already imagine some of the things our children would do with it!
    I would love to win this for my school πŸ™‚

  10. What a wonderful resource to keep the imagination going for young and old at playgroup. I love the little door into another world.

  11. I’m moving into Year 1 next year and have just discovered your website. What a lot of exciting ideas! I’m very excited.

  12. On return from our reception class coach outing to the seaside tomorrow, where we hope to send a message in a bottle, we will all return to our classroom and our current project. Transforming the humble wendy house into …’The Natural History Museum’. We have already created fossils! dug up ancient bones, many discovered in our sandpit, taking care to individually label our exhibits however all those lovely trinkets you describe in your blog would be the icing on the cake, perhaps we would need to issue tickets to view such riches, you would be invited too.

  13. This would be a fabulous enhancement; in times of slashed budgets I would love to be in with a chance of winning this for my little explorers! Thank you.

  14. These would be a great addition to our imaginative play box. They look fantastic and my Reception children would love them

  15. I find you inspirational Alistair, would love the chance to win the box of exploration for my Reception class to stimulate imaginative , open ended play:)

  16. I am currently a Reception Teacher however I am in the process of taking over an existing children’s day nursery. . I would love to be lucky enough to win the Box of Exploration to add to my list of purposeful resources!
    Many thanks

  17. We would love this exploration box. We are currently in the process of improving our settings resources and this would really us.

  18. WOW this would really inspire my classs to be explorers. We would love this, so keeping everything crossed (including my eyes!)

  19. Great blog, thanks to tishylishy for sharing on her Facebook page. Would love to win the giveaway to help develop our outside classroom. Thank you, Amy

  20. I think this resource could be my pot of gold under the rainbow in my new job, exciting starting points for encouraging inquisitive little ones, would love to win!

  21. I would really love to win this please! I’m going into my first year of teaching and it’s a reception class. I know my new class will love this! Thank you for all your resources.
    H x

  22. Just awaiting delivery of another of your great books…’ Getting ready to write’. Love the blog. Thanks.

  23. Wow, those look absolutely fantastic! I know my Reception class would love to use this and explore the contents of the box!

  24. Amazing chance…..I am starting a new job in September as Nursery Leader and would love to make a brilliant start for the children….and perhaps impress the Head! Thank you.

  25. I’ve been so inspired now for a theme for this term, pleeeeeeaaasssse let us be lucky. This would be awsome alongside our introduction of our mud kitchen and the reopening of our fabulous ‘nature garden’

  26. Yo HO HO, Our Pirate theme would be made all the more exciting with these ‘treasures’!!

  27. Ooh Aaaargh Captain Bryce-Clegg, me little maties would love to get their hands on those precious gems. Sorry if that sounded lame, just dressed up as a pirate with the children, hard to get out of the piratey mode. We would love this in our setting!

  28. I would love this box, the children in my class would have so much fun playing and exploring with these.

  29. I don’t know who would love the box more the children or the practitioners, so much fun to look forward to with the treasure. Especially the magic lamp… can you make a wish come true.

  30. Hi,
    It would be wonderful to win your box of mystery! I have a ‘small lump of concrete’ to work with. I have made bark filled tyres , small flower bed and it would be great to make my area more exciting and encourage the childrens language and imagination other than drawing pictures and using construction. Please Please Please Lorraine x

  31. I absolutely love this idea for exploration boxes. They have a totally magical quality which so inspires children and adults alike.

  32. Yes please. We have been working really hard to develop our outdoor provision with our current cohort. This would be a fabulous addition.

  33. I would love to take these with me to nursery on my first day back after maternity leave!! Thank you!!

  34. Now the dry weather is beginning to arrive our outdoor area is sustaining ever more creative and imaginative play by the day. Would love this box to transport us on yet more imaginary journeys! Thank you for the opportuniy . Linda MacDonald

  35. The thought of this box has given me the much needed boost to takle my reports – would love one!

  36. Wow! My reading area is a fairytale castle at the moment and I was thinking of adding props just like your exploration box! Fantastic idea!

  37. Exploring a box of exploration would be so exciting and I would love to share this with the children at my school.

  38. Going to be new to a reception class in September, would love to have this for my children to explore

  39. I would love to win this for my Nursery class! The magic lamp and the hidden treasure would go down a storm I am sure. Fingers crossed.

  40. This looks like a whole lot of fun, as a parent helper and also a governor at an infant school I would love to see how children respond to these resources, fingers crossed for us!

  41. Wow how fantastic so many items for open ended play and exploration- would be amazing to share with our children at Acorn

  42. A lovely resource that would really help to support our children in their imaginative play. It would be lovely to win this.

  43. This looks amazing, we are beginning to put together lots of ‘open ended’ resource boxes, this would really be excellent for our nursery children, the learning opportunities are endless……

  44. Hi! Would love the chance of winning this to encourage my children to use their imagination! Got my fingers crossed!

  45. Excellent ideas, you got me thinking outside of the box. Would be fantastic to win to share with our nursery. x

  46. My class would love to explore these. They have fantastic imaginations so we coukd be going any where.

  47. We really need to develop this area in our new garden, so your ‘Exploration box’ would be a perfect start!

  48. I know some wonderful little people who would love the chance to play with a Box of Exploration. Fabulous prize!!

  49. Oooooo yes please! This would set the children up in our Reception classes for a fantastic adventure as they prepare for the transition to Year 1! Exciting!

  50. That looks amazing. Imaginative play is an area of development for both our onsite nursery and reception class. This would help us on our way. Please consider us. Thank you.

  51. This looks fantastic our Nursery would love this!! Would love the chance to win the Box of exploration (fingers crossed)

  52. Our next topic is “let’s go on an adventure” so we would love these resources to inspire the children.

  53. My class of Reception/ 1 and 2 would really love this. We have a fairy who visits our class regularly and causes mischief, and leaves challenges for us to complete so the fairies box would be wonderful!

  54. I am a childminder – my mindees and I would love the chance to get our hands on one of these boxes – thanks!

  55. Would definitely love this set – think we may have to buy one if we aren’t lucky enough to win!

  56. It would help end the year with an exciting exploration and aid transition. What a fantastic resource. Fingers and toes crossed.

  57. Yet again another fantastic resource! My nursery kids would love finding these…

  58. Happy half term . This would be perfect for our outdoor area which we are currently working hard to revamp.

  59. I have just been employed my a wonderful school to start my journey as a newly qualified teacher in a reception class. After attending a recent course you gave in Exeter, I would love to be able to share this great idea with the children I am yet to meet! Thanks for the tips afew weeks ago!

  60. Wow, that looks so amazing. Just what we need at the moment for our foundation unit that we are desperately trying to improve. It would encourage imagination, creativity, curiosity and so much more…….We would absolutely love this!

  61. Hi Alistar I have followed you for a long time and LOVE all your exciting and innovating ideas, which I love trying out wi the children at nursery. I have never left a comment or anything before!!! I love the idea of the ‘exploration box’ and have tried to make something fairly similar but would love to get the chance to win an actual one!!!!

  62. With an amazing collection like these we can transport their imagination into the realms of endless opportunities!

  63. Love, love, love this! Would love for my early years class to discover some of these things during forest school sessions!

  64. oooohhhh I would like to get the magic lamp and take the children on the flying carpet to the land where their dreams come true :)))

  65. These things would certainly enhance our last term in foundation stage….where has this year gone?! πŸ™‚

  66. Ooohhh what a fantastic resource. Yes please Alistair, a very engaging box that would help build the imagination of my class and feed into some great writing.

  67. I can see a pirate ship in the distance, not any old old pirate ship…. built by young hands, a shared venture full of ideas….crates, carpet tubes, boxes and material all create an adventure tackling sharks, baddies, mermaids and of course batman, who undoubtedly will make an appearance, the pirate ship becomes a bat car…and on the adventure goes. Would be a great addition to our Foundation area indoor and out….and I would enjoy them too!

  68. Oh wow this looks fantastic, our pre school are love being in the garden and ‘exploration’ is one of their favourite past times!!

  69. I will be an NQT in September teaching reception. This would be fabulous for us to explore together!!

  70. This would be fabulous to take to my new job setting up a new foundation unit. I will be on here rather a lot for ideas and inspiration in the coming year!!!

  71. Heard you speak at an Early Education conference and spilt my cuppa because I was laughing so much. I was also very inspired too ! Would love to share the box of exploration with my nursery class !

  72. So many directions this box could take imagination and discovery… exciting! The children (and adults!) at pre-school would love it.

  73. Alastair have you heard the story from Phil Tuffnel about the Aussie saying to him “can I borrow your brain I am building an idiot?” Well in your case it should be ” can I borrow you brain I am building a genius? ” these boxes are wonderful and save people a massive amount of time hunting for items!

  74. Love this idea, my mentor shower me something similar yesterday! Would be brill to use on my EYTS assessment day! πŸ™‚

  75. Looks fantastic! These would be amazing starting points to fire the imagination of all children right throughout the school. The possibilities are endless!

  76. Spent all of Thursday giving our outdoor area an overall, all staff got stuck in and the transformation is fantastic, can’t wait for our reception children to see it. This prize would be the icing on the cake xxx

  77. Yes please! I am spending this summer giving our outdoor area and overhaul and I’d love to be able to add an exploration box!

  78. Me please Alistair, we have worked really hard with the children on their imaginative play this year and would dearly love one of these to set their imaginations into overload

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