Granny’s Teeth and a Tooth Fairy Problem Solved!

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Granny’s Teeth and a Tooth Fairy Problem Solved!


Some children in FS2 at Summerside School recently lost some milk teeth. We talked about how important it is to look after your teeth. The children were shown how to brush their teeth. We had fun making our own toothpaste and everyone tried it out with a new toothbrush.

Try this toothpaste recipe:

1 teaspoon baking soda

½ teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon peppermint essential oil

A few drops of water


We talked about what happens when you lose a tooth. We had a discussion about what happens in different cultures. Did you know that in Mali children put their lost tooth under a gourd to find a chicken in its place the next morning?

We wrote to the tooth fairies to ask what happens to the teeth they collect.

Picture 3

Picture3Guess what? They wrote back and along with the letters there was a very strange parcel! The fairies had a problem or three!  They needed our help.

The fairy had collected some teeth, but wasn’t sure they belonged to a child. She asked us these questions:

  1. Who could they belong to?
  2. How was she going to get them back to the 19th floor of the tower block opposite our school? (They were very heavy for a little fairy!)
  3. If the going rate was 10p per tooth, how much money would she have to leave for them?


The children investigated their own teeth and looked at animal teeth. We decided that the teeth must be human. Mason thought they belonged to The Queen, because they were in such a nice box. He wrote to Buckingham Palace to let her know that we’re keeping them safe! Mohamed said “They belong to my nan and she’s gonna go mad when she finds out!”

Picture5The children worked as a team to find out how much money the teeth were worth. They investigated coins and some children wrote a number sentence to help the fairy out.


The children had some great ideas for transporting the teeth back to the 19th floor, including using a hot air balloon, a trampoline and by broomstick!


We found some magic fairy dust and followed the trail to a tiny door, hidden in the ivy!


We had a visit from the supervising fairy for the North Finchley district. She told us about a terrible dilemma! One hundred fairies were expected for a festival, but there were not enough places for them to stay. She sprinkled us with fairy tears (as you know, nothing is sadder than real fairy tears!) Given our track record for solving fairy problems, we had been chosen to build some fairy houses and make some furniture for our little visitors.  We set to work…



The fairy magic continues at Summerside.  The children are still hoping to catch a glimpse of a fairy and leave daily messages for them at the fairy door!

We would like to thank Alistair for sharing Granny’s teeth, which provided a stimulus for such exciting learning opportunities.

The children made a magic fairy potion to bring fun and laughter to the next lucky recipient of Granny’s Teeth!


Thank you Katrina and all of the Summerside fairy finders (lucky you)! Hope the fun and laughter potion works, the next Granny’s  teeth recipients will have to let us know!



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