The Joker Loses His Teeth!

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The Joker Loses His Teeth!

At The Friars Primary School in Salford there has been a bit of a Superhero theme going on in Reception. Alongside that they have also been talking about the Police Force as Gracie’s mum is a Police Officer.

The two themes came together beautifully when Mrs Toole’s Reception class became the scene of a crime!

Crime scene

Chairs had been knocked over, there were lots of ‘F”s and ‘J”s all over the table. The criminal (or criminals) had also been eating the snack!

The police had sealed off the area and asked the children for their help in solving the crime.

Joker 2

 This tied in nicely with a recent visit from Gracie’s mum, where she had talked to the children all about looking for and collecting evidence. They all knew how important it was to wear your ‘special white gloves’!



Fred is the class phonics frog, so it didn’t take the children too long to work out that the frog prints belonged to him. But who’s were the footprints? Fred had been FROGNAPPED!

More evidence was coming in all of the time…

Email from police





The children then needed to go outside to check for more clues…

Outdside clues


Lots more ‘clues’ were discovered and theories were discussed. Then another important clue arrived…

Miss Gillian


But how would they know it really was The Joker?

Well, as luck would have it, The Joker had ‘signed in’ at Reception. Miss Arnold (the Head). Had evidence in the form of a visitors badge!

Visitors pass

 Now the children knew who the teeth belonged to, it was time to have a closer look at them…


 The children wrote to The Joker to ask him not to be so badly behaved and also for Fred back! 

The Joker wrote back with a challenge!


They did complete the challenges, so a very ‘gummy’  Joker came in to appologise.

Joker frog

The Joker actually visited the children. As he came in he pretended to have no teeth and with a quick slight of hand picked up the teeth and pretended to put them in (whilst hiding them in his inside pocket)! The children were stunned!

The Joker did indeed say ‘sorry’ and that he wouldn’t be bad again!

Even after he left the children still wrote to him and he wrote back. 300 jpeg Scan 6


There were LOADS of opportunities to for the children to mark make and write…



Here is some of their writing about The Joker’s teeth…

300 jpeg Scan 3



300 jpeg Scan 2


300 jpeg Scan 4


300 jpeg Scan 5

300 jpeg Scan


This looks like it was fantastic inspiration for learning! Well done to Sarah Toole and all of the team at The Friars for the effort and creative thinking. I am really glad that my Granny’s teeth made a good enhancement!

I can’t wait to see what happens to them next!






3 Comments on “The Joker Loses His Teeth!”

  1. What app have you used to create your pictures? I would love to create pictures like this for my classroom environment for September.

  2. I was lucky enough to be part of this fantastic project at the Friars and can honestly say that I have never seen anything inspire and motivate children so much! They were all completely immersed from start to finish and the amount that it captured their imaginations created the ultimate intrinsic motivation which led to really high quality literacy and numeracy work from all the children, especially those who are normally reluctant to write! If you are thinking of running with an idea like this in your setting then DO IT and enjoy every moment that it reminds you why it’s so fantastic to work with young children!

  3. Fantastic plot to promote a wide range of experiences and observations – love it! Well done – will definitely “steal” your ideas!

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