Dough Gym Week – Malleable Ideas

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So, this week we have been mostly learning about…Dough Gym (and Funky Fingers). I promised that I would share some of my favourite malleable materials.

Remember to link the malleability of the material to the level of resistance that you need to support your children’s development.

All of these ideas (and more) you can find inΒ ‘Getting Ready to Write’.

Ready to write_8_x


Ready to write_8_x2


Ready to write_8_x3


Ready to write_8_x4


Ready to write_8_x5


Ready to write_8_x6


Ready to write_8_x7


Ready to write_8_x9


Ready to write_8_x10

So now you know what you can spend your weekend doing!

Have fun…


23 Comments on “Dough Gym Week – Malleable Ideas”

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  2. Made cloud dough (is it supposed to be that crumbly?) squeeze and snap dough, the children loved how smooth it felt last time I made it. Marshmallow dough. Ran out of corn flour added plain flour to make is less sticky (BIG MISTAKE! think it just needed time! now is like a brick!!!!!) not sure the 16-24 month aged children will manage to manipulate it tomorrow. But I’m excited about the investigates that will occur! πŸ™‚

  3. I’ve made cooked dough and salt dough so far today, Am going to be making cloud dough and marshmallow dough tomorrow. Then will be doing an activity with 16-24 month old children in the nursery as part of my early years teacher qualification. We will explore colour, texture and malleability.
    I’ve also got aqua beads and am thinking of adding them to flubber or hair Jell.
    Thanks for inspiring me

  4. One thing – It might be worth mentioning (maybe you did but I missed it), that marshmallows and jelly are not normally veggie. (But can be, if you seek them out)

  5. So inspiring..thank you! Im new to early years and now cant wait to get messy! Is there any where i can watch you doing ‘dough gym’?

  6. Absolutely love all these ideas. Have recently purchased your books from the “50 ways” range. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. The paint in the zipper wallet looks like a great idea to encourage boys to have a go at mark making or practise correct letter formation! Lots of inspirational ideas!

  8. Looking at pencil grip. I have seen the claw in your previous blogs. Would you give this only to children who are nearly there with pencil grip or all children even if still using Palmer grasp etc , whilst supporting development of fine motor in other ways .

  9. Your blogs are so inspirational thank you. I have just tried your idea of putting paint into zip wallets for the children to practise markmaking on. I put two different colours in and as the children played the colours marbled and eventually mixed together to make a new colour. Got lots of talk and high levels of vocabulary around what they could see and the texture of the paint.

  10. I love the funky fingers football – but where can I get them?!!
    Moving on slightly from your paint in a zip-lock folder … when teacher training I came across a great idea for conservation of number – using the zip pockets; fill with clear ‘value’ hair gel and add e.g. 5 objects (could be linked with children’s interest/topic – so, let’s say plastic ladybirds). Using a permanent marker, draw a vertical line to divide into two halves. Push the ladybirds around the folder 2 on one side, 3 on the other – how many altogether? Push the ladybirds around again – now how many on each side? 4 + 1 = 5 altogether. Good for getting those fingers moving and good for calculating!

  11. Always enjoy looking at your blogs and taking the ideas to my Reception class. Marshmallow dough was fun!!! Might try the chocolate one next!!! Thank you – very inspirational.

  12. Thank you so much for this series of blogs, i followed the whole process from assessment to funky fingers sessions and today achieved an outstanding lesson grading from the head for it.

  13. Amaaaaazing ! Won’t sleep tonight thinking about all the fun learning and development our pre-schoolers will have with all that dough! Have done similar sand dough recently – we love it at our pre-school – made pyramids for Egypt project and ‘Daddy Rocks’ for Fathers Day ! Think Marshmallow one will be next ! Yum ! Will add some 5 spice maybe next week to some dough – Aladdin (China) topic.

  14. Well, so many ideas I can’t wait to try. Just made the porridge dough. Looking forward to showing it to the children in the morning!

  15. I’ve used coffee in mine and it has come out a lovely tan colour. πŸ™‚ ….what a way to spend a weekend!

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  16. Do I get a gold star for honestly saying we’ve made all of the above! Or do we need to get a life!

  17. This week I have mostly enjoyed reading these ‘Blogs’, thank you! πŸ™‚
    We’ve just been discussing how to create a variety of flesh coloured dough in response to some observations and questions about body awareness. It will probably end up in a huge ball of ‘grey’ but hopefully will be good fun along the way!

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