Shaking the Foundations – Cathy Nutbrown

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Last year Cathy published her Government commissioned review of early education and child care qualifications which began by saying:

‘Learning begins  from  birth, and high quality early  education  and care has the potential  to make an important  and  positive  impact on the learning, development and wellbeing of babies and young children, in their daily lives and the longer term’ 

Who, I ask, could disagree with that? Anyone who works in early education knows this to be a fundamental truth.

A year on though, it looks like many of Cathy's recommendations have been ignored. The current proposals by the government will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the quality of care and education that our youngest children receive.

This week Cathy has published 'Shaking the Foundations of Quality?' I have attached a copy below. It is well worth a read, although it will definitely not give you that 'Friday Feeling'!

Download Shaking the foundations of quality (Nutbrown)


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