Teaching Key Words? Tattoo them on, then they won’t forget!

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Do you know what? I am only half joking! This week I have discovered that there is such a thing as temporary tattoo paper! You print out images on it from your computer and then they peel off and stick on just like the ones my boys come home covered in from the school disco!

Tattoo skull 
(TIP: If you are going to use text remeber to reverse it BEFORE you print. You can do this in most word processing programmes now).

I know that you would have to have a discussion with your team and the senior leaders about whether they would promote the use of temporary tattoos in your setting, but just think of the possibilities…

Lots of children would be very motivated by the thought of being able to create their own Ben 10 tattoo.

What about getting children mark making with the incentive to design, scan and then print their own tattoo design!

What about these for a bit of 'talk' motivation…

Hand tattoos
They are called hand tattoos. You could scan and print your own and they wouldn't rub off like face paint.

Thought this had loads of potential for any amount of hilarious talk/writing/role play/staff 'end of term outing' scenarios.

For trips and outings you could tattoo the settings phone number on the children's wrists – better than a badge or a sticker that will probably get chewed or lost.

Safetytat (image from blisstree.com)

Or if you really want to be sure it will be seen – on their face!Lost tattoo (image from blisstree.com

Most of the tattoo papers I have looked at say the tattoos come off easily with baby oil. Having said that I have had to resort to the loofah on more than one occasion after a particularly prolific tattooing session! (on my boys you understand not me! Just incase you were wondering.)

Just imagine…no more tissue paper roses for mother's day or naff cards for father's day – send home a tattoo! Mum 4 EVA! U Rock Dad!

Tea tattoo
What mother wouldn't want one?

You could tattoo 1,2,3,4 and 5 acrossthe children's fingers, 'left'  and 'right' on the appropriate hands. Even FULL STOP  on one hand and CAPITAL LETTER on the other! If you tattooed FINGER SPACES on the forehead of the child sitting opposite, that would be all of your writing targets done at once. Everywhere they look they will be reminded of their next steps.

Why had no one thought of this before? When the target changes, just wash it off and tattoo them with the next one!

Those children who never bring back their library book or always forget their PE kit…tattoo them! They will soon remember!

I am going now to order some 'temporary tattoo paper' and while I am waiting for the postman to deliver it I shall be thinking up yet more creative ways of how the tattoo could revolutionise education as we know it…

Eyes in back of head tatt

Well, we are always telling children that we have eyes in the back of our heads!


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