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I will keep adding them as I get them, so keep checking back in!


Download Abcdoes…environment map

Download Abcdoes…environment map 2003

Download Child Initiated Planner Blank

Download Child Initiated Planner

Download FEEDING_FORWARD_weekly_sheet

Download Outdoor plan with evidence

Download Daily planner (first half term)

Download Objective Led Planning (new)


Download Transition Policy – ABC

Download Transition Policy – ABC 1997-2003

Download Weapon-Super Hero Play Policy


Download EYFS_Class_Master tracker

Download ABC Lesson OBS 


Download Playdough recipes

Download Playdough recipes 97-2003


Download EYFS Statutory Framework March 2012(3) NEW FRAMEWORK

Download Development-Matters-in-the-Early-Years-Foundation-Stage – GUIDANCE

Download Confident Capable boys

Download Eyfs_ep_creativ_cri_think

Download Learning-Playing-and-Interacting.-final1

Download Challenging-Practice-to-Further-Improve-Learning-Playing-and-Interacting1

 Download Lighting the Fire Community Play Things


Download Comparator_data_of_EYFSP_and_KS1_

Download Do you believe in fairies


Download Grip1

Download Grip2

Download Grip3

Download Grip4


Download Coaching ABC Does


Download Example Report – with next steps addition ( ARA document page 17 says..

Reports should be specific to the child, concise, informative and help to identify appropriate next steps.  I can’t find anything more specific than that.)

Download Characteristics of Effective Learning Guide

Download Transition Policy – ABC

Download Transition Policy – ABC 1997-2003

Download Development Matters Tracker Booklet – Formatted for Kids Allowed Nursery as an example

Download Well Being and Involvement Scales




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  1. Hi I cant seem to open any of your documents and really want to look at them!
    I have been so inspired by you and have already implemented the fidget fingers and to develop my dough disco!

  2. Hi Norma. Thanks for getting in touch. I am really glad that you enjoyed the conference and that is made some sense! Your mark making sounds great- keep up the good work!

  3. Alister I have got to say I went to the tts conference and you have inspired me so much in changing things in my setting. First thing we did was get rid of the writing area and made up ten writing backpacks, which we put in different places around the setting to try to engage our boys. My it worked I have a lovely photo of two of our boys sat slumped on beanbags having a lovely conversation about shopping and checking the cupboards to see what they need , then writing their shopping lists. They stayed on this for over an hour. Fantastic for two boys who never touched the writing area before. So the fun begins in our setting changing things around to engage my children. Thank you got the inspiration and insight

  4. OMG Mr ABC, I wish I had found that example report before being 14 deep! It is so helpful, thanks a million x

  5. The grip pictures displayed with post-its as at Friar’s have been so much help in promoting pre-handwriting skills. I have put the child’s name and two or three ideas to help each child on the post-its. Parents and staff alike have been looking, asking and trying out ideas, and children have been benefitting from appropriate help!
    Also impressed the ofsted inspectors in my class this week.
    Thank you.

  6. Wow!
    Thank you for a totally inspiring and very amusing twilight session today…
    Your ideas are absolutely SPOT ON and make so much sense.
    I especially love your dancing Dough Gym and can see myself being the ‘TA’ assigned to explore that area!! 😉
    Thanks again

  7. Hi
    Thanks for all the amazing resources! I am a newly qualified Early Years teacher and finding this site is like finding a gold nugget!!!The theory in Uni is good but you need to know what Real teachers do in the field!
    I live in Perth Western Australia and I am so grateful for teachers who share and upload so many resources

  8. I attended a conference last week where Alistair was a guest speaker. Certainly woke me up and made me listen. Unfortunately I didnt get to do his workshop but wish I had. In a pack away preschool but have downloaded your environment plan to show my staff to give them some ideas. Hopefully they want just say. But we’re a pack away preschool.

  9. Alistair you are a true inspiration to all of us at Marlborough Road. Anyone reading this who wants to be inspired and entertained go along to one of ABC’s (as we call him)conferences. Or if you have a fabulous headteacher, like we do,who will buy in ABC to consult in your setting – its worth it I promise. He works miracles – well he has with us!

  10. I am also a fan! Oh Dear Alistair- you are creating monsters! I fear you may have put this on to inflate me after last weeks deflation!?

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