Policies, Planning and other bits!

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All has been a little quiet on the blogging front of late as I have been up to my eyes in all sorts of exciting EYFS 'stuff'. But as we have 2 lovely long weekends close together I am getting some time to catch my breath.

Having said that, I have just got back from Borehamwood (Hertfordshire ) where I had the great pleasure of delivering a conference. To make it easier for all of the delegates (and anyone else who is looking) I am going to post all of the formats that I talked about today here.

I know I keep saying it but the newer, much improved blog is coming – I am just struggling to find some quality time to do it!

If you have any questions about any of the following, please ask. As I said today these are not the 'ultimate' examples they are starting points for you to play with and fit to your team needs. Alongside my own formats I have also included the feeding forward sheet that I pinched from Lark Hill in Salford.

Environment Map

Download Abcdoes…environment map 2003

Weekly Planning cue (if you can't do daily)

Download FEEDING_FORWARD_weekly_sheet

Theme planner  (medium term)

Download Child Initiated Planner Blank

Other refs

Download Confident Capable boys

Download Eyfs_ep_creativ_cri_think

Comparative data Power Point  – FSP to End of KS1

Download Comparator_data_of_EYFSP_and_KS1_

Transition Policy

Download Transition Policy – ABC 1997-2003

Weapon and Superhero Play Policy

Download Weapon-Super Hero Play Policy

Any questions… just ask!



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  1. Had a wonderful time at the conference in Borehamwood on Tuesday. What a wonderful inset opportunity! Thank you so much Alastair.

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