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 I have realised that I often start my blog posts by saying how much I have loved my day. I do appreciate how fortunate I am to be able to say that, but it is very true and today was no exception!

There was a tinge of sadness to today as it was the final visit to two of the creativity project settings. They have both been an absolute PLEASURE to work with so I am genuinely sad that the project is over. When I say that, it is over for me but I am certain it will be carrying on for some time to come in both settings.

I started the day In Moor Park where I had been invited to watch a collection of 1 minute videos.I had said to the children that when I came to watch their work that I would bring pop corn. Of course me being me, I didn't go for the easier option of just buying a bag, I decided that I wanted them to experience popping their own. So, this weekend I dug out the pop corn maker and dutifully purchased my popping corn from Tesco!

One of the many things I have loved about this project is that I have been able to build up relationships with both staff and children in each of the settings.

First job on the list at Moor Park was to make the pop corn. There were no shortage of helpers to make it and to eat it. They were so keen on it I was afraid I wouldn't have enough to go around!

Once the corn was popped it was time for the movies! The start of proceedings was only slightly delayed by a boy who had several bits of spiral pasta stashed away in his underpants. In his haste not to have his theft detected he had failed to consider the consequence of crossing your legs whilst harbinging sharp trouser booty!

The movies were really good – admittedly some lasted a little longer than a minute (one was 10 mins long) but considering that they were made by Reception age children…I was very impressed!

All too soon it was time to go. The staff and children at Moor Park have been brilliant to work with and have managed to achieve a great deal of progress throughout this project. It has been an absolute pleasure working with them all.

Then it was off to Waterloo to find out what the fairies had been up to. It turns out that they have been up to quite a lot – as have the children!

This is a basket FULL of mini things that the children have made for the fairies.

DSC07480 The children have been making them non stop!

 Not only have the fairies been a great stimulus for mark making they have inspired all sorts of other projects. I left the setting today with tonnes of photographs and videos (more of those in future posts when I have had a chance to collate them)!

I was given a guided tour of the 'fairy garden' where the children have left all of the items that they have made for their new fairy friends.

 Imagine their delight when they discovered this tiny plate of fairy treats hidden in a primrose.

One little boy had made the fairies a house to have a party in…

 He then went on to record a made up song about fairies onto a talking tin and stuck it inside so that the fairies would have some music to dance to. It was brilliant!

 Inbetween that and a bit of worm measuring…

That was my afternoon!

What a day… hope there are more like this to come!


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  1. Talking tins… I swear I’ve seen them before but can’t for the life of me remember where. Do you know who manufacters them or other kinds of voice recorders for early years?

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