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I had SUCH a good time in my role as Fairy Folk Finder. It a project with massive potential. I took my camera to get some photographs and of course got so engrossed in the delivery that I didn't manage to take any!

I have asked the ladies at Waterloo to send me the ones they took so when they do I will post more info about how we see the project working and what we have done so far.

On Monday this week I was working with the Early Years Department of a large primary school in Salford with 86 FS children

The school have not long since finished some re-modelling and the EY now have a huge space at their disposal. On the one hand this is fantastic as the potential for creating ' unique ' areas is huge, but on the other hand it is a real challenge to plan for, staff and resource. Sally, the EY Coordinator, has a really strong vision for what she wants to do with the space and accepts that it is a long term journey that she will not have done by next week! The team have made real progress so far.

I really enjoyed working with the team and found myself getting carried away with the potential of the space. I think I made Sally's head hurt!

Although the ideal for this setting would be to move to daily planning, the logistics and staffing at the moment mean that it would actually end up being less effective if they tried to implement it now than what they are doing at the moment.

They currently use a weekly planner that feeds directly from the previous weeks assessment and any children's preferences for learning that have been picked up.

The whole team sit down together and discuss each section of the planner in turn and that is how they create the skeleton of the next weeks plan. Staff can then amend and enhance on a daily basis as necessary.

I know that lots of settings are still weekly planners so thought you might find it useful to have a look at it. Thanks to Sally and Liam (Head) for the permission to blog it and Ann for creating it!

Download FEEDING_FORWARD_weekly_sheet

If anyone has a format they would like to share – please feel free to email it to me (alistair@abcdoes.com) or upload it to the blog.

Happy Planning!


4 Comments on “Weekly Planning Sheet – Feeding Forward”

  1. I attended your recent conference held at the Holiday Inn in Eastleigh and what an experience. you were so inspiring and so down to earth on the true facts of early years. The workshops were fab to. I went back to work the day after filled with refreshness and inspiration to get started and make some changes. Is it possible to get the Dough gym instructions as this would be a benefit to most of our children

  2. Hello Paula
    Now that is lovely to hear! I am doing lots of individual work with settings in and around Liverpool but no conference days on the cards at the moment. The next one I have scheduled in that you might be interested in is an ABC Does… conference in Manchester in July. I will be posting details VERY soon!

  3. Dear Alistar, I was on a course in Liverpool on outdoor environments, and two people on my table were telling me about your day courses and how fab they are. I am the nursery teacher at Aintree Davenhill Primary in Aintree. We have a new build and new staff and we would love to experience your day course! When are you next in the Merseyside area?

  4. Thank you for adding this. I was new to Reception in September and was surprised how adult initiated and structured my days and planning were. We use weekly plans and the activities are entirely chosen by us and not based on the previous week at all. I have not enjoyed reception at all so far, feeling very bogged down with the previous years planning and a feeling of being unable to change things for the better as I am new to this and the other teacher is experienced. I have now been to a number of early years meetings and a conference and I am starting to get very enthusiastic about the potential for my setting but it will be a slow process. This feeding forward sheet i feel will be a good way to get us started, so thank you. I also want to thank you for your blog that I have only just found, lots of very inspirational ideas!

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