Getting Creative in Blackpool

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Blackpool today. Heads in the morning, EYFS practitioners in the afternoon!

With heads we were looking at how to recognise attainment in FS and with practitioners, how to show challenge in the environment and continuous provision.

I really enjoyed the day but a really weird thing happened at the end of the day. First my left ear went bright red and then my right one. They are still a bit hot and luminescent. What does that mean? Have I got red ear disease? I hope not!

For all of you who were there today – thanks for a great day and here are the documents we looked at (all in one place)

Came home to the first ' real ' fire of the year and a large glass of wine waiting – so that was that decision made for me!

Download Abcdoes…environment map

Download Child Initiated Planner

Download Outdoor plan with evidence

Download Comparator_data_of_EYFSP_and_KS1_ (this is the profile points to NC scores power point)

If you need anything else email me!

In preparation for the creativity project in Blackpool I have been looking at a few really good documents you might find useful.

Firstly there are some great parent pamphlets available free from Early Education

You can download and give out or use as a basis for your own.

Search for ' Developing young children's creativity: what can we learn from research? ' by Caroline Sharp. It is a very interesting read.

Futurelab produce LOADS of literature worth reading. You need to search for ' futurelab ' Report 4 ' Creativity,technology and learning – a review of recent literature '

HMIe (scottish education) are always worth a search whatever you are looking for – I found Emerging Good Practice and Promoting Creativity

But my absolute favourite is the literature produced by Community Play Things. If nothing else you need to read I made a Unicorn! It is great.

With regard to the comment about the CP books, I think they are an enhancement to the Learning Journey as there is not one book per child. The whole class would be on a double page in each of the books. It would be very easy to transfer the info over though!

Have fun getting creative


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  1. Hi Alistair,
    Thanks for a very inspiring course today – I have downloaded all the documents and now need to present all the information from today to my team. I have identified already where I believe we need to make changes and hopefully aim to get started very soon. My headteacher loved it too and I have sent her your email to arrange for you to come and visit us soon.
    Huge Thank you again, Helen

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