Great Escape!

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I wasn't in school today – but it seems that neither were the children due to the fact that the head closed Nursery because… the gerbils had escaped!

There was no sign of them anywhere. I got a text that told me that a rodent catcher had been called! Traps were set in order to catch, not kill!

By the end of the day only one had been found. A dog was even brought in to have a good sniff around – but nothing.

On the upside…the stock cupboard had to be emptied and so got a long overdue tidy.

Apparently they know that the two missing ones are still in the building as they have been picked up on the classroom CCTV.


Here they can be seen casing the joint.

Clearly they are making the most of the deconstructed role play and our road track construction!

Singing gerbil
 Gerbil in car 
Nice to see that even the gerbils are benefiting from our positive approach to gun play…

Well, if I am allowed back in the building tomorrow I think we might all be designing and making gerbil traps – every event is an opportunity! Let's hope the head sees it that way!



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