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Just a quick post while I am supposed to be watching  a Sunday afternoon movie with the kids!

I just love being back in the classroom – not only do I have a runny nose and a VERY sore throat, I also have flea bites! Just need a few headlice and a worm or two and I will have the full set!

Well, gerbil TV is finished and I am just letting the girls get used to their new home for a few days before I take them into Nursery. As promised – here are a few photos of the process.  My kids absolutely love it!



DSC03487 DSC03489 DSC03490 DSC03491




The photo doesn't really do it justice – I couldn't get the light right. I am sure I will be posting more once it is in situ!DSC03508






When I was out this week the supply said that she had really enjoyed being in Nursery.She was just a little surprised that the TA's had not stopped the gun play – there then ensued a long conversation about maximising opportunities and recognising the reality of how children play!

One of my TA's videoed me role playing this week. Even in death I have my Flip video and assessment book in hand – how sad! You can see the engagement and joy on those boys' faces and in terms of relationship building this early on in the year it was good for ' student teacher ' bonding!


Have a happy Monday


6 Comments on “BANG! BANG!”

  1. Wow! I was intending to have an early night, and only nipped on the computer for 5 minutes. You blog has been inspiring and a great read!
    This is my third year in Nursery and have always strived to give the children independence, a lot of the time I forget they are only 3 and it is quite funny that there are people who see them as babies, and a little scary… I do not think so! They are fab little people who always make you smile. I love my job and I think we are among the privileged few who are very lucky!
    I am really interested in your little bags and the way you have your Nursery set out. I think I am probably one of many who would love to come and see it first hand. I have tried to go down the less clutter and colour route this year. I haven’t been brave enough to go the whole way, but can really appreciate your vision. We have zones which are less ‘noisy (colour and clutter wise)’ and so far it has produced a calm environment!
    I am looking forward to seeing the new pictures and information of future courses.
    I actually came on the internet as I was frustrated by my planning… I do way too much!!! I am all for child initiated planning and have done mini topics on Power rangers etc… I think I need to side line more of my planning this way and go more with my gut instinct rather than what we think ‘should’ be done!
    Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your work, you are obviously very passionate and its great to hear someone else describe their work in that way.
    (sorry I’ve gone on a bit haven’t I!?!)

  2. Hi. So inspiring to read your blog. I work overseas in a British school and you tube is blocked here. Any other way I can see your videos.

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