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The children were giddy with excitement when they came in today although I am not sure why – although I enjoyed joining in their giddyness!

Today our main foci were wallpapering the talk area' for discussion, mixing powder paint – ensuring independence and following up an activity that started yesterday when the children were writing letters to a fictitious bear!

The morning children LOVED wallpapering and everybody had a turn – in the afternoon no one came near it, funny how that happens!


DSC03380 DSC03383  DSC03391DSC03389

It's not quite straight and it's a bit lumpy but we got LOADS out of it and they were very proud of their work.

I am AMAZED at the independence of these children. We have had a new children join our happy throng and the peer tutoring from the others has meant that we have all been able to carry on teaching and assessing rather than 'settling'!

Here  are our 'powder paint girls' We only had powder paint out today and some of the boys found that the effort was just too much. They wanted instant gratification that only 'ready mix' can bring! So tomorrow we will have both a powder table and empty pots for the children to select their own 'ready mix'

DSC03432 DSC03434
Every event in Nursery is an opportunity! One of my TA's left her trusty assessment bag in the car and so took a trip to explore and find it! Turns out it was hanging from the corner of the diner all of the time - maybe I am working them too hard!


This is what we are doing with the children's art work. We are trying to get it up almost as it is still drying.

DSC03423 DSC03424 
I also take photos as they are doing it and gett their photos next to their work on the display -See the infamous 'shark attack' picture!

 Elsewhere in Early Years …
The outdoor painting is going really well and very popular – regardless of the weather!


Children are using the digital cameras to assess their environment , taking pictures of what they do and don't like about the setting and then printing them out…


Lots of exploring in the garden and of course the discovery of the ubiquitous worm!

' Ey mista – have ya seen me worm? It's called Sally! '

Some time later….

Me ' How is Sally?'

Girl 1 'She's asleep now '

Girl 2 (knowingly) ' She's been asleep for a LONG time! '

R.I.P Sally!


4 Comments on “Take every opportunity!”

  1. Thanks for those suggestions. Will have a good look tomorrow and see which one would work the best!

  2. Hi,
    I am avidly following your blog every morning. Can I ask how you manage to fit so much into a session? I find it hard to achieve as much with myself and another adult?
    Many thanks, MCH

  3. Hi
    There are a number of ways you can do it… trusty blue tak, Get 2 large bulldog clips and screw one of the handles to the fence leaving the other one for leverage, get some magnetic strip and attach to the fence – use magnests to stick it on. ‘No More Nails a long slide binder to the fence and slot your paper in, suspend washing line tight across your fence and peg the paper on…
    Now that should keep you busy!

  4. Hi,
    Am really enjoying your blog. Am very interested in how you secure your large paper outdoors. I would like to do some art on a large scale but find the paper is too heavy to stay on the fence. Kind regards, Izzy

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