Permission Granted

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Asked everyone concerned and all are happy for me to blog.

Used this at a staff meeting tonight and it made for interesting discussion.

Yes, I could have said 'well what could you use to stick it?' and my lovely TA could have let the little boy find out by trial and error that he had not put 'the sticky side down' but what I always say to staff is to look at the whole picture – if you took EVERY learning opportunity in a session then an activity may well lose momentum.

See what you think.

 P.S. Check out my TA's coordinating observation bag and assessment book and pen in hand!! Both of my TA's are really embracing my thinking and working VERY hard to make it work and, I might say, getting some brilliant results!

As for my friend who wasn't bothered yesterday – well today she painted a picture.

'That's lovely' I said….'Tell me about it!'

'Well' she replied…'That's the beach'

'How Fabulous'  I said

'There's the people'

'Oh yes, I see them – I think I can see you' I said

Then she said… 'and there's the shark attack… and there's all the blood!'

'Oh' I said, and at that point was lost for words.

I can tell  we are going to have a special bond me and her!


6 Comments on “Permission Granted”

  1. Gemma
    I am really keen on children having their names all over the place in Nursery. I am a huge fan of the name card and also produce a number of labels for each child which show their photo and then their name. These are laminated and in a number of areas, If they do a model then they put one next to their creation. If I display their work then I label it with one. The photo is good for self esteem and it also reminds them that those symbols belong to that face! When I have made some for my current cohort I will blog them!

  2. Hey Alistair, The video is fab, what lovely children! They’re demonstrating great independence in their interests, but also the beginnings of working together on the same idea. Brilliant!

  3. how do you find it best for children to recognise their own names in nursery, as i have only been in nursery for a year having been in reception before. i have heard your ideas about the stickers for paintings tc but would find that quite hard as at the moment i have 55 chn then after jan i can have up to 79, so i need things which are simple yet effective.

  4. Hey Mrs Stringer
    Do the people you home visit know that you used to dress up as 90’s pop star Sabrina in denim hot pants? Could always post a picture if you like!
    Am a HUGE fan of the name card for recognition (NOT TRACING) purposes and I think that children should have access to seeing a wide variety of styles of print (NOT ALL SPARKLE BOX OR SIMILAR!) What you shouldn’t do is mix the two. If you are recognising your name it should be in a simple font, or even write it by hand (imagine that!). Certainly not bubble writing!
    Glad you are enjoying the blog!

  5. Hey Alistair, this is just fab!!!!!!!!!!!! and I’m loving the daily instalments. What an inspiration you are and I’ve been telling everyone about the blog. And great to hear on the video that you haven’t lost your lovely Geordie accent! Just out of interest I did a home visit with a family yesterday and the little girl had just stated reception and had been given a name card (presumably to help her recognise her name etc) but it was printed in a ‘bubble writing type print’ font. Would you say this wasn’t the best choice of font? I didn’t think so but wondered what you thought, if you had a mo to let me know. Thanks again for all of this – your a super star Mista (Loved that too)

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