Deep breath!

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Man Alive! I don't know where today went – didn't think I could possibly have much left to do and then got to 5.30pm and still had loads to do!

Children and parents in tomorrow, am nervous, but keen just to get going with my little cherubs.

Had a team meeting tonight and piloted the planning formats. Team were really keen to use the child initiated planner up to Year Two. Have done that before in other settings – just pleased they wanted to do it here. Am going to rewrite the format so that it can include FS and National Curriculum points/levels.

Bought a sofa today to enhance my dedicated talk area. I am going to create a 'talk sofa' for planned and incidental talk work – more of that when it is finished!

Gone as far as I want to with my mark making area. Have got resources on there for lots of gross motor work as well as  some fine motor stuff, selection of papers, envelopes of different sizes etc. Have put some small peg activities, threading activities as these are all an important pre-curser to mark making/writing.



Have backed all of my boards in cream with a black border apart from workshop, which is backed in the Liverpool Echo!

 Small World and construction have been much more of a challenge as the setting has VERY few resources – especially construction which consists of only 4 different sorts in total!

Small World is slightly better but still needs some work…


Hope they like it and more importantly learn from it!

I will of course let you know…


14 Comments on “Deep breath!”

  1. Seriously, Kay is cute as a button! Love her. 🙂 I bet it is so fun to watch her play with her kitchen. Great gift! It looks like y'all had a fun and relaxing weekend. Not much going on over here. I did some holiday baking on Sunday while watching football.


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  4. Came to your wonderful talk at Chlore Shalom School. I thought I would let you know that I have changed my book corner this week by placing large boxes in it with screens covered in cream backing paper and black paper. I have a table with chalks and colouring equipment. The children have loved this. I even let the children stand on chairs (although I am not brave enough to put the chair on the table)
    I also have a lot of boys in my setting and bought the ‘poo book’. It was the first time I had seen the boys so engrossed in a book – thank you for inspiring me to step out of the box!

  5. Hi there Alistair,
    Just stumbled across your blog and you have totally inspired me! I am a Reception teacher and Early Years Coordinator in a school in Norwich and we have just moved sites, so it is a prime opportunity to have a rethink and start afresh. Thank you so much for posting all the pictures of the way you have set up your room, it has given me so many ideas :D.
    I LOVE the rolls of paper on the curtain rail! Where did you get the rolls of paper from?
    Keep up the good work!
    Louise 🙂

  6. Hi Alistair,
    Thanks for replying, just looked at some of your photos and am going to pinch some more of your ideas, especially in the mark making area ( loved the curtain pole idea). Also useful to look at you planning proformas.
    I am trying to introduce open ended resources into my areas (indoors and out) so loved your boxes and fabric and paper on the walls for the children to make their own mark – in more ways than one!
    Let me know how you get on with your chicken-lots of photos please.
    Keep in touch

  7. Well Hello!
    Have my own Early Years consultancy company now ‘abc does ltd’ ( with a name like Alistair Bryce-Clegg I couldn’t turn down the ABC opportunity!
    Am working all oevr the country doing Local Authority and School Support with afew Key speeches thrown in for good measure.
    This is an unusual consultany job for me because it is such a long block – but it really allows me the opportunity to ‘put my money where my mouth is!’
    In answer to your question – yes,one of my own personal chickens will be making an appearance in Nursery! You know how much I loved our school pig when I was a head but I think the head at this school might kill me if I left them one!
    Keep in touch

  8. Hi Alistair, just noticed your blog, like you I am setting up a Nursery having moved from Reception. First day in today and i am trying to set up continuous provision and demarcate my areas. Your photos have inspired me I’m off to Band Q … love the paper shades. Also love your philosophy. I will be watching your progress with interest..will you be getting some chickens and/ or a pig ? Loved hearing about your school during Big Talk for big Writing training last year..are you back in Trafford ?

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