First Day!

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Me First day back at ‘proper school’ but no children for Nursery today! Did give me some valuable time to meet all of the team and explain the ethos – they seemed to get it all…the thing that caused the most confusion was the fact I used cream backing paper on the boards – YES CREAM! Bland, non-descript almost Magnolia cream. Nothing neon, giltter, shiny or featuring a border of children’s hand prints!

Team were great especially as the first task I gave my TA was to put up some paper light shades as a room divider!

Now that I have really opened up the space I want to demarkate the various areas without putting solid structures in place that restrict my view and make the space feel smaller again – so…I found these shades at B and Q for 79p each. They are rice paper so ‘natural’ they will move if there is any draft  and best of all they hide the loos really well while still allowing me to see the children backing out bent double and shouting ‘I’ve finished” while they wink at me (not with their eye!)

DSC03022         DSC03023       DSC03025


Took in my aubergine and pepper plants for the diner and also found this red and white striped wind break in IKEA for £1!! Not very natural – but then again there is not a lot natural about an American Diner! Mounted a menu board too for some extra mark making!



Also NEARLY there with the role play area!

Have put up my campimg washing lines and added some pegs for pegging bits of fabric together.

It is REALLY easy to pull the fabric through. IKEA came up with the goods again the form of their voile curtains reatiling at a fiver a pair!

So I’ve got camping lines, loads of fabric for dens and costumes, some random hats, boxes…boxes…boxes and best of all a lining paper backing that the children draw their own backgrounds on! Still needs a bit of jiggling, but you get the idea.



Oh, and one last brain wave we had today for a Reception class that is ‘tray bound’… Use your tray cupboards to create an ‘island’. A bit of oil cloth and a couple of hooks and the jobs a goodun! If you are using it for dough or workshop there is no issue with the children standing – especially dough as you want them to work their upper bodies!


My, we did pack a lot in!


4 Comments on “First Day!”

  1. Hi Sarah
    Lovely to hear from you again – how is life ‘up North’? Yes of course you can use my stuff in school – that is what it is there for! Better still spend some of your Inset budget and get me back up again! Could always tie it in with a visit to my Granny! Really glad to be back in touch.

  2. Hi Alistair
    Lovin your work, great to see you again. How are you keeping? Is it okay to use your stuff in school?
    Sarah and Paul

  3. Hi Sue
    What is it you particularly wanted to download? I have now saved everything in Windoews 2010 and 1993-1997 so one of those should work!
    fingers crossed

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